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Surrounded by Interesting Stories, Visit These 4 Historical Places in Jakarta

by Widiya
Historical Places in Jakarta
Histroical Places in Jakarta

Through visiting where history happened, you can discover your foundations. History permits you to feel like you are essential for something a lot greater. You might also want to know about historical places in Tangerang.

It humbles you while also causing you to feel more grounded in light of the fact that you come from a long queue of survivors, and special on the grounds that you are essential for this immense chain of mankind. History interfaces us to different societies.

By seeing spots from the past in different regions, you can relate to certain individuals. You will be able to see similarities between their way of life and yours, as well as the differences. 

The two of which help you feel a deeper comprehension of others. Through their historical places undertakings, you can unwind the past and figure out how seemingly mundane spots are woven into the fabric of history.

If you are willing to visit such places, for a start, you can check out a list of historical places in Jakarta down below.

  1. The National Monument 
Historical Places in Jakarta

Who does not have the foggiest idea about the National Monument in Jakarta? The 132-meter tower is a Jakarta symbol that represents the battle for Indonesia. 

It was worked to honor the battle for Indonesian autonomy. The monument was worked under the bearing of Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno. Speaking of the monument, here are things to do near Monas.

The landmark was opened to the general population in 1975. The historic structure is topped by a fire covered with gold foil. 

From up above, you can see the excellent horizon of Jakarta. Additionally, around the monument, there are likewise awesome parks where you can use to run around or investing your time and energy with family. 

  1. Jakarta’s Old Town 
Historical Places in Jakarta

In the rambling metropolis of a city like Jakarta, it is difficult to envision that Jakarta was once bound to a little territory there around an area that was known as Batavia. Today, it is called Jakarta’s Old Town or Kota Tua and it is a token of the long stretches of Indonesian history infiltrated by Europeans. 

The historical background of that little provincial birthplace has nearly been lost in the influx of advancement that has washed over the city. What has been safeguarded, however, is inside the 1.3 square kilometers area of Kota Tua. Also, check out old towns in Indonesia.

Not the entirety of the structures has been ensured just as they ought to have been, tragically. However, meandering through the roads and the primary square gives an impression of the European settlement that started Jakarta on the way to getting probably the biggest city on earth. 

  1. Sunda Kelapa Harbor 
Historical Places in Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa Harbor was one of the main ports that carried the bustling worldwide exchange among realms and countries around the planet. Brokers came from China, India, and Europe to get flavors, particularly pepper, which was Sunda Kingdom’s primary product. 

Presently, the harbor serves more as a historical site than a real port. However, a few fishing and transportation organizations actually utilize it.

The close-by structures worked by the Dutch are protected as exhibition halls and social spots and incorporate the Fatahillah Museum, Bahari Museum, and Wayang Museum.

The port, alongside its encompassing region, is presently known as the Old City of Jakarta, an authentic neighborhood that brought forth the now-metropolitan capital city. 

  1. Jakarta Cathedral 
Historical Places in Jakarta

Jakarta Cathedral or The Roman Catholic Church had been banned during the vast majority of the presence of the Protestant Dutch in Indonesia. The congregation was at long last permitted to work when Napoleon introduced his sibling as the King of Indonesia in 1806. 

Hence, the Jakarta church was first implicit in 1810. However, it fell in 1890 after a fire had debilitated its establishments.

The current church, introduced in 1901 close to Merdeka Square, is essential for the legacy of this later time of the Dutch East Indies. The neo-Gothic design, common for Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries, will charm art lovers.

You will remember it by its two finely etched pinnacles that transcend the design and are almost 60 meters high. This astounding structure, situated opposite the Istiqlal Mosque, brings a lot of gravity and quality to the historic region of the capital.

Close by is a little exhibition hall devoted to the historical background of Catholicism in Indonesia that is worth the visit.

So, that is a list of historical places in Jakarta. While you are at it, make sure to also read our other articles about lakes near Jakarta and the best museums in Jakarta.

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