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6 Beaches in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta Ideal for Summer Holiday

by Widiya
Beaches in Gunung Kidul

At the point when people talk about holidays, it is common that numerous people will automatically think about a beach holiday. This is by all accounts the default setting for some people with regards to appreciating a break and as long as they get the opportunity to appreciate a beach for a decent extent of their vacation, they will be content. 

Regardless of whether it is kids building sandcastles or grown-ups playing around or simply lying back and reading a book, a beach holiday is a necessary part of a decent break for, by far, most people who appreciate getting away from everything.

In the event that you are going with the family and you need to keep them engaged or entertained, allowing them to go crazy on a beach is an ideal method of doing such.

Written down below is a list of beaches in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta to add to your bucket list. Spare your time and see if any of these suits your holiday destination preference.

  1. Ngrenehan Beach 
Beaches in Gunung Kidul

While Timang Beach is the most famous place for travelers, Ngrenehan Beach is a top pick for locals. The beach is in a sheltered cove encircled by steep cliffs.

The sea is quiet and there is practically no ebb and flow, which makes it one of the only beaches in Gunung Kidul where it is really safe to swim (there is usually a solid rip current along the entire coastline in different beaches). It is an extraordinary spot to oar and see the anglers head out to the ocean. 

You can generally end your day at Ngrenehan with a dinner of rice, hot sauce, and fresh fish. You can arrange the fish from the little hovel eateries close to the beach. 

The arrangement is simple and the food is delectable. It is the ideal method to end your day, prior to the long drive back to Yogyakarta. You might want to know about Indonesian foods for seafood lovers.

  1. Sundak Beach 
Beaches in Gunung Kidul

Situated in Sidoharjo Village, Sundak Beach has large waves contrasted with different beaches. There are tremendous limestone precipices on each side of the beach, making Sundak Beach feel like an isolated secret paradise. 

You unquestionably cannot swim during the large waves, however, Sundak Beach offers more than waters and white sand. You can camp there, getting a charge out of the night with fresh fish from neighborhood anglers. 

Since there are, for the most part, relatively few people there, your visit will be peaceful. Also, check out beaches in Gianyar.

  1. Timang Beach 
Beaches in Gunung Kidul

In case you are visiting Gunung Kidul on a road trip, there is a decent possibility you will go to the Gondola at Timang Beach. The Gondola interfaces the terrain with a rough outcrop 30 meters or so off the coast. 

It was worked by lobster anglers who needed a simple method to get to the rough outcrop to put their snares and is currently a well-known traveler destination.

  1. Siung Beach 
Beaches in Gunung Kidul

Siung Beach is a novel beach. It is not known for its flawless white sandy beach, but actually, for the fact that this spot is a paradise for rock climbing. 

The limestone precipices around Siung Beach is an ideal natural wall for climbers to test their abilities. Both novice and experienced climber can have their spots there.

In the event that you need to simply appreciate the scene, you can easily unwind on the beach that faces the Indian Ocean. 

  1. Sadranan Beach 
Beaches in Gunung Kidul

Sadranan Beach is a famous spot for Indonesian travelers. The sandy beach is wide and extends for a hundred meters or so. 

It is in a little cove and the waves are relatively small contrasted with different beaches in the area. You will locate a couple of coral reefs offshore where you can go swimming (there is not actually a lot to see, however). 

There are a lot of decent stalls close by where you can purchase a coconut and newly cooked BBQ fish. Speaking of fish, here are the best fishing spots in Indonesia.

  1. Sepanjang Beach 
Beaches in Gunung Kidul

Sepanjang Beach signifies “Long Beach” in Indonesian. The interpreted name inspires pictures of Los Angeles. 

While it is a world away from Los Angeles, it is the longest beach in Gunung Kidul. The sea close to the shore is shallow with coral reefs offshore. 

It is a spot to flounder in the water instead of swim. There are a couple of simple cabins along the shore where people serve fish and bites.

So, that is a list of beaches in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about waterfalls in Yogyakarta and why everyone should visit Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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