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Have Fun in These 4 Beaches in Ternate for Holiday

by Widiya
Beaches in Terntae

Waves slamming along the shores, sand between your toes, and the sun kissing your shoulders. On the off chance that that sounds great to you, at that point possibly you ought to get up and hit the beach at the present time. 

Before you know it, summer is finished. Everybody you know has presumably posted their beach adventures via social media and all you could possibly do was read. 

All things considered, it is an ideal opportunity to take care of it. Going to the beach is not just about getting a tan or about getting away from the hurrying around of the city. You might also want to know about beaches in Gianyar.

Reasons, why you should go to the beach, are not restricted to fun and unwinding. The beach is likewise incredible to upgrade your state of mind and your wellbeing. 

Down below is a list of beaches in Ternate that might help you achieve just that.

  1. Sulamadaha Beach 
Beaches in Ternate

Sulamadaha Beach is situated in Sulamadaha town, North Maluku Province, not a long way from the main city, Ternate. Regardless of the dark sand, the Sulamadaha Beach is the main amusement site in Ternate because it has clear water and numerous corals and sorts of fish, some of them are uncommon. 

Before Sulamadaha Beach is the Hiri Island, which used to be a hiding spot for Sultan Muhammad Djabir Syah in keeping away from the Dutch armed force. The focal point of the island is made of a fountain of liquid magma and it comprises generally green plants and trees. 

This view makes Sulamadaha Beach much more delightful. Next to Hiri Island near the beach is the pyramid-shaped and white sand Saomadaha Gulf. Speaking of white sand, here are white sand beaches in Indonesia.

The very clear water and delightful corals and fish make this bay an incredible spot for diving and swimming. 

  1. Jikomalamo Beach 
Beaches in Ternate

In the event that you are visiting Ternate, Jikomalamo Beach is one of the destinations that you do not want to miss. This white sandy beach that traverses around 100 meters is situated in a sheltered bay straightforwardly opposite Hiri Island. 

For vacationers who like to have seclusion on the beach, this is the opportune spot. This beach has exceptionally clear water, much the same as a completely clear that we can see coral reefs under the water. 

The submerged cove zone is overwhelmed by hard coral, obviously, is a heaven for individuals who love swimming and diving. There you can see the excellence of the submerged and see the rich coral reef. 

  1. Dodola Island 
Beaches in Ternate

The island is fundamentally partitioned into two, specifically Dodola Besar and Dodola Kecil Island. Curiously, these two islands will show up independently when the ocean level on high tide and will look associated when ocean levels decrease. 

The white sand additionally has two distinct sorts; coarse and fine white sand. In any case, fundamentally, the air in the two islands is very unwinding and fun, joined with the delightful landscape that encompasses this island. 

Furthermore, there are many energizing activities you can do in this place, for example, swimming, diving, fishing, and speed drifting. Different local convention events are likewise normally held in this spot, similar to the custom of Buka Panen Wangongira held each June every year and Gelaran Timba Laor, a neighborhood convention that is held after each full moon. 

  1. Maitara Island 
Beaches in Ternate

A few circles in Maitara Island are overwhelmed by a white sandy beach and there are varieties of fish and corals, which are all around preserved. Maitara Island lies between the southern island of Tidore and Ternate Island or rather was Tidore Islands (Tikep). 

Maitara Island is not just about as large as Ternate or Tidore, however, the island has a nature that is not less delightful than the other two islands. Maitara Island is encircled by white sandy beaches.

The waves are additionally not very large and it is ideal for those who want to swim idly. Not just the unmistakable blue water over the sea, when you jump into the Sea of Maitara Island, you can likewise find the natural beauty under the ocean.

The coral reefs and the fish on the island are still well preserved. The various brilliant fish are likewise ready to go with your dives. Also, check out diving spots in Aceh.

So, that is a list of beaches in Ternate. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about tasty Maluku foods and things to do in Ternate.

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