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4 Breathtaking Tourist Attractions in Morotai Island

by Ivonne Puspakencana
tourists attractions in morotai island

North Maluku is home for a lot of amazing tourist attractions, both for its natural and historical attractions, such as beaches in Maluku. One of which is Morotai Island.

Morotai Island is located north of the larger island of Halmahera in the province of North Maluku. Due to its location, Morotai Island has a number of great beaches and interesting diving spots.

If you love beaches and exploring islands, then your next destination should be Morotai Island. Here is the list of four breathtaking tourist attractions you can find in Morotai Island, North Maluku.

  • Dodola Island
Tourist Attractions in Morotai Island

If you live wandering around the gorgeous beaches, then you should visit Dodola Island. Dodola Island is located in the southwest of Morotai Island. This island is also called small paradise for its mesmerizing beaches and nature. The sea water is incredible clear and the views are jaw dropping!

The beaches in Dodola Island are surrounded by white sand and calming atmosphere. This island is considered perfect for water sports and beach-related activities.

If you only want to enjoy the atmosphere, you can just relax and sunbathe here. Many tourists, both families and group tourists love this island due to its unspoiled nature. You may also be interested to read these marine tourism in Maluku.

Despite the fact that Dodola is a small island, it still provides good accommodation for its visitors. If you wish to stay here, there are some hotels and cottages nearby with various prices. It is suggested to visit this island during weekdays as there are fewer visitors so that the prices are cheaper.

The beaches in Dodola Island are really majestic. During the low tide, you will see some seaweed and coral reefs. During the high tide, this area is also separated into two islands. Fishing and snorkeling are two popular activities in this island.

There are some other beaches in North Maluku you can visit to have a relaxing vacation!

  • Gorango Cape
Tourist Attractions in Morotai Island

The locals call this place “Tanjung Gorango”. This place is famous for its amazing beauty. It is located in a secluded area. However, this place is clean and comfortable. The waves are calm and it has clear sea water as well. You will see green hills with many trees around the cape.

Gorango Cape is suitable for water sports and relaxing. Surfing is the most popular water sports tourists love doing here. The waves are not too big and strong so even beginners can try surfing here.

If you love surfing, you will love this list of best surfing spots in Indonesia. If you just want to relax, you can do it under the shade of trees or just walk around the beach. The texture of the sand isn’t quite soft, but it doesn’t hurt at all.

The waves in this cape are not big for surfers, but it doesn’t mean that it is safe for swimmers. Swimming is not suggested to do here as the waves can be dangerous for unskilled swimmers.

  • Raja Waterfall
Tourist Attractions in Morotai Island
The majestic Raja Waterfall in Morotai Island

After visiting the great beaches and island, you can proceed to Raja Waterfall. Raja Waterfall is located around 17 km from Raja Village. This waterfall is not only perfect for waterfall vacation, but also for trekking.

The environment nearby the waterfall is really calm and refreshing. You may meet some villagers and some kids along the way to the waterfall. The villagers often wash clothes in Raja Waterfall while the kids love to play near to the water and look for some fish.

If you wish to come here, make sure to wear proper clothes for trekking. Once you reach the waterfall you will be able to see the beauty of panorama. You can simply relax and feel the solemn of the nature. There are even some seats nearby built by the locals. The seats are built for visitors.

In the waterfall point, there is a natural pool where kids and adults can swim. The water is clear and fresh and it is perfect for a family vacation!

  • Batu Kopi
Tourist Attractions in Morotai Island
Batu Kopi, the mysterious, coffee-scented stone

Batu Kopi is a hidden gem in Morotai Island. The stone is situated near to Posiposi-Rao coast, in the west part of the island. Batu Kopi is surely not a regular stone, as it has unique fragrant similar to coffee. Nobody knows where the fragrant comes from while there are not any coffee plantations nearby.

If you plan to come here, make sure to prepare amenities, such as food and drinks. There aren’t formidable tourist facilities here. Batu Kopi is suitable for trekking, taking pictures and water sports.

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