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Discover These 6 Peaceful Beaches in North Maluku

by Vina Krisna Yanti
The Outstanding Beach in Dodola Island

Maluku Islands are located on the eastern side of Indonesia that is often referred to as the Spice Island. It is somehow quite remote from the busy metropolitan area of Java or the tourism atmosphere of beaches in Kuta, Bali and Lombok. However, deep inside, Maluku Islands are trully hidden gems of Indonesia.

Every province and island in Maluku Islands is blessed with peaceful and clean white sand beach with turquoise water that goes as far your eyes could see, unique traditions and kind villagers, tasty Maluku foods, and also long history from the colonialism.

The beauty of the beaches on the islands is no joke since it can even be considered as the rival of the prominent Raja Ampat in Papua. This truly shows high potency of marine tourism in Maluku.

One of the province in the islands that has quiet and peaceful beaches that are not known by many is North Maluku. It sits on the northern part of the islands which facing Pasific Ocean on the north, the Halmahera Sea on the east, the Seram Sea to the south, and the Molucca Sea to the west.

This geographical location is the one that makes North Maluku has great marine tourism with peaceful beaches that you surely need to visit to escape from the stressful works. Visiting these beaches can be one of the fascinating things to do in North Maluku.

Before the rest of the world crowding these peaceful beaches and leaving you with no space to lay down and enjoy the view, discover these 6 peaceful beaches in North Maluku and have a wonderful day on the hidden gems of Indonesia.

1. Gorango Cape

Gorango Cape

Located in Morotai Island Regency, North Maluku, Gorango Cape, locally known as Tanjung Gorango, is a perfect escape from the tourist crowds. It is located in remote area, so after all, you can expect to have a clean and peaceful holiday on the beach.

The waves are relatively calm and the water is also clear. Beginner surfers can take a ride on this calm waves. It is surrounded by greenary on the hills and trees around the cape, which giving you a perfect space to just lay down, gaze to the clear and unlimited sea water, while having smooth breeze caresses your face and listening to the soothing splash of the waves. What a pleasant spot for relaxing!

One thing to remember, since it sits in secluded area, you will need to bring foods and mineral water on your own since not many facilities are provided. The temperature can also be quite dry during the summer, which surely warns you to prepare more.

2. Guraici Island

Guraici Island

Guraici Island is a small island in South Halmahera which name means small garden in the local language. The name literally reflects how small the island is since you can go around the entire island within 10 to 15 minutes only. This makes the small island of Guraici becomes an iconic one.

It is a small and lonely yet beautiful island stucked in the middle of the beautiful, clean, turquoise sea water. This makes the beach on the island stands out more since it is clean and offers a private-island-holiday-like vibes.

You can enjoy sunbathing on the beach, playing with the clean white sand, or even swimming with the manta. This surely will be a relaxing break!

3. Dodola Island

Dodola Island

Dodola Island is the heaven of Morotai Island Regency. It is actually an island but it has two areas that are seperated by the sea but are connected during the low tide, creating an outstanding scenery that will please your eyes and soul.

The island is surrounded by clean, white sand beach with crystal clear blue-turquoise water which proves the reason why it is called as the heaven of Morotai.

It is known as aperfect spot for diving, snorkeling, or doing other underwater activities with 13 diving spots that are filled with beautiful and exotic coral reefs and fish.

As a plus, since the area was the location where the Japanese and the Allies were having a war in the World War II, you can also find a number of shipwreck ships and planes while diving. What a memorable experience!

4. Sulamadaha Beach

Sulamadaha Beach

Sulamadaha Beach is the photography spot for thousands of photos online in North Maluku where you see boats floating instead of staying on the surface of the sea water.

The water is extremely clear, to the point that it is called as Mirror Beach where you can see the reflection of yourself on the water and even see the ships that go around the sea look like floating, due to the super clear water.

Located around 14 kilometers from the city of Ternate, in Sulamadaha Village, North Maluku, Sulamadaha Beach is a perfect spot for snorkeling, diving, swimming, or just sitting and view the wonderful scenery.

The underwater of the sea is inhabited by coral reefs and exotic kinds of fish, seducing you to immediately swim and fulfill your exploration lust.

The wave is small and decorated with beautiful sand and coral that strecthes along the shoreline. On another side of the beach, there is a small gulf with super clear water, that becomes the clearest water in the area, and surrounded by green and calm surrounding. It is a peaceful spot where you can just sit and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without even need to dive in.

5. Jikomalamo Beach

Jikomalamo Beach

Jikomalamo Beach is a hidden, small beach that strecthes 100 meters only in a hidden gulf that is directly facing Hiri Island. The name of the beach is derived from a small vilage in the island.

Its main characteristics are its white snad that is small but clean and beautiful, and also its wonderful underwater inhabitants.

Since it is located in a secluded area, the beach is relatively quiet, so you can have yourself enjoying the beauty of the beach at its finest.

The crystal clear blue water offers you a great snorkeling and diving experience that will surely boost your mood. You might even want to list it onto your list of snorkeling spots in Indonesia.

6. Kupa-Kupa Beach

Kupa-Kupa Beach

Kupa-Kupa Beach is located in Kupakupa Village, North Halmahera, North Maluku, which is quite close from Tobelo. It is known for its calm and small waves and greenery surrounding the beach, which is dominated by Banyan Trees, that creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere which is best for an escape.

There is also a view of a mountain on the other side of the beach. Just like the other soothing beaches on the list, Kupa-Kupa Beach also offers crystal clear water that is blue-turquoise in color, which is perfect for underwater activities. This is a great choice if you just want to have yourself calming and immersing with the beauty of the natural.

The beaches in North Maluku are truly peaceful and outstanding at the same time. If only they are well-known through massive publication and facilities are built to ease the access to the beaches and support the tourism, the beaches will surely be the next most favourite tourism destination in Indonesia.

But the quiet and peaceful atmosphere is the one that makes this beaches special. So, if you want to enjoy the peaceful vibes of these beaches, come and discover their beauty on your own before everyone else!

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