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Put these 3 Best Lakes in Ternate on your List!

by Ivonne Puspakencana
lakes in ternate

Ternate is the capital city of North Maluku province. This city is worth visiting as it has a lot of beautiful and amazing tourist attractions. Get to know these 14 Top Things to Do in Ternate Indonesia #Beautiful if you wish to visit Ternate.

The city resides at the foot of the highest volcano in Maluku, which is Mount Gamalama. Ternate is known to be one of the best places for trekking and some natural explorations too. Make sure you also Have Fun in These 4 Beaches in Ternate for Holiday.

Tourists will be able to find some natural tourist attractions in Ternate, such as lakes, mountains capes and others. The lakes in Ternate are really great and worth visiting.

There are 3 best lakes in Ternate. They are Ngande Lake, Tolire Lake and Laguna Lake. If you plan to visit Ternate, then put these 3 best lakes in Ternate on your list!

  • Ngade Lake
Lakes in Ternate
Ngade Lake

Ngade Lake is one of the famous lakes located in Ternate Island. It is located in Ngade Village and it has been visited by locals and foreigners as well. They have been visiting this lake because of the serenity and history of this lake. They do not only enjoy the beauty of the lake, but they are also interested to learn more about the history of this lake.

Regarding to the nuance of this lake, Ngade Lake looks like a lagoon. It also resides near the sea. Due to this fact, Ngade Lake serves the tourists with amazing panorama and the great scenery of the sea.

Some people think that Ngade Lake is a saltwater lake due to its location, but it is not! Ngade Lake is a freshwater lake. This is the source of freshwater for the locals and the place for fishing some species of fishes, such as carps and tilapias.

While exploring Ngade Lake, there are some things you can enjoy as a tourist. Firstly, you can watch and learn how to cultivate local fishes.

You can also enjoy fishing here, but make sure to prepare the fishing rod before. The locals will also help you provide this. It costs nothing, but it will be better if you can give some money to them so they will use the money to manage the place.

Ngade Lake is an unspoiled lake, means that it is still natural. That’s why it is really suitable for relaxation. Never try to spoil the environment of the lake as if you’re caught by the locals, they will give you some consequences. Make sure you know these Top 10 Best Lakes in Indonesia You Should Visit During Summer.

There’s one more thing you can enjoy while you’re in Ngade Lake. It is the floating eatery! You can enjoy your food while you’re watching the scenery. Most of the menu consists of freshwater fish cooked with local spices and signature sauce, called Dabu-Dabu. The price is affordable so everyone is able to enjoy it!

  • Tolire Lake
Lakes in Ternate
Tolire Lake

Tolire refers to the name of two beautiful lakes located in Ternate Island. It is exactly located on the foot of Mount Gamalama, the highest volcano in Maluku.

Tolire consists of two lakes, the larger one called Tolire Besar and the smaller one called Tolire Kecil. They are separated by 200 meters. Tolire Lake shapes like a big cup with around 50 meters deep. However, the locals believe that the depth is beyond that. Tolire Lake is also connected directly to the sea.

The scenery at Tolire Lake is amazing. You can enjoy the clean water with the green trees and mountain range of Mount Gamalama at the back. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to fish here. The locals believe that there’s an invisible crocodile inhabiting this lake.

There’s something unique too, once you throw something into the lake, it will never touch the bottom of the lake. You can try this once you come here. You can buy the stones around the lake and they will cost IDR 1,000 per 5 stones. Tolire Lake is located around 10 km from Ternate city and it is quite easy to reach this place.

  • Laguna Lake
Lakes in Ternate
Laguna Lake

Another amazing lake located in Ternate Island is Laguna Lake. Laguna Lake is located at the same village as Ngade Lake, which is in Ngade village. It is about 18 km south of Ternate.

Laguna Lake is often mistaken as Ngade Lake because their location is near. Visiting Laguna Lake is also one of the 27 Things to Do in North Maluku #1 Must Visit. That’s why you should put this on your list!

This lake is ideal for people who need relaxation from the hectic daily activities. You will be served an astonishing view of the lake’s panorama, blue water surrounded by green hills and mountains.

You can also swim here as the lake of the water is clean and calm. You can also enjoy watching the locals use the water to breed fish and water their gardens.

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