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8 Top Rated Things to Do in Tidore

by Yoga Adi

The beauty of the eastern part of Indonesia is second to none. Completes with the whole package of vacation, including the pretty places to visit, as well as the memorable tasty Indonesian foods that you may try.

One of those interesting locations is an island named Tidore. This small island is located near its bigger counterpath, Ternate.

These two islands are like brothers. Despite there’s many things to do in Ternate, you may as well experience the uncommon memorable journey on Tidore island.

Especially since it has a lot of wonderful tourist spots to visit. Want to see closer? Here’s the top rated things to do in Tidore:

Top Rated Things to Do in Tidore

1. Bobane Ici Beach

Bobane Ibi Beach

·      Location : Dorpedu

·      Ticket Fee : Rp10.000,- for cars, Rp5.000,- for two-wheeled vehicles

Taking a journey circling half the island feels incomplete without tasting the local seafood menus.

Located about 20 kilometers west of Ternate and close to bathing attractions, the contours on this beach are smaller than a nearby beach called Sulamadaha.

The waves are fierce and filled with large rocks, it is not advised to swim here.

But do not worry, this place is equipped with facilities such as lodging, beachside food stalls and swimming pools to accommodate the visitors

Grilled fish menu is a must to have when visiting this place.

2. Kastela Fortress

Kastela Fortress

·      Location : Kastela, Tidore

·      Ticket Fee : Rp5.000,-

Away from the hustle of the city center and located in a remote area, making this fort empty of visitors.

But because of that, we can witness the beauty of the architecture built by the Portuguese with calm and peace.

Kastela Fortress which is also commonly called Gam Lamo Fortress, which is based from the name of Mount Gamalama.

The fort was built by Antonio de Brito in 1521, and then continued to develop later by Garcia Henriques in 1525.

It doesn’t end there. The fortress received the final step during the development by Gonzalo Periera to the year of 1540.

The fortress itself tells the terrible story about the assasination of Sultan Khaerun that can be seen via the relief.

3. Gambesi (Maitara and Tidore Island viewing spot)

Gambesi (Maitara and Tidore Island viewing spot)

·      Location : Gambesi

·      Ticket Fee : Free

Of course, as the one that was included as memorable things to do in North Maluku, is a small piece of an island called Gembesi.

It’s one iconic destination for all tourists who come to Ternate for the first time, and holds a special familiar picture in the mind of Indonesians.

Have you ever looked at a piece of Rp1.000,- paper? This is the background that is used in it.While standing by the beach, you can see the two islands, Tidore and Maitara, hugging each other.

All is good with the blue lake in front of them, making a spectacular look that you don’t see everyday.

4. Tolire Lake

Tolire Lake

·      Location : Tolire, Tidore

·      Ticket Fee : Rp2.500,- per visitor and Rp10.000,- for cars

This lake is located about 10 kilometers from the city center. There are 2 parts of Lake Tolire.

Little Tolire or Tolire Kecil, which is dark colored right on the beach and the Tolire Besar or Big Tolire which is the green one.

Traces of volcanic activity can still be seen in this lake.

To visit Lake Tolire Besar, we have to walk about 300 meters from the main road. Around Tolire Lake, we will be served a beautiful and scary scenery.

A light green water surface adjacent to a high cliff wall that surrounds the water surface. As history stated, phreatic eruptions that occurred at the foot of the mountain led to the formation of Lake Tolire Besar.

The eruption claimed people’s lives because it burned down a village called Soela Takomi Village and its entire population.

5. Batu Angus

Batu Angus

·      Location : Kasawari, Aertembaga, Bitung, North Sulawesi

·      Ticket Fee : Rp2.000,-

Located approximately 10 kilometers using a private vehicle to the north of the center of Ternate City, this place presents rock lumps whose shape and color contrast with the surrounding rocks.

If you bring a car, it’s better to park the car on the side of the road, then enter along the leveled footpath.

Historically, the shape of these stones is the old form of lava flow which froze during the eruption of Mount Gamalama in 1907.

This place was formed because at that time, there was a side eruption that spewed lava toward the northeast touching the sea.

6. Sulamadha Beach

Sulamadha Beach

·      Location : Sulamadaha village, Tidore

·      Ticket Fee : Rp 5.000,-

One of the beautiful beaches in North Maluku, is a lonely beach far away from the crowds called Sulamadaha beach.

It’s located not far from Batu Angus. Its white sand contour and small waves make this place comfortable to visit.

To reach this bay, we have to walk along a path that has been neatly arranged with concrete as far as approximately 500 meters.

The bay itself is surrounded by abundant trees. The crystal clear water allows our eyes to see underwater life beauty.

7. Gurabunga Village

Gurabunga Village

·      Location : Gurabunga, Tidore

·      Ticket Fee : Free

One of the traditional ceremonies that you can witness is the opening of the Tidore Festival. This activity is carried out at night.

When the traditional ceremony takes place, all lights related to electricity will be extinguished. There was only light from the torches that were placed in each corner.

You can also enjoy the natural atmosphere that is so cool because it is located on the back of Mount Tidore.

8. Mount Tidore

Mount Tidore

·      Location : Mount Tidore, North Maluku

·      Ticket Fee : There’s no fixed rates

And the last attraction as one of the fun things to do in Indonesia is Mount Tidore.This mountain has a peak called Marijan which becomes a life goal for some hikers to reach,

In order for reaching the peak, one must do all the related administration processes in the nearby offices.

Other than enjoying the beauty, the hikers should also notice the warnings.

There are only two, not taking piss around the area of the peak, and the women are prohibited to stay around the mountain for safety reasons.

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