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13 Best Surfing Spots In Indonesia You Must Try

by galuhvita

As we already know, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. With total of 17.508 island all across the equator with Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean surrounding the country, it’s one of the sweet-escape choices. Many local and foreign tourists have visited some hidden paradise in Indonesia. With thousands of island, it also has thousands of holiday destination in Indonesia.

Especially for the surfers, since the waves in Indonesia keep bubbling all along the year. But based on the season, the best time to surf in Indonesia is on dry season starts from April until October. But it doesn’t mean you can’t surf in wet season, Indonesia also has some spots that also available at wet season. Here are 13 best surfing spots in Indonesia, starts from the easiest until the most challenging. Check them out!

1. Selong Belanak, Lombok

selong-belanakSelong Belanak is a famous beach at Lombok Island. If you arrived at Lombok International Airport, you only need to drive for around 30 minutes to the site. But if you started your drive from Mataram City, then the drive will be around 1,5 hours. Even this beach is far from the crowd, but there are already lots of directions heading to this beach.

When you arrived here, you’ll be fascinated by the view that so calm yet beautiful. The white sand combined with the crystal blue of the ocean makes it so hard to resist.

Especially for the beginner surfers, who won’t see any sign of deep water and big reefs around the beach. It’s one of the safest place for the newbie to learn how to ride the waves. If you didn’t bring your board with you, the place offer some for you to be rented. With some experienced surfers there, your lesson won’t be forgettable.

2. Batu Karas, Pangandaran

batu-karasBatu Karas is a beach that not too far from the famous Pangandaran Beach. In fact, these beaches are still in the same complex. So you don’t have to worry for the trip to get here since there are already lots of directions heading to the site. Batu Karas Beach offer some nice mellow waves for the beginners to try.

You don’t have to worry about the depth or the reefs, because it’s completely save for everyone even kids. You can bring your kids and teach them how to surf, accompanied by the experienced one there. And if you didn’t bring any equipment to surf, they rent the whole set there with affordable price. Or if you’ve done with the lessons, you can just enjoy the sunset while drink some coconut water at the beach. There’s nothing goes to waste if you visit this beach!

3. Kuta, Bali

kutaKuta is already known by the tourists as one of the sweetest-escape place in Indonesia, even around the world. There are also lots of things to do in Kuta Bali, like shopping, nightlife, foods, nature attractions, they have it all. And the most precious attraction is the beach, especially for the surfers. In Kuta Beach, you’ll be welcomed by bubbly shallow waves that suitable for the beginner surfers.

Even you can join with the surf camp available there. But if you’re lucky, there will be some big waves and rewarded by great performances of professional surfers as well. Kuta Beach provide you with various waves for various level of surfers. If you decide to learn by watching, all of the cozy cottages, nicely served foods and beverages are ready to accompany your lesson. It’s one of the best way to learn surfing in a nice and cozy way.

4. Batu Bolong, Bali

batu-bolongWant to ride some shallow waves in a less crowded beach? Then you should visit Batu Bolong Beach, where you can feel the beach is all yours. The wide and shallow beach makes it very comfortable for the beginners to learn how to ride the waves nice and smooth.

If you still afraid to get straight into the waves, there are professional surfers available to teach and accompany your journey to ride the waves. If you just want to watch the pros, the comfortable seats with various snacks and drinks are ready to served at your table.

Or if you’re lucky, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach when your lessons has ended. The best part, this beach is not only for tourism activities but also  for some religious activities in several occasions. You can get some special experiences when you get here in the right time, so don’t waste your time and plan your trip here soon!

5. Teleng Ria, Pacitan

teleng-riaThere are also lots of things to do in Java. Include some challenging beauties for the surfers to try. One of it is Teleng Ria Beach in Pacitan, East Java. You can start from Yogyakarta to get to this place with a relatively safe and smooth roads. Since there are already lots of directions when you want to reach the beach.

At the site, you’ll be welcomed by the beautiful scenery with warm bubbly waves that suitable for the beginners and children. If you didn’t bring your equipment, they offer places to rent the boards and everything you need to make your holiday there fantastic.

Don’t worry for the first timers, they also accommodate you with experienced surfers that ready to help you with the lesson.  Bet your first time riding the waves here will be an unforgettable experience!

6. Gerupuk Bay, Lombok

gerupuk-bayOnce you stepped your feet in Lombok, please don’t forget to visit Gerupuk Bay. This marvelous beach is one of the hidden heaven in Indonesia, especially for the surfers. When it’s the peak season of holiday, lots of foreign tourists came at the site to enjoy the pretty but tricky waves at the site.

If you don’t bring your surf board, they also have the places to rent the boards as well. After a tiring session of riding waves, you can enjoy yourself sitting in white sandy beach, looking at the sunset while sipping some fresh coconut drink.

And the best part is everything in here are sold and  It will be an unforgettable experience to ride the waves in this beach, so you better prepare your day off schedule and get your ticket here!

7.  Playgrounds, Nusa Lembongan

playgrounds-nusa-lembonganOne of the famous  and best surfing spots in Indonesia is Playgrounds in Nusa Lembongan. Located at the east of Bali Island, the site is famous with the great waves for the beginners and intermediates. Many surf sites has suggested surfers around the world to visit this site.

The great scenery also gives another attraction for those who want to enjoy the view. If you need some teacher, they also have it there. And you don’t have to worry about accommodations such as hotels, restaurants, vehicles, and others. Because Nusa Lembongan already prepares it all just for their precious guests with affordable prices. So don’t waste your time and plan your holiday here, it will be an awesome one!

8. Medewi, Bali

medewi-baliAnother paradise spot in Bali for the surfers is Medewi Beach in Bali. This beach is rarely known by the foreign tourists because of the quite far distance from Kuta. To get here, you need to drive around 2 until 2,5 hours from Kuta. It really is a tiring drive so you better set your leave before the sunrise.

But once you arrived there, you’ll be provided with the best waves there to surf. Since the waves are available in both dry and wet seasons, you don’t have to worry about missing them.

And there, you can meet some locals who have great experiences in surfing and they’ll willingly teach you. It will be a fascinating holiday here, so better prepare your boards, equipment, and ticket to get here soon!

9. Mawi, Lombok

When you’re visiting Lombok, then visiting Mawi Beach is a must for the surfers. Since it’s not too far from Selong Belanak Beach, you can easily find the beach. With the white sand beach and crystal blue water, it’s really hard to resist the urge for not to swim or surf there.

Especially when you already see the barreling waves, bet you can’t wait to surf and get yourself into the waves. This beach also already has all of the things you need, like hotels, restaurants, cafes, you name it. Since there are reefs that’s popping near the beach, the intermediate should watch their board so it won’t lead you to the wrong way. Bet the challenge provide here will pump your adrenaline and make you crave for more, so grab your tickets now!

10. Playgrounds, Mentawai Islands

When you search for ‘playgrounds surfing’ on the Internet, you’ll find two destinations. One is in Bali like we’ve discuses before, and the other is in Mentawai Islands. Both are known as the one of the famous and best surfing spot in Indonesia, but in Mentawai, you’ll really feel the meaning of ‘playgrounds’, since there you can find not only two or three but twenty different kind of waves!

All the waves like Bankvaults, Beng Beng, Burgerland, and more, they have it all here. The waves keeps blowing all along the year, but the best time is in dry season. To get here, you need to get into ferry from Padang, West Sumatra. And don’t worry about the hotels and such, they have it all there. So what you need to do now is book some rooms there, and plan your trip soon! Check for some other things to do in Padang: Things to do in West Sumatra.

11. Panaitan Island, West Java

One of hidden paradise in Java is this Panaitan Island. When there’s someone knowing this place, the first attraction mentioned must be surfing. Since in this island, you’ll get to ride amazing big, deep, barreling waves. But you can also find some nice, long, shallow waves that’s suitable for the beginners and intermediates.

Even though this hidden treasure still unknown by the most of tourists, but the view here is comparable to other beautiful beaches in Indonesia. To get to this island, you may need to ride the boat and it really helpful if you can speak Indonesian. So for the surfers, better prepare your boards now and get the day offs to be spent here!

12. G-Land, Banyuwangi

This site is also a hidden treasure for the nature lovers. Since it’s located in the area of Alas Purwo National Park, you’ll find some marvelous animals here. Going deeper to the park, you’ll find yourself at the beach when the ride is over. It’s a hidden bay that called G-Land, which is a heaven for the surfers.

You can find some left-hand waves that is suitable for the experienced surfers. Known as one of the best left-hand waves in the world, make professional surfers keep coming into the site, even though they have to ride for quite long. If you started your trip from Bali, you only need 30 minutes on speedboat, but it might be a little bit longer if you have to do in on land trip. But once you get here, the waves says it all.

13. Kampar River, Riau

This is one special spot that I have to suggest you all surfers. It’s a river surfing in Kamper River, Riau. This river is unique since its waves can reach 4-6m height and 300 meters long. Since 2011, the government has promoted this river as one of their holiday spot especially for experienced surfers.

Since being afloat here is harder than in the ocean, you might need some experience to be able to ride the waves here. The waves itself has its name, called Bono Waves. Once you try Bono Waves and able to ride it, you’ll crave for more.

The best time to get into the waves is starting from dusk, so you better prepare yourself and let the adrenaline rushes into your body!

So that’s some reviews for famous surfing spots in Indonesia, all you have to do now is trying them and please share the happiness as well!

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