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Visit These 5 Zoos in Indonesia and Get the Thrill

by Widiya

One vacation destination that is frequently visited by families and youngsters is the zoo. It is a spot for diversion as well as a fascinating educational place for all the individuals.

The zoo can give a compelling animal education reference for kids, in light of the fact that in the zoo, the travelers can see straightforwardly the assorted variety of fauna and different kinds of creatures. Indonesia itself has numerous zoos dissipated along with the domain, yet the vast majority of them do not get enough consideration. 

However, do not worry. We have abridged the absolute best zoos in Indonesia that are highly recommended for a visit with your companions or family.

  1. Taman Safari Cisarua, Bogor, West Java 
Taman Safari Cisarua

Taman Safari Cisarua is a zoo that permits you to intently observe animals cooperating in nature. The animals incorporate Bengali tigers, orangutans, giraffes, hippos, zebras, and elephants.

There are two different ways to explore this zoo, by utilizing a private vehicle or a vacationer vehicle. Moreover, you can likewise watch baby animals in the Baby Zoo territory, and even play in the child’s play area or have an outing close to the natural cascades.

On the off chance that you are too worn out to even think about returning home, at that point you can go through the night at the Caravan, the Royal Safari Garden Hotel or The Taman Safari Lodge. The Safari Lodge is 24 kilometers from the Little Venice bloom park and nine kilometers from Ciherang Waterfall.

Each room has a patio with mountain views. The 24-hour gathering staff can communicate in Arabic, English, and Indonesian, and is prepared to help you anytime.

You might want to know fun things to do in Indonesian Safari Park Cisarua, Bogor.

  1. Taman Margasatwa Ragunan 
Taman Margasatwa Ragunan

Ragunan Wildlife Park, some time ago called Planten En Dierentuin, remains on 140 hectares of land and was built in 1864. For occupants of Jakarta, this zoo is the well-known family get-away destination, though there are other weekend get-away destinations from Jakarta you never thought possible.

Ragunan Wildlife Park presents an assortment of exciting vacationer activities. Other than having the option to see around 295 types of animals with 4040 specimens, you can likewise circumvent the zoo via train, ride a swan vessel, ride a pony, ride a solitary bike or a twofold bike to explore around the zoo.

  1. Taman Safari Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java 
Taman Safari Prigen

In Prigen, there is likewise a safari park that is exciting as the one in Cisarua. In spite of the fact that the animal assortment is nearly the equivalent yet the different tour packages will make your outing all the more exciting.

You can take a shot at viewing adorable penguins playing at Aquatic Land territory and in the event that you want to play in the water, you could go to the water park Safari Water World. Taman Safari Prigen likewise flaunts a four-star lodging, the Baobab Safari Resort Hotel, which offers a wonderful view on the savannah with cool air.

As opposed to different lodgings in Pasuruan, this accommodation utilizes the idea of African Resort, where visitors will be blessed to receive African-style savannah views.

  1. Batu Secret Zoo 
Batu Secret Zoo

Batu Secret Zoo is one of the vacation spots in Batu, Malang, with zoo amusement park concept. The idea is a zoo park which is organized in a cutting-edge concept and has a complete assortment of animals.

This zoo is additionally part of Jatim Park 2 which offers educational visits for you and your family. In addition, in this complex, there is likewise an Animal Museum that can be visited to see a few animals and furthermore some of the animal skeletons.

Different animal assortments are all around kept up there and safe enough for kids to visit on the grounds that among guests and animals, they are constrained by glass barriers.

  1. Bali Safari and Marine Park 
Bali Safari and Marine Park

One of two animal parks in Bali, to be specific the Bali Safari and Marine Park. There are around 60 types of animals there, for example, orangutan, komodo, and Bali starlings, among others.

What is progressively fun is that there are a few decisions for your preferred safari undertakings. Also, one of them is riding an elephant at the Elephant Back Safari.

You can likewise draw nearer to animals by dining close to the animals, for example, among others, meerkats and lions in the Tsavo Lion café. Mara River Safari Lodge is likewise accessible with a component of the provincial appeal of the African Safari.

This accommodation is situated inside the Bali Safari and Marine Park with units including wood goods, relieving hues, and particular ethnic cultural antiques. All bungalows have an open porch, so you have the chance to watch a wide range of animals in short proximity.

The room incorporates entrance passes to Bali Safari Park, where you can observe all animals for free. You might also want to know other things to do in Bali Safari and Marine Park.

So, that is a list of zoos in Indonesia. While you are at it, do not forget to consider these edutainment things to do in Jakarta with kids.

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