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What You Should Know About Karst Museum Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia

by Widiya
Karst Museum Wonogiri

During this time, people might assume that in Wonogiri, there is only Gajah Mungkur Reservoir which is the popular tourist attraction taken in the form of the upstream of the Bengawan Solo stream. Clearly, there are numerous other vacation destinations that you can visit in Wonogiri.

On the off chance that you are in Wonogiri and want to visit some vacation destinations that are there, you can start with Karst Museum Wonogiri as it is listed in the fun things to do in Ngadirojo, Wonogiri. It is situated in the Gebangharjo Village or around 38 kilometers from the heart of Wonogiri toward the south. 

This territory is shaped predominantly by rock disintegration, for the most part, limestone. The karst (limestone mountain) extends from Gunungkidul Regency to Wonogiri Regency to Pacitan Regency.

Karst Museum Wonogiri was built to give information about karst territories to all groups of people for science, training, preservation and network strengthening purposes.

  1. Hanging Out Around the Karst Museum
Karst Museum

Once showing up at Karst Museum, guests may see the miniatures of stalagmites and stalactites immediately in the hall. Remember that you should sign the guestbook first before exploring the exhibition hall.

The experience begins on the main floor where numerous dioramas and data identified with the universes’ karst map dwell. Indeed, even a few reproductions of diminutive people can be seen there.

More or less, the principal floor has the subject of the Knowledge of Karst. The following goal is the base floor where sightseers can locate a few ancient human fossils and cultural tools which you can also find at one of the best museums in Bandung.

On the opposite side, there is preserved greenery, a few sorts of protected examples of butterflies, bats, dragonflies, creepy crawlies, frogs, and snakes have some portion of the visit in the subsequent floor. There is also an exceptionally little ancient man skeleton which was found in Liang Cave in Flores, Indonesia.

Speaking of Flores, do not forget to check out some beautiful beaches in Flores, Indonesia. The subject of that floor is Karst for Living and all things considered, travelers can discover a hall up there.

For the most part, the administration directs an introduction, meeting, or even plays a few motion pictures in that place. Vacationers would be fortunate in the event that they come at the perfect time.

Something else that they can do on the subsequent floor is to watch the landscape outside. The karst slopes can be seen obviously from that spot.

One of the most loved spots in Karst Museum is the ancient room. Vacationers can even take photographs and selfies with any accessible objects there, including the ancient human statues.

The entrance fee is 8,000 IDR or 0.60 USD to explore the entire exhibition hall.

  1. Enjoying the Nuance 
Karst Museum

The Karst Museum has the state of a pyramid. Some way or another, the shape resembles a mountain.

The following impressive fact is that the structure is situated in the Sewu Mountains and it is encompassed by limestone slopes. As far as size, truth be told, the exhibition hall is considered the greatest in Southeast Asia.

The general complex has the absolute size of around 25 hectares. Concerning the structure region, the size is 300 meters for each square.

It additionally comprises three stories. Hence, visitors must explore all pieces of the historical center in the event that they want to get the best experience. 

  1. How to Get There

An excursion to Wonogiri Regency may take around 3 hours and 47 minutes if vacationers originate from Semarang City. It is on the grounds that the distance is 176 kilometers.

When they show up at Wonogiri, their next goal is Gebangharjo Village at Pracimantoro Sub-District. This one may take around 1 hour and 38 minutes as the distance is 57.5 kilometers.

Concerning the best course, it is recommended to take Pracimantoro – Wonogiri Street. The nearest air terminal way to Wonogiri is Adi Sucipto International Airport in Yogyakarta or Adi Sumarmo International Airport in Solo.

Daily flights are accessible every day from significant air terminals in Indonesia. If you come from the airport, you can without much of a stretch discover air-conditioned transportation going to Wonogiri Regency.

Travel time typically takes as long as two hours commuters drive. Then, move to another transportation (another bus) setting off to the Pracimantoro District for the 40 kilometers ride.

Get off to the bus stop or at Pracimantoro Market, then you can ride a motorcycle setting off to the exhibition hall.

So, those are things you should know before deciding to visit Karst Museum Wonogiri. While you are at it, you might want to consider the best museums in Jakarta or what is on Tsunami Museum in Aceh, Indonesia as well.

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