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Top 10 Best Museums in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

by Widiya

On the off chance that you want to add cultural angle during your vacation in Bandung, congratulations, you have come to the right city. Bandung has historical museums, workmanship historical centers, ones having some expertise in fun photography, figures, postal service or Indonesian culture.

There are numerous museums in Bandung: some are large and notable, for example, Geology Museum and Sri Baduga Museum. Others are much smaller in size but similarly significant, for example, Postal Museum a.k.a. one of the most inspirational places to visit in Bandung.

 So, what are you hanging tight for? Let us check out these 10 best museums in Bandung one by one.

  1. Geology Museum 
Geology Museum

Geology Museum is the greatest and the most alluring museum in Bandung. A large portion of the guests are groups of understudies, coming in transports arranged by schools from urban communities all over Indonesia.

A smaller segment of the guests is families and there are many things you can do in Bandung with toddlers. The gallery is situated at Diponegoro Street.

It is around 500 meters from Gedung Sate, the West Java government office. You cannot see the historical center plainly from the road when a few transportations park before it.

There is not any parking area inside, so you simply park in the city. There is a little gift shop close to the entryway of the museum.

You can purchase the pass to the museum for IDR 3,000 there. You can also discover a few stones used for jewelry as well as some geology literature there, including the guide to the geology museum.

  1. Sri Baduga Museum 
Sri Baduga Museum

Sri Baduga Museum is the state museum in Bandung. Its assortments have arrived at 6,923 pieces, beginning from the ancient period through Hindu and Buddhist realms until the present, thick with Sundanese culture. 

The location of Sri Baduga Museum is right before Tegalega park, the biggest open park in Bandung. The historical center has a roomy parking area.

The main issue you may experience is finding the passage door, particularly in the always-busy street. The ticket price for children is IDR 2,000 and IDR 3,000 for adults. 

Speaking of a historical spot, you might also want to check out some historical places in Yogyakarta.

  1. Indonesia Postal Museum 
Postal Museum

Indonesia Postal Museum is a small historical center in the storm cellar of Indonesia Postal Head Office. This structure is in a similar complex with West Java Governor office, which is well known as Gedung Sate (Satay Building).

This exhibition hall grandstands numerous postal types of gear, particularly the old and collectibles utilized during Dutch colonization, including the postal truck utilized in Maluku, the stamp candy machines made in Germany, different scales both for letters and packages, mailboxes, and a stencil machine. You can visit this museum for free.

  1. Asian African Conference Museum 
Asian African Conference Museum

Otherwise called Museum KAA, this is where the Asian-African Conference was held. The Museum shows how and what this organization was authorized for a better future.

Situated in Bandung in 1955, the Asian-African Conference has an extraordinary authentic worth. On the off chance that the spot will clearly fulfill the history fans, the historical center will most likely additionally please the vintage lovers as it delineates a depiction of what was the world 50 years back.

Bunches of vintage scenes and items can be seen. The museum was initiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soeharto, in 1980 on the 25th Anniversary of the Asian-African Conference. 

You can visit this museum for free.

  1. Upside Down World 
Upside Down World

Upside Down World is at a crossing point between being an exhibition hall and a spot for amusement. As its name recommends, its stylistic theme, furniture, and fittings are put upside down.

In the event that the spot targets selfie lovers, it will likewise carry bliss to those looking for something new to see and appreciate. Fun and cool photographs are the reason why you need to go there and it is as cool as any Instagram worthy cafe in Bandung.

This is where you will find another sort of photography experience. It is additionally an incredible area where you can have family or companions bonding time. 

The museum is located on Haji Wasid street, Bagusrangin, Bandung. The ticket price for adults is IDR 100,000 and IDR 50,000 for children.

  1. Amazing Art World 
Amazing Art World

This is one of the biggest 3D art museums in the world. The idea presents works of drawings and canvases on the walls in three measurements that make it look as though it is genuine.

The spot has six unique regions with their own topics, from “under the ocean” to “Love” and “dinosaurs”. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to submerge yourself into Ancient Egypt, a science fiction topical or being encompassed by blossoms?

Stunning Art World is genuinely something worth going to in the event that you are fond of staggering photographs. Presumably, it will end up being your preferred spot for entertainment purposes. 

The museum is located on Setiabudi street, Bandung. The ticket price on weekdays is IDR 100,000 and IDR 130,000 on weekends. 

So, that is a list of museums in Bandung. If the museums do not interest you enough, maybe you should consider some happening places in Bandung.

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