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8 Beautiful Mosques in Indonesia

by Widiya

Indonesia contains the biggest Muslim populace of all nations on the planet. The present number of Muslim occupants is assessed to be around 207 million people, the vast majority of whom hold fast to Sunni Islam.

This enormous number suggests that roughly 13 percent of the absolute number of Muslims on the planet live in Indonesia, in this way demonstrating Indonesia contains a reasonable Muslim majority population. 

Mosques are the most significant spots of worship for Muslims. During the unique month of Ramadan and at Eid ul Fitr, Muslims assemble at mosques to implore, adore, express gratefulness and carry themselves closer to God.

Speaking of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitri, make sure you know what you should keep in mind as a traveler during Ramadan in Indonesia and Eid ul Fitri celebrations and mudik tradition in Indonesia. And if you do plan to pay a visit to Indonesia, make sure you go to one of the mosques in Indonesia listed below.

  1. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque 
Baiturrahman Mosque

Situated in the center of the sharia-governed Aceh Province, this mosque has endured the overwhelming tidal wave in 2004, shielding a huge number of evacuees inside its tough structure. After redesign work, it was revived in 2017, holding its unique structure with fantastic vaults and a tasteful monochromatic façade.

During its first development in quite a while, materials like marble staircase, windows, and building stones were sourced from China, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The mosque’s new face highlights hydraulic umbrella-shaped towers and a pond in its front yard. 

There are also other religious destinations in Aceh for Muslim travelers.

  1. The Grand Istiqlal Mosque 
Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal, the national mosque of Indonesia in the capital city, Jakarta, is perceived as the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia. Built to remember Indonesia’s Independence, the mosque was named ‘Istiqlal’, the Arabic word for Independence. 

This mosque is anything but difficult to reach as it is not a long way from the Merdeka Square and stands practically inverse to the Jakarta Cathedral.

Numerous remote dignitaries have respected the Istiqlal, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama,  Prince Charles, and King Salman of Saudi Arabia, additionally in light of the fact that its area underlines Indonesia’s tolerant way of thinking and lifestyle among various religions. 

However, if the mosque does not intrigue you in any way, maybe these best museums in Jakarta will.

  1. Dian Al Mahri Mosque 
Dian Al Mahri Mosque

This mosque is otherwise called the Golden Dome Mosque, for evident reasons. The five gold-covered vaults are unquestionably difficult to miss while respecting the engineering, which draws from Middle Eastern style with numerous minarets, arches, and Islamic enriching points of interest.

The dazzling mosque was named after its supporter, a specialist by the name Hj. Dian Djuriah Maimun Al Rashid. At 50 hectares, this is likewise one of Southeast Asia’s biggest mosques. 

  1. Soko Tunggal Mosque 
Soko Tunggal Mosque

The mosque was named ‘Soko Tunggal’ (one pillar) as it just uses one primary pillar to support its rooftop. Joined with four smaller pillars, they speak to the five standards of Pancasila, the basic way of thinking on which the Indonesian state is built.

Another random information: the mosque was built without nails. You can easily pay a visit to this mosque situated by the Tamansari water royal residence in Yogyakarta. 

After that, perhaps you can set aside your money to get all the cheap things you can buy in the Yogyakarta night market.

  1. Bayur Grand Mosque 
Bayur Mosque

In contrast to most different mosques in Indonesia (or anyplace else so far), Bayur Mosque joins Thailand’s pagoda-style design with an impact from West Sumatra’s conventional houses with the three-layered rooftop.

Its design uniqueness is additionally made complete by authentic and sometimes the combination of adornments and furthermore a flawlessly created scene with wellsprings and fish lakes, adding quietness to the earthy-toned mosque.

  1. Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Mosque 
Rahmatan Lil Alamin Mosque

A few people say this is the greatest mosque in Indonesia. The mosque at Indramayu has seven stories while the highest floor alone can oblige up to 4,000 people.

It has an all-out stature of around 73 meters and is situated at the Al Zaytun School Compound, in the city of Indramayu, West Java. 

  1. Al-Akbar Mosque 
Al-Akbar Mosque

Otherwise called the Great Mosque of Surabaya, this is Indonesia’s third-biggest mosque. It has 45 principle passages created from fine teak wood and a calming but chipper blue-and-green leaflike vault on the two-story wide structure.

From the 99-meter-tall pinnacle, guests and admirers can appreciate a broad perspective on the city, alongside Sidoarjo and Bangkalan, the two neighboring towns.

  1. The Great Demak Mosque 
Demak Mosque

This lovely fifteenth-century mosque is one of the most established in Indonesia, which has a combination of Javanese Hindu and Islamic structural styles. It is believed to have been worked by Sunan Kalijaga, one of the revered Nine Muslim Saints in Java (the Wali Songo), at the time when Sunan Kalijaga taught and spread Islam in Java.

The structure is worked from timber and has delightful perplexing carvings. 

So, that is a list of mosques in Indonesia you might want to explore during your visit. Which architecture of these mosques do you like the most?

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