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Ramadhan in Indonesia : What You Should Keep in Mind as Traveler

by Yoga Adi

Still related to the month of Ramadhan, we want to give you our best articular about this special month, like recommended places for breaking the fast in Jakarta, best places to visit, what you can find during Ramadhan, and also the latest one, the traditions and processions in Indonesia. But now we want to give you some tips for you who want to visit Indonesia in this special time.

As you may know in Eid fitri celebrations and mudik tradition in Indonesia, people are celebrating the end of the year with so many kinds of activity. This can give an impact to your holiday if you don’t have any clue about what’s actually happening around you. Because of that, we want to help you with the tips of Ramadhan in Indonesia : what you should keep in mind as traveler, such as :

1 – Planning for everything

The first and maybe the most important one in tips of Ramadhan in Indonesia : what you should keep in mind as a traveler is to plan for everything. A good holiday can be parted for good planning. At least, there are some things you should keep in mind like the place so stay, the cost for daily living, and even the attractions that you possibly can visit.

The Problem: Your holiday will be screwed without planning, panicking may occur

How to Solve it: Make a simple yet effective plan

2 – The Attractions are closed on Eid Fitri

Usually, people are interested in visiting the unique locations such as the underrated places in Jakarta. But, during Eid Fitri day, most of them will be close, because the people there are mostly going to pray to mosques for Eid Fitri pray. But, they often closed during the morning only, and open again in the afternoon.

The Problem: Most attractions are close on Eid Fitri day

How to Solve it: Come there days before the day

3 – Some warungs or restaurants closed during the day

Another one in the tips of Ramadhan in Indonesia : what you should keep in mind as traveler is the condition where some warungs or food stalls are closing during the day. This can be surprising for the traveler who comes to Indonesia for the first time. This can give a bit to not a problem at all when you’re hungry.

The Problem: Usually, some stalls are closing during the day

How to Solve it: But, there’s nothing to worry about, some also open as well

4 – Hotel Booking Problem

Of course when coming to a new area, or even a foreign country, many travelers would like to book a room at a certain hotel. But, during weeks before Eid Fitri day, most hotels will be full. Why? Because people who are coming from other areas need a place to stay when they visit their families in the area.

The Problem: Most hotels are full

How to Solve it: Do a booking days before your arrival

5 – Very Bad Traffic

A week before the Eid Fitri day, there will be days off that you can use for vacations. You can visit either malls or more natural locations such as places to visit in Central Jakarta. The problem during Ramadhan or days near to Eid Fitri is the traffic. It will be very much crowded than usual, even worse sometimes. So make sure to go at the right time.

The Problem: Really stressing traffic

How to Solve it: Make a plan for another day, or use motorcycle

6 – Cash Problem

Many Indonesians would like to use cash rather than cards, especially if you want to buy something from small stores. If you don’t have enough cash, you need to stock up immediately before its too late. Sometimes, banks close during the day before and on Eid Fitri day. Because of that, most ATMs are inactive as well.

The Problem: Not enough cash

How to Solve it: Stock up some before Eid Fitri day

7 – About the Clothing

Indonesia also has some of the list of largest shopping malls in Indonesia. And to be honest, shopping during Ramadhan, especially days before Eid Fitri day, is a really good thing to do. The most interesting thing of all this is the discount, pretty discounts. You can find so many discounts inside the malls, especially for clothing.

The Problem: The malls are always crowded during days before Eid Fitri

How to Solve it: That’s not actually a problem, you can also enjoy the good discounts as well

8 – The Night of Ramadhan

Another one in tips of Ramadhan in Indonesia : what you should keep in mind as traveler is what you can do during the night of Ramadhan. Muslims are doing their prayer during the night called, Tarawih, and then completed with Witir. Usually, the situation around will be really quiet, a solemn atmosphere. That’s why it’s even better if you can respect them by not making too much noise during the night.

The Problem: The situation during the night that may not seem usual

How to Solve it: Just do what you wanted to do, but keep your voice down when passing mosques

9 – Takjil for Hungry Tummy

For the travelers, especially backpackers, hungry is like a long friend. Thankfully, Indonesia is considered as a really affordable country. But of course, the money is not an unlimited thing. When it happens, you can always use this opportunity to look for Takjil, the free meals provided by some mosques for breaking fast.

The Problem: Not enough cash for eating

How to Solve it: Taking a takjil on some mosques, they allow you to do it

10 – Interacting with the Locals

Even though the tourists are starting to know the country of Indonesia, there is always this barrier between tourists and the locals. But on the other side, people of Indonesia love to interact with them. If tourists ever need some help, they will gladly help them. That’s why that barrier is actually not that necessary. You can even get rid of them eventually.

The Problem: There’s a barrier between tourists and locals

How to Solve it: Be open minded and see them as friends

11 – About eating in Public

And the last one on tips of Ramadhan in Indonesia : what you should keep in mind as traveler is about eating in public. Even though there’s no rule whatsoever about eating in public during Ramadhan, most foreign tourist will try their best to respect Muslims with eating privately in their hotel room. Usually, they order a takeaway for this.

The Problem: The confusion abut eating in public

How to Solve it: You can either eat in private not. The Muslims in Indonesia don’t have a problem with that actually, only some.

Ramadhan in Indonesia

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