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Recommended Places for Breaking the Fast in Jakarta : Best Locations for Ramadhan

by Yoga Adi

Hello again everyone. In the start of the week, we hope that you can have a high spirit for the brand new day to come. So, after talking about the wonderful attractions and amazing locations around Jakarta city like places to visit in Central Jakarta, we want to share the information that related to Ramadhan.

Jakarta city is filled with lots of restaurant and cafes. You can even pick one blindfolded because of how many they are. At the end of the day, the Muslims will break their fast, eating and drinking after the struggle all day. And that’s why we want to bring the recommended places for breaking the fast in Jakarta, just like Jakarta restaurants with outdoor seating. Those nice places are :

1 -Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) Kambing Kebon Sirih

So let’s start with this first one in the recommended places for breaking the fast in Jakarta, a humble, simple, and the small restaurant called Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih. From its name, it’s pretty clear that their specialization is Nasi Goreng. So the good Nasi goreng with many slices of goat meat can be a good friend for breakfasting.

Location: Kebon Sirih Jakarta

Average Cost: Rp60.000,-

Opening Hours: 10 am to 2 am

Meals: Nasi Goreng, Indonesian foods

Additional Services: Takeaway service

2 – Waha Kitchen

A little fancier just like the rest of Instagram worthy restaurants and cafe in-Jakarta, Waha Kitchen can be your option for breaking fast if you have a pretty fat bank account. You can find this restaurant in Kosena Hotel. For an exchange of your money, you’ll get a nice menu of Italian foods that are delicious and halal of course.

Location: Tanah Abang

Average Cost: Rp275.000,-

Opening Hours: Opens 24 Hours

Meals: Chinese, Javanese, Asian, Indonesian

Additional Services: Vegan friendly, Wifi, Table booking service

3 – Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge

Aside from the best cheap local food in Jakarta, there’s a place called Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge. This familiar location around Central Jakarta is most known as a place for hangout. But during Ramadhan, you can spend your time waiting for the breaking fast time (ngabuburit) here with the nice and comfy nuances. Plus, the variants of food will clearly spoil you.

Location: Ayana Midplaza

Average Cost: Rp100.000,-

Opening Hours: 8 am to 12 am

Meals: Indonesian, Italian

Additional Services: Very comfy environment, interesting touch in outdoor and indoor

4 – Soto Betawi H. Ma’ruf

And the next one in recommended places for breaking the fast in Jakarta is Soto Betawi H. Ma’ruf. For you who interested in traditional Indonesian foods, you should come here in order to order one portion of delicious Soto Betawi.

Location: Menteng

Average Cost: Rp60.000,-

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm

Meals: Indonesian, Betawi Foods

Additional Services: Takeaway service

5 – Telaga Sampireun

Not a common location for breaking fast, but it’s surely a good one. Telaga Sampiruen is basically a restaurant that can offer you two things, good foods, and nice environment. It’s most suitable to come here with your whole family because this place is really accommodating. Be sure to try the traditional dishes too, after Adzan Maghrib for sure.

Location: Puri Indah

Average Cost: Rp100.000,-

Opening Hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Meals: Indonesian meals, Sundanese meals

Additional Services: Takeaway service, mushola, outdoor seating, wifi, live entertainment

6 – Locale 24 Diner and Bar

A nice place for teenagers to hangout and one of the recommended places for breaking the fast in Jakarta. The locale 24 Diner and Bar is maybe the trendiest place for breakfasting of all locations we’ve mentioned. Usually, the people who are coming here for breakfasting are teenagers. They really interested in the interesting menu they provided, and of course, the look of the place.

Location: Pantai Indah Kapuk

Average Cost: Rp150.000,-

Opening Hours: 8 am to 9 pm

Meals: Indonesian, Thailand meals, Western meals

Additional Services: Nice decorations, unique form of a restaurant

7 – Old Town Jakarta

Who doesn’t know the Old Town Jakarta? A place that used so many years by people for gathering, especially in this special month of Ramadhan. Before breaking fast time, you can just stroll around enjoying the place. And after it, you can go to the nearest restaurant or cafe that you first see. No need to worry, there’s a lot of them here.

Location: Old Town Jakarta

Average Cost: No fee

Opening Hours: Always opens

Meals: Any kinds of meal you wanted

Additional Services: Lots of restaurant and cafe to pick

8 – Khung Restaurant

Plaza Indonesia maybe included inside recommended places for breaking the fast in Jakarta, but it’s too wide for sure. That’s why we pick some of the best ones located nearby, like this Khung Restaurant for example. It’s specialized in serving Asian Meals, but mostly the signature menu, the Hong Kong Duck Noodles. The combination between the chewy noddle and tender duck meat will spoil you.

Location: Thamrin, Jakarta

Average Cost: Rp225.000,-

Opening Hours: 10 am to 2 am

Meals: Chinese meals

Additional Services: Live music, full bar, indor seating, smoking area, view of Jakarta city

9 – House of Grill et cetera

This is the place where you want to have an Indonesian place and steak restaurant at the same time. The House Grill et centera is known for having a lot of Indonesian foods and its grill menu, like the kinds of steak you can pick. The place is also very easy to reach, making it a suitable place for breaking fast.

Location: Thamrin

Average Cost: Rp200.000,-

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm

Meals: Western, Indonesian, Italian meals

Additional Services: Takeaway service, wifi connection

10 – Bistro Baron

Another one beside the cheap Indian restaurants in Jakarta is a place called Bistro Baron. You should come here with your friends or family because mostly the foods that sold here come with such gigantic size. For example, there’s their special menu called Cote De Beouf and also the 1kg Black Angus Beef, which can’t be eaten in a short time, unless you have the skill for it.

Location: Menteng, Central Jakarta

Average Cost: Rp250.000,-

Opening Hours: 7.30 am to 10 pm

Meals: French meals

Additional Services: Wifi, indor seating, smoking area, table booking service

11 – Sop Kaki Kambing (Goat leg’s soup) Bang Karim

For the refresher after all day fasting, you can try a good portion of Sop Kaki Kambing that provided by Bang Karim and friends. Many people would love to eat here in order to taste the delicacy of Sop Kaki Kambing, with its tasteful and thick soup. Even in the usual days, the place is already very much crowded. So be sure to be patient during Ramadhan.

Location: Tanah Abang

Average Cost: Rp50.000,-

Opening Hours: 6 pm to 12 am

Meals: Soto Kaki Kambing, Betawinese meals

Additional Services: Takeaway service

Breaking fast in Jakarta – Muslim/Halal Street Foods

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