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The All-time Favorite Lebaran Dishes from Indonesia : Things That We Miss from Eid Fitri

by Yoga Adi

The Ramadhan’s vibe is still on the air. In this beautiful month of Ramadhan, as a Muslims, what kinds of activity you already have done to show your gratitude to the God Almighty? Are they positive ones just like Eid Fitri celebrations and mudik tradition in Indonesia? We really hope so.

Because for Muslims this month is really special because can get more and more merits every single day via religious activities. Even breaking fast in places too recommended places for breaking the fast in Jakarta is also considered a positive activity. But wait til the Eid Fitri comes, or as Indonesians call it as Lebaran. During Lebaran, there are so many things to be grateful, like the Lebaran Dishes of course, things that we are waiting for. So in this article, we want to mention the all-time favorite lebaran dishes from Indonesia, let’s check them out.

1 – Rendang

The first dish in all-time Favorite Lebaran Dishes from Indonesia is Rendang, a dish that said to be the most delicious food on Eart. However, you’ll be lucky if your family make one on Eid Day, because it’s still an uncommon thing to find to celebrate the day, especially in Javanese families.

Characteristics: Tasteful, a  bit spicy, easy to chew

Average Price: Rp25.000,-

Main Ingredient: Cows Meat

Other Ingredients: Onions, garlics, galangal, some chilis

Cooking Difficulty: Advanced

2 – Ketupat

However, if they also have the traditional meals in how does Indonesia celebrate Chinese New year, the Indonesian people also have something special to celebrate Victory Day, which is thing called Ketupat. A thing that looks and made with the same technique to make a dumpling, is actually an alternative to rice.

Characteristics: Solid, but easy to chew

Average Price: Rp5.000,-

Main Ingredient:Grain of rice

Other Ingredients: Palm leaves for cover

Cooking Difficulty: Easy

3 – Opor Ayam (Chicken Opor)

The thing that can’ be parted from Lebaran or Eid Fitri celebration is Opor Ayam. A meal that looks like a curry, but it has some more tasteful soup. The basic ingredient is also the same, which is chicken meat. But the soup is less ticket so it will be a suitable dish to eat with some Ketupat.

Characteristics: Tasteful, soup thick, tender chicken meat

Average Price: Rp30.000,-

Main Ingredient: Chicken meat

Other Ingredients: Coconut milk, bay leaves, lemongrass

Cooking Difficulty: Advanced

4 – Sayur Labu Siam

Now we enter a section where you can find the traditional foods in all-time Favorite Lebaran Dishes from Indonesia, things that may seem unfamiliar to you. Let’s start with he Sayur Labu Siam. This veggie can give you a nice Indonesian culinary touch with its unique taste, which is the combination of meats, traditional spices, and also a special ingredient.

Characteristics: Spicy, tender cows meat, fresh from the veggies

Average Price: Rp15.000,-

Main Ingredient: Cows meat

Other Ingredients: Chayote

Cooking Difficulty: Advanced

5 – Sambal Goreng Kentang (Fried Potato Sambal)

This food is usually not used for New Year celebration in Bandung, because it’s existence can be seen commonly on the day of Eid Fitri. Usually, the people will complete with Opor, Curry, and Ketupat with this Sambal Goreng Kentang. The taste can be a bit spicy, but it’s actually a nice addition to the menu.

Characteristics: Super spicy

Average Price: Rp10.000,-

Main Ingredient: Chillis and Potatoes

Other Ingredients: Garlics, onions

Cooking Difficulty: Easy

6 – Semur

On the day of Eid Fitri, you can easily find foods with rich coconut milk, or as people in Indonesia would like to call it as Santan. If you want to have another dish which is fresher, you can try a portion of Semur. Usually, you can find some additions in it like the cows or chicken meats, potato, tofu, and some sweet soy sauce.

Characteristics: Sweet and a bit thick soup, tender meat

Average Price: Rp25.000,-

Main Ingredient: Cows meat

Other Ingredients: Vermicelli, Potatoes, garlics, onions, salt, sugar, tomato, chilis

Cooking Difficulty: Advanced

7 – Bebek Gulai

You know, in the article of all-time Favorite Lebaran Dishes from Indonesia there’s a special and unique Gulai called Bebek Gulai. Just like its name, this kind of Gulai used the meat of duck, which is believed to tendered and easy to swallow. The spice and tasteful sauce will be absorbed into the meat.

Characteristics: Tasteful but a bit salty, and the meat gives more tenderness

Average Price:Rp30.000,-

Main Ingredient: Duck meat

Other Ingredients: Coconut milk, salt, salt, water, soft spices

Cooking Difficulty: Hard

8 – Kella Pate

Kella Pate is the tradition that you can find easily on the Madura island, about North from Surabaya city. Even though the location is really close to the capital, finding Kella Pate is still considered a hard thing to do. However, this meal tastes so great because to make it, you need to combine the spices all together and pound them, then combine them with the fish meat.

Characteristics: Spicy yet refreshing

Average Price: Rp29.000,-

Main Ingredient: Fish meat

Other Ingredients: Crabs, pumpkin, chillis, salt, sugar, basil

Cooking Difficulty: Advanced

9 – Soto Banjar

Even though there are so many kinds of Soto you can find in this country, but Soto Banjar is still really memorable. Its portion would surprise everyone who eats it for the first time. The soup is also clearer than the other types of Soto. But, inside a bowl of Soto Banjar, you can find so many things, including the Ketupat and slices of tomato.

Characteristics: Fresh, and very filling

Average Price: Rp25.000,-

Main Ingredient: Ketupat combined with other ingredients

Other Ingredients: garlics, onions, galangal, ginger, eggs, ketupat, meatballs, vermicelli

Cooking Difficulty: Easy

10 – Ayam Gagape

Another dish that requires chicken meat, here’s the Ayam Gagape. This meal cannot be found that easily, even in best cheap local food in Jakarta. Because this food is actually the traditional meal from Makassar. Even though looks similar, Ayam Gagapae and Opor Ayam are actually different.

Characteristics: Tasteful, a bit salty, having a thick soup

Average Price: Rp30.000,-

Main Ingredient: Chicken meat

Other Ingredients: Lemongrass, coconut milk, bay leaves

Cooking Difficulty: Advanced

11 – Semur Betawi

And the last one on the all-time Favorite Lebaran Dishes from Indonesia is Semur Betawi. So, the difference between the usual Semur and this special kind of Semur can be seen on the ingredients. Soto Betawi is actually spicier than usual Semur. Also, this Semur doesn’t have much soup as the usual one.

Characteristics: Spicy, tender meat, salty

Average Price: Rp35.000,-

Main Ingredient: Cows meat

Other Ingredients: Garlics, onions, ginger, galangal bay leaves, sweet soy sauce, potatoes, chilis

Cooking Difficulty: Advanced

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