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How Does Indonesia Celebrate Chinese New Year? See Their Interesting Activities Below !

by Yoga Adi

So, as you may know already, this country does not only have a kind of New Year, which is AD year. But, because of the fact that in the country there are about six different religions, in one year, there are like six different kind of New Year. So, there are like Islamic New Year, Christian New Year, and also the Chinese New Year, or Imlek as Indonesia people call it. So, is there any difference between Chinese and Indonesian people to celebrate that special day? Just like the explanation in the how does Indonesia celebrate New Year

People in Indonesia took the culture from China. So, there are always some similarities in the way to celebrate the Imlek. But sometimes, like things to do in Indonesia on New Year’s Eve, people can be more creative to make this special event marrier by making some kind of activity that done in some regions in Indonesia. That’s why we want to tell you about those activities right in this article about “How Does Indonesia celebrate Chinese New Year?”.

1. The Grebek Sudiro

As you may wonder already, how does Indonesia celebrate Chinese New Year? Let’s take an example right from the area of Solo in the Central Java province. If you don’t know it, the Central Java province is always popular with its special Javanese culture. They are so thick that you can even see the Javanese aspects in almost all of the things in the city.

But, even though they always respect and proud of their culture, they also very tolerant of a new form of culture. The perfect example for this is The Grebek Sudiro celebration that held only in Chinese New Year. This is the combination of Chinese and Javanese people. In this event, there is a mount of cake baskets that paraded through Sudiroprajan area. The mount then followed by Javanese and Chinese cultural performances.

Location : Solo, Central  Java

2. Water War

The next activity, the most fun and active one on our list is the Water War. Similar to the event that held in several areas in the world like Thailand and others, the people are celebrating the Chinese New Year with playing water. Yes, not only kids who love this sport, but surprisingly, it’s a great fun activity that can be done even by adults to release some stress. Just imagine a day for leaving works, and just playing water for hours.

This event called Cian Cui or Water War Festival. It usually held in Selatpanjang City of Riau. It was first started back in 2013. People are bringing some things like water pistols, rifles, and even a very cheap but effective tool, water scoop. They will circle the city by using a Becak, then splashing some water to other. It’s great fun.

Location : Pekanbaru, Riau

3. Week of Chinese Culture (PBTY)

Aside for having really good cool things to do in Yogyakarta, in celebrating Chinese New Year, there’s an event in that very city called Chinese Cultural Week. In Pekan Budaya Tionghoa Yogyakarta 2018, the event was held in three different spots, Malioboro, The North Alun-alun Yogyakarta, and also Kampung Ketandan.

The event was last for a week, starting from 24 February to 2 March. The seven days were filled with so much joy can happiness that came from people who also joining for food bazaar, fortune telling, Barongsai attraction, Feng Shui consultation, and also Potay Hee puppet show.

Location : Yogyakarta

4. Thousands Free Snacks

You may know already that in this country there are always spectacular spots, right? Like for example this Lombok with its things to do in Lombok with family. In celebrating Chinese New Year, the people are giving happiness through giving five thousand cupcakes. That’s a lot of cupcakes right there. The cupcakes have this brown color, that taste really good, especially when combined with some tea.

All can get those cakes, they are not only for Chinese people. Aside from those five thousand cupcakes, they also giving away 1000 portions of Lontong Cap Go Meh. So, for the tourists or students in college, this is a really good news. Besides that, the event also has dance performances sometimes.

Location : Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

5. The Street Festival

In Bogor, there’s a 100 years old event that always held during Chinese New Year. That celebration is Cap Go Meh. People are always coming to the city just to watch its special Cap Go Meh. The event is always merry, colorful, and really fun.

Back in 2017, the participants reached the number of 2.500. Inside the Cap Go Meh Bogor Street Festival, aside from the carnival that consists of Chinese cultural items such as Liong Barong and Barongsai. There’s also a touch of Bogor culture with Sisingaan following them. 

Location : Bogor, West Java

6. Ten Days Imlek Fair

Aside from the things to do in Medan, during Chinese New Year, in the city, there’s always an event named Imlek Fair. The event was purposely held for celebrating the special New Year in Medan. It’s always filled with so many interesting things that you should see.

Usually, there are also some stands with foods, drinks, and other types of business. Back in Imlek Fair 2018 that was starting from 26 January until 4 February in CBD Polonia, the event was filled with Dynamic Band, Barongasi Binjai, Dewa Rejeki, Mandarin Singing Competition, Imlek Fashion Show, and also the voice of Medan Singer.

Location : Medan, North Sumatra

Aside from those seven interesting activities, we also provide you with the unique habits that people in Indonesia always done in order to celebrate the good Chinese New Year. So how does Indonesia celebrate Chinese New Year? See them right on the information below

  1. Cleaning the house
  2. Serving the special foods during Imlek (Chinese New Year)
  3. Not flip a fish when eating it
  4. Not eat a porridge
  5. The firework party
  6. Liong attraction
  7. Barongsai attraction
  8. Giving the good red envelopes
  9. Visiting family
  10. Visiting Kemaro Island

The explanations above with the activities, events and even the habits of people that they always did when celebrating the Chinese New Year surely can answer our main question, “How does Indonesia celebrate Chinese New Year?”. You can join one or more activities that included in this list if you want it.

PBTY Yogyakarta

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