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6 Must-Visit Magnificent Waterfalls in North Sumatra

by Vina Krisna Yanti
North Sumatera's Magnificent Waterfalls

There are some reasons why you should visit Sumatra. It is because Sumatra has many tourist destinations that could cover almost all of your holiday wishes.

Every province in Sumatra has their own uniqueness such as stone-jumping in Nias, North Sumatra and best places in Mentawai Island, West Sumatra that you should visit which offer cultural diversities and natural charms.

As one of the biggest province in Sumatra, North Sumatra is home for the natural journey that you are looking for as it is surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, wonderful vegetations, breathtaking landscapes, and magnificent waterfalls.

In case you do not know things to do in North Sumatra, exploring its waterfalls can be a good choice as North Sumatera has numerous beautiful waterfalls. Some are even categorized as the highest ones in Indonesia.

It might confuse you as there are so many options of waterfalls to visit. To help you, here is the list of 6 must-visit magnificent waterfalls in North Sumatera.

1.Ponot Waterfall

Ponot Waterfall

Ponot waterfall is located at Asahan regency. It is known as the highest waterfall in Indonesia with 250 meters high, which makes it extremely beautiful and magnificent.

The waterfall has heavy stream that makes it used for electrical resource. It has a unique arrangement with 3 levels of waterfalls. Underneath it lies hundreds of beautiful big natural rocks which complete its charms.  

Besides enjoying the view, you can also try rafting if you like to add an adventurous experience to your trip.

If you plan to go there, you can come from 8 AM to 4 PM by paying only IDR 5,000 as the entrance fee.

2.Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Located at Tanah Karo regency, Sipiso-piso waterfall comes as the sixth highest waterfall in Indonesia with 120 meters high. It is located near Tongging village, which is also well-known for its tourism attractions. So when you visit Sipiso-piso waterfall, you can go to various tourism destinations near it.

To reach Sipiso-piso waterfall, you need to prepare yourself to go through hundreds of stairs. But it is guaranteed that all your efforts will be paid off once you get there.

The waterfall opens at 9 AM-4 PM with IDR 10,000 as the entrance fee.

3.Mursala Waterfall

Mursala Waterfall

Mursala waterfall is a special 35 meters high waterfall that tumbles down over cliffs  directly to the Indian ocean. It creates a magnificent view facing the ocean.

Situated at Mursala island in Central Tapanuli regency, the breathtaking scenery even attracted the Hollywood movie maker to create Kingkong  movie (2005) there.

In order to reach the waterfall, you need to take a speedboat that could accommodate maximum 20 passengers by paying IDR 1,500,000 to IDR 2,500,000.

Mursala waterfall can be one of the incredible tourist spots in Indonesia. Besides the beauty of the waterfall itself, the sea in front of the waterfall has stunning coral reefs with colorful underwater inhabitants, which makes it perfect for underwater activities.

4.Situmurun Waterfall

Different from Mursala waterfall, Situmurun waterfall stream drops from 70 meters high straightly to Toba lake, a prominent lake in Toba Samosir. Mursala waterfall is also known as Binangalom waterfall, which means refreshing water.

It is stated that Situmurun waterfall might be the only waterfall in Indonesia which stream directly goes to a lake, that makes it distinctive.

To arrive there, you need to rent a ferryboat by paying approximately IDR 500,000-IDR 600,000. There, you can go swimming by jumping directly from the ferry you rent or from the rocks around the waterfall and enjoy its refreshing water.

5.Aek Sijornih Waterfall

Aek Sijornih Waterfall

The name Aek Sijornih comes from the waterfall’s appearance that is so clean and clear despite the weather. It sits in Aek Libung village, South Tapanuli regency.

It is very unique compared to other waterfalls that usually have slender and up right high. Aek Sijornih waterfall is only 10 meters high but the stream spills to the left and right sides, making it looks so epic.

The waterfall is surrounded by palm trees, creating a refreshing and calming atmosphere. The site has been managed by the government which makes it has complete facilities that can support your trip there.

To enter the site you need to pay an entrance fee for about IDR 5,000.

6.Two Colors Waterfall

Two Colors Waterfall

Just like the name, Two Colors waterfall in Sibolangit district does have two different water colors. It has transparent blue color and grayish clear color which creates a magical scene. The water has blue color as it contains phosphorus and sulfur substances from Sibayak mount.

Two Color waterfall is a hidden waterfall situated in the middle of Sibolangit forest. Thus, in order to arrive there, you need to go through the forest. Your exploration would not be that tiring as you can breathe in the forest’s fresh air in your way.

After reaching the waterfall, you need to pay the fees of approximately IDR 20,000. As you arrive there, all of your efforts will be paid off by the beauty of the Two Color waterfall.

Those are the 6 must-visit waterfalls in North Sumatera which could bring back the nature spirit into you. As some efforts are needed to reach most of the waterfalls, you need to prepare your energy first before deciding to go. So, which one would you visit first?

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