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16 Mangrove Forests in Indonesia That Attract Tourists

by Annisa Putri Adriza
Mangrove Rembang

Mangrove is a shrub or small tree that grows in coastal saline or brackish water. Mangroves occur worldwide in the tropics and subtropics, this include Indonesia. Mangrove forests are spread across Indonesia, there are around 3,79 million hectares and this made the largest in the world.

The main function of mangrove forest is to prevent the occurrence of sea water intrusion to land, moreover in Indonesia mangrove forests becomes a tourist attraction. Let us see the list of 16 Mangrove Forests in Indonesia, to know more about it.

1.Mangrove Muara Angke Jakarta

Jakarta is not the common place to have a green tourist area but this is one of them in Muara Angke, North Jakarta. This has been a popular place for the locals especially teenagers for photo hunting.

The fresh air and gorgeous view is the perfect place to come with friend and family, moreover this tourist attraction covers the conservation forest which is great to get to know more about mangroves. The entrance fee is Rp 25.000. You can also visit best museums in Jakarta.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

2.Mangrove Wonorejo Surabaya

Mangrove Wonorejo Surabaya is located in Wonorejo, Surabaya, East Java this forest has an area of more than 800 hectares. There are 83 species of rare and exotic like yellow bamboo, red crab, Java moss and ivory.

More than a half kind of mangrove grows fertile in this mangrove forest, beside mangroves there are other native vegetation that grows in this forest. As a tourist attraction, visitors can witness animals like long tailed monkey. To get there you need to get on a boat, the ticket is Rp 25.000 for adults and Rp 15.000 for children.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

3.Mangrove Rembang

This mangrove forest is known as the Red Bridge Mangrove Forest, since it has a red bridge as a path for the visitors to get pas through the dense mangroves. To be exact this mangrove forest is located in Desa Pasarbanggi in Rembang, Central Java.

Mangrove Rembang is the dense mangroves in Indonesia, there are 6 kinds of mangroves collected here and also coastal endemic fauna like burung blekok, sea eagle, owl and biawak. While you are in Rembang, these are more about what to do in Rembang.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

4.Mangrove Kampung Laut Cilacap

Mangrove Kampung Laut Cilacap is known as the largest mangrove area in Asia, located in Kecamatan Kampung Laut which is not far from Nusa Kambangan. Just like other mangroves forest, there are many birds and even monkeys that can be seen.

To get to the location of the forest you need to travel by boat and this is the only time that you will put your money out. The locals love to come to this place on the weekend, especially teenager spending time on the viewing post since they can see the whole forest.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

5.Mangrove Tapak Semarang

The area of Mangrove Tapak Semarang is a great habitat for many kinds of fauna especially water birds, this mangrove forest is located in Desa Tapak, Kelurahan Tugurejo, Semarang. 38 species of birds can be found in this area, we can easily see birds doing many activities.

There are 2 kinds of mangroves that are planted in this forest and the aim is to prevent beach abration as well as a biofilter water pollution since it has the ability to accumulate heavy metals from industrial wastewater. After visiting tourist attraction don’t forget to see what to eat in Semarang.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

6.Mangrove Muara Gembong Bekasi

Located in Desa Pantai Mekar, Muara Gembong, this is another mangrove forest that is popular for the locals in Bekasi.

The area of this forest reaches 3 hectares and there are a few kinds of mangroves available. Visitors will pas a 200 metres bamboo bridge through the forest, along the bridge there are many selfie spots.

There are many warning signs prohibiting littering nearly in each corner of the bridge, beside that there are signs showing different kinds of mangroves on the edge of the bridge.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

7.Mangrove Tarakan

This mangrove forest is known as the lungs for Tarakan city, it is fresh, well maintained and still natural. There is a bridge made from ironwood that goes through the forest while going along the forest you can see Bekantan which is one of the rare monkey from Kalimatan that is protected.

Other than unique fauna, visitors can enjoy variety of flora that is decorating the mangrove forest. This 21 hecatres mangrove forest is located in the heart of the city in Jalan Gajah Mada and the entrance fee is only Rp 5000. When the sea water tides then you can see sea snakes, fishes and other sea biota. Find out more about things to do in Tarakan.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

8.Mangrove Karimunjawa

Desa Kemujan around 45 minutes from Karimun Port is where this mangrove forest is located. In the entrance you need to pay Rp. 10000 for the tickets then you are set to explore this 10.5 hectare mangrove forest. Visitors can go along the 2 KM bridge that is available inside this forest, there are a few gazebo for visitors to take a break.

On the end of the the bridge, there is a three-story wooden building and at every level visitors can see the view of Karimun Hill, mangrove forest and the wide sea that will spoil your eyes.

We are halfway through our 16 Mangrove Forests in Indonesia and while in Karimun Jawa you can find things to do in Karimun Jawa.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

9.Mangrove Margomulyo Balikpapan

Mangrove Margomulyo Balikpapan is located in Jl. AMD Gunung Empat RT 42, to be exact behind Senior High School 8 Balikpapan. This 29.5 hectares forest is a conservation area for mangroves, but there has been many parties involved eventually there are many variety of trees.

Visitors can go around safely and feel the lush mangrove forest since there is a bridge that visitors can walk on. If you are lucky you can also see Bekantan in this forest, there are also other fauna like crabs, shot fish and variety of birds. Even tough there is a ticket counter on the entrance gate but the entrance fee is free.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

10. Mangrove Maerokoco Semarang

The mangrove trekking is new at Maerokoco in 2017, the track goes along 135 meters. Puri Maerokoco is located 3 KM in the east of Achmad Yani airport, this tourist attraction is the mini Central Java Province.

The trekking site is made of semicircular bamboo paths just a meter from the water surface, visitors can go in and around the lust mangroves trees.

The locals loves to visit since the trekking site is made and making it popular since they are taking pictures and uploading it on social media.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

11. Mangrove Kampoeng Nipah

This mangrove forest is located in Kabupaten Sedang Bedagai, North Sumatra. Not just mangrove but there is a beautiful beach in this forest. Thanks to the locals people can visit this tourist attraction not just enjoying the beach but also knowing more about mangroves.

There are around 15 kinds of mangroves that stretches for 5 kilometres, people also take pre wedding photos in this area.

After exploring the mangrove forest visitors can enjoy seafood dishes cooked by the local fisherman’s wife. The entrance fee is Rp.10000 , if you want to have pre wedding photo shoots here you only need to pay Rp 200000.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

12.Mangrove Ujungpangkah

Located in Desa Banyuurip, Gresik, East Java this mangrove forest is packed on the weekends especially on the school holidays. Just like the other mangrove forests there is a brigde that is stretched so that visitors can see more around the forest.

There are joglo house that you can use to relax while enjoying the view, moreover there is a 600 metres jogging track that is built by the management. The entrance fee is for Rp.2000 per person and you can take pictures in this crane habitat.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

13.Mangrove Wanasari Bali

Bali is always a popular place for tourist all around the world, and this tourist attraction can not be missed. The main function of Mangrove Wanasari Bali is a location for crab cultivation and visitors can see firsthand of this cultivation in the cage.

Visitors will be going around the mangrove area using the fisherman’s boat, the boat can take up to 10 person and you will see the beauty of this mangrove forest. This mangrove forest is located in Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kuta which is close to the International Airport of Ngurah Rai that’s why not surprisingly you will see the planes landing and taking off. The management set the fee price for group which is Rp. 100000 for 10 person.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

14. Mangrove Bedul

Mangrove Bedul is part of National Park Alas Purwo, located in Dusun Blok Solo, Banyuwangi. In this mangrove forest there are 27 kinds of mangroves and a few kinds of birds like Australian immigrant bird, Raja Udang bird, sea eagles and a few kinds of crane.

The area of this mangrove forest is 1200 hectares that is stretched as long as 18 Kilometres, more over you can also find monkey, deer, boar, turtle and biawak. Other than visiting mangrove forest you need to find things to do in Banyuwangi.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

15. Mangrove Kulon Progo

The city of Yogyakarta is always filled with tourists, this mangrove is located in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta and lately has been a popular tourist attractions.

This mangrove forest is still in one area with Glagah Beach and Trisik Beach, again this mangrove forest is completed with a wooden bridge.

There is a spot called Jembatan Api-api which is a favourite selfie spot, moreover there is a mangrove cave and a replica of Eiffel Tower made from bamboo. With Rp 4000 as an entrance fee you can enjoy the sunset in this mangrove forest. While you are in Yogyakarta, don’t forget to visit places to buy batik in Yogyakarta.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

16. Mangrove Gunung Anyar

The last one in 16 Mangrove Forests in Indonesia is Mangrove Gunung Anyar located in Surabaya, even tough it is still in development it can be seen that this tourist attraction is packed with visitors.

There is a track made from bamboo for 20 metres that will take visitors to explore the variety of mangroves, along the track there are selfie spots and 2 gazebo in the middle of the mangrove area. On the east side there is a 12 metres tower where visitors can climb up and view the whole Mangrove Gunung Anyar clearly.

Mangrove Forests in Indonesia

Overall, these 16 Mangrove Forests in Indonesia is the newest tourist attractions that people are currently love to visit. Beside taking pictures and enjoying the lush mangrove forests, the locals and tourists from around the world can learn more about mangroves by visiting the forests.

Most of these forests are used as a place for research, so not just for a recreation purpose but these mangroves forests are for educational purposes.

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