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What to Do in Rembang, Central Java Indonesia (Beautiful Spots)

by ainida

Rembang Regency is a regency located on northeast coast of Central Java. The city is well-known as “salt-city” because many of the residents work as a salt farmers. This is because they live near the sea.

The city is also known as a city where there is a tomb of R. A. Kartini, one of Indonesian female national hero. The city has many things to explore and has many things that the locals can be proud of. Below are several list of places you can visit in Rembang.

Museum R. A. Kartini

What to do in Rembang, Central Java Indonesia? Kartini is a female national hero from Indonesia. She is well-knows as a female hero that strive for equality between woman and man. Many people only know about her place of birth, Jepara. Not many people know that she died and buried in Rembang.

Her house in Rembang is now become R. A. Kartini Museum. You can see her letters and other written works related to her struggle plus her photographs.

To enter the museum, you only have to pay around 2000 rupiahs. The museum opens every day. On Monday until Friday, the museum opens on 8 am until 3 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the museum opens on 9 am until 3 pm. You may also visit Things to Do in Pati

Pantai Dampo Awang, Tasikagung

Java island indeed has many beautiful beaches. Rembang is a city near the sea, so it has many beaches. One of them is Dampo Awang. Pantai Dampo Awang or Dampo Awang Beach is located on Tasikagung village.

The beach has been opened for public and managed well to be official tourist destination. As a result, the beach has several facilities needed for visitors, such as prayer room, toilets, bathrooms, lodgings, parking lots, food stalls, and others.

If you want to swim on the pool, there is also special pool provided near the beach. You can also visit several small islands using boats. The children can also play in outbound or children recreational area. If you want to enter the beach, you only have to pay around ten thousand rupiahs. You may also visit Things to Do in Kartosuro

Pantai Caruban, Gedongmulyo

If you think Dampo Awang Beach is too crowded, you can consider to visit another beach, Pantai Caruban or Caruban Beach in Gedongmulyo village.

Caruban Beach hasn’t been managed to be an official recreational area, so the beach is still quiet and very natural. The facilities are not as complete as Dampo Awang Beach, but you can enjoy the nature more closely.

The sand area on the beach is very wide and long, so you can enjoy your time there freely. That’s what to do in Rembang, Central Java Indonesia. You may also visit 16 Cultural Temples in Central Java

Pantai Jatisari

Pantai Jatisati or Jatisari Beach is another natural beach in Rembang that is still very natural. The beach has a unique white sands and unique stones. Unlike Dampo Awang Beach, the facilities are not so complete here. However, the beach is quieter and has a natural attraction for you who likes to enjoy only the nature. The locals are also very friendly and kind. When the beach is receding, there are several small ponds where sometimes there are fish trapped there. You may also visit  Things To Do in Sukoharjo

Pulau Gede

There are many exotic, uninhabited islands near Rembang. One of the island is Pulau Gede (Gede Island). You can go there by fisher’s boats. The water is very clear. It is also quite safe to camp there. You can go to Wates village if you want to go there. You have to provide around 500.000 rupiahs to rent a boat, or if you want to ride with the fisher, you only have to pay around 250.000.

Hutan Mangrove, Pasarbanggi

Mangrove forest is important to protect the beach from abrasion. Besides, mangrove forest is very interesting to visit because of the beautiful scenery. In Rembang, there is a popular mangrove forest in Pasarbanggi. You can walk easily because there is a long red bridge provided for the visitors. When you are tired or just want to take some photos, you can sit down on the bridge. To enter the mangrove forest, you only have to pay per vehicle for parking fee. The mangrove forest is around 22 acres wide and 2900 meters long.

Puncak Argopuro, Gunung Lasem

If you want to visit higher place, you can try to hike Argopuro Peak at Gunung Lasem. The peak is only around 800 meters above the sea level, so the beginner can also try safely. To reach the peak, you only need around two and half hours.

However, the track is not so easy, so you need to be careful. The best time is on dry season because the track will be very slippery on rainy season. At the peak, you can enjoy the scenery of the city from height. However, the camping area is not very wide, only for around a hundred people so you might consider to visit outside holiday season. You may also visit Things to Do in Brebes

Embung Lodan, Lodan Wetan

Embung Lodan is the largest water reservoir/dam in Rembang. The location is in Lodan Wetan village. It is around 40 kilometers from the city, but the scenery is very beautiful so it worth the effort. You can explore the dam using boats or fishing together with family. To enter the dam, you only have to pay 3000-5000 rupiahs for parking fee. There are also many people selling food, so you can enjoy the food while surrounded by beautiful scenery. 

Karangsari Park, Karangsari

What to do in Rembang, Central Java Indonesia? Karangsari Park is a large natural area that usually can be used for people to camp. The area is around 20 acres wide, so it can accommodate many people, even can be used for national scale events. There are many things you can enjoy there. There are hundreds kind of plants and trees. The facilities for camping are also quite complete. There are field used for ceremony, auditorium, public library, outbound area, catering, and others. In addition, you can enjoy Waduk Banyukuwung or Banyukuwung Dam that has very beautiful scenery.

Kota Sejarah Lasem/Pecinan Lasem

There is an old city in Lasem that is also known as Chinatown in Lasem. The area is filled by old buildings that have interesting long history. One of building you have to visit is Cu An Kiong and Gie Yong Bio temple. For Muslims, there is Masjid Jami’ Lasem (mosque) that has unique calligraphies and carvings.

Tasting Rembang Local Traditional Food

Beside visiting places, you also have to try the local traditional food when coming to Rembang. One of the popular drink is Kawista Juice. Kawista is a large fruit related to oranges. The juice is very delicious. The taste is similar to cola, so it is often referred as Cola van Java. Other unique food that you have to try is kelo mrico, a dish made from sea fish.

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