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20 Most Beautiful Things to Do in Brebes, Central Java

by Dika

Welcome to Indonesia where beauty is everywhere! Yeah! Now, let’s go to Brebes, Central Java, Indonesia! You will feel like you won’t want to go back home. Here are the things to do in Brebes, Central Java Indonesia!

  1. Agro Tourism Kaligua Tea Garden

Kaligua is arguably the most popular natural attraction in all of Brebes. The stunning natural landscape with the stretch of green tea trees makes the eyes and mind feel fresh when it comes to this place. Coupled with cool weather tend to cool, this tea garden is very fitting to be a tired release object at the weekend after working hard on a regular day.

Kaligua tea garden location is in Pandansari Village, Paguyangan District. From the area of ​​this tea garden, not only the view of tea trees that can be witnessed. There are several other places that can be visited like Goa Japan, Tuk Bening Springs and Lake Bed. Entrance fee to agro garden tea is also quite cheap that is Rp 8.000 only. Managers. PT. Perkebunan Nusantara IX (Persero) Central Java also provides a challenging outbound game to try.

If you want to spend more time in this tea garden, stay in the villas that are also provided by the manager. The available lodging facilities also have meeting rooms, campsites, cafes, sports courts, worship facilities and outbound areas. You may also visit and enjoy the Things to Do in Wonosobo

  1. Ranto Canyon Waterfall

In addition to the tea garden, Brebes also have other natural charms that are not less amazing to disambangi. Follow the mountainous area south of Brebes and you will find this Ranto Canyon located in Winduasri Village, Salem District. From downtown Brebes it takes 2.5 hours trip to get to this waterfall. One waterfall in Indonesia is famous for its eye-catching topographic beauty.

In Ranto Canyon, the cool mountain air and green landscape has been welcomed among the steep cliffs. Similar to the contour of waterfall in East Java which also has a similar contour.

This waterfall has a height of between 10-20 meters with a track along 769 meters. The river that flows under the waterfall is very clear and fresh water. To be able to enjoy Ranto Canyon, rent a guide of Rp 30,000 per person to guide you down the waterfall and river and includes the cost of helmet and buoy rental. A range of adrenaline-fueled packages such as cliff diving, river trekking and snorkeling are available. You may also visit and enjoy the Things to Do in Purwokerto

  1. Pangkalan Temple

Although the name of the temple, Pangkuan Temple is actually not only a temple building as in general. This Pangkuan temple is an old forest with a 50 cm long temple artifact surrounded by hundreds of years old trees. It is located in Cilibur Village, Paguyangan District. The existence of this temple is very old and supposedly first discovered by the natives first time in 1965.

What is unique from this Pangkuan Temple is the number of benign monkeys that roam the area of ​​trees. These monkeys have been around since the time this area of ​​the temple was first discovered and still continues to breed until now. Visitors can enjoy the cool trees around the temple area while chatting with the monkeys. There is no entrance fee for this temple area so lots of visitors are flocking to come here. You may also visit and enjoy the Things to Do in Magelang

  1. Cisereuh Tourism Village

The things to do in Brebes, Central Java Indonesia. Located at the foot of Kumbang Mountain, Kecamatan Ketanggungan, this village is famous throughout Brebes as a village that is still very strong keep the local culture and traditions of the ancestors who are the original descendants of the village. When you come here, you will see many unique traditions that are deeply entrenched in the life of the village community.

The whole house in this village is covered with zinc with wooden walls. There is a strict prohibition from the ancestors that should not build a house with roofed roof, walled and cemented floors and ceramics. Another unique thing is that the entire population in this village is not planting red onions. In fact, being a shallot farmer is the livelihood of the majority of Brebes residents in other areas. Every Tuesday kliwon, this village holds a traditional ceremony called Ngasa. This ceremony is a symbol of thanksgiving to God for the blessings that the local people receive. You may also visit and enjoy the  Things to Do in Surakarta

  1. Putri Waterfall

Other natural attractions that are not less interesting in Brebes is the Princess Waterfall. Located in the village of Mandala, District Sirampog, this curug has a height of approximately 35 meters. As the name implies that means waterfall, this waterfall is surrounded by natural cliffs that form natural sculptural ornaments that look very epic.

When watched from below, the beauty of this Princess Waterfall is not inferior to other waterfalls that exist abroad. (Read: Places of Interest in Dieng and surrounding areas) To go to the Princess Waterfall, the terrain must be quite challenging. The streets are still smooth and unpaved pebbles. Vehicles can only be parked in a certain place and you have to trekking through a small forest to get to the waterfall location.

But all the challenges are guaranteed paid off by the freshness of the air around the waterfall and the beauty of the waterfall charm that this place presents. Although not yet have adequate supporting facilities, but the waterfall is still busy visited by tourists who want to play water or just sitting on the edge of the waterfall enjoy its beauty.

  1. Ciblon Waterboom

The things to do in Brebes, Central Java Indonesia? When you come to Brebes with family and children, this one water tour can be an alternative choice of tours to be visited. The recently established Waterboom is located at Jalan Yos Sudarso, Brebes. There are many types of water games that can be enjoyed by adults and children, including a swimming pool, a slider with a height of 12 meters, spilled bucket, and slide.

Various water tours offered by this place is very fitting to be enjoyed when you rolled out with a family group. Pleased again, the price of admission to Ciblon Waterboom is very affordable. Only Rp 13.000 alone, you can enjoy a fun water tour with family. You may also visit and enjoy the Things to Do in Cilacap

  1. Randusanga Beach

When coming to the city of Brebes, do not miss to watch the gorgeous sunset from Randusanga Beach. Yes, the beach is located in Randusanga Kulon about 7 km from the coastline this pantura offers a beautiful spot to watch the beauty of the sunset. In addition, this coastal area is also famous for the cultivation of seaweed and milkfish.

The stretch of white sandy beaches very spoil the eyes accompanied by waves that are not too big. There are also a variety of children’s play facilities, motor racing arenas, campsites, restaurants serving seafood preparations, and a row of stalls selling Brebes souvenirs such as onion and salted eggs.

  1. Tirta Husada Hot Water Bathing

Still around water tourism, Brebes also has a hot water bath located in Kedungoleng Village, Bantarkawung District which is about 75 km from downtown. You can enjoy the pleasure of hot water bath amid a very comfortable and beautiful atmosphere because this place is surrounded by green pine hills.

Simply pay Rp 6.000 only, visitors can enjoy various facilities such as hot spring pool, children pool, VIP bathroom and even family karaoke. It is suitable for recreation with beloved family as well as a health recreation event to heal the fatigue caused by long journey and skin diseases. 

  1. Malahayu Reservoir

Reservoir which is a relic of the Dutch colonial era is located in the Village Malahayu, District Banjarharjo which in addition functioned as a controller of floods and irrigation, also opened by local managers as a place of recreation. From this reservoir, visitors will be spoiled by a panorama of expanse of expanse of teak forest and green mountains nun as far as eye.

The coolness of this reservoir makes many people camped here for the satisfaction of enjoying the natural scenery that reassures the heart. The fee to be paid is also quite cheap. Only Rp 6,000 only, you can enjoy the beauty of this panorama reservoir. What a stunningly cheap and fond tour to pass up in Brebes.

  1. Renjeng Lake Nature Reserve

Lake Renjeng is located at the foot of Mount Slamet, precisely in the Village Pandansari, District Paguyangan. This lake offers a beautiful mountain atmosphere of cool and green. It is said that once this lake became the habitat of thousands of fish populations of tilapia and giant catfish.

However, mysteriously thousands of tilapia and giant catfish are now disappearing without a trace and no one knows where the fish disappear. Entrance to this place is free and visitors can enjoy the cool green scenery and calm the soul. Do not forget to keep the cleanliness and beauty of this place when you visit there.

  1. Penjalin Reservoir

In addition to Malahayu Reservoir, there are still more tourist attraction reservoirs in Brebes namely Penjalin Reservoir. The old reservoir built in 1930 offers a beautiful view that cools the eyes. Area of ​​the dam about 1.5 km square so that visitors can freely choose a place just to sit chatting with the family. Location of this reservoir is in the Village Winduaji, District Paguyangan. When you come together with a group of entourage, you can enjoy the meal ready accompanied breeze from this reservoir breeze.

Entrance to this reservoir is not subject to retribution fees, although of course you have to be wise while maintaining the cleanliness of this place. This reservoir can be used as a choice of attractions in Brebes are cheap and fun to be visited with family and also as a suitable tourist spot for young people in the middle of your holiday atmosphere.

  1. Agrowisata Besaran

This one agrotourism is an expansion of business from PG Jatibarang. Since opened to the public, this attraction has sucked many visitors to come to this place.

Various facilities provided by this agro is a tourist train, flying fox, swimming pool, fish therapy pool and ontel boat.

The fun play room will certainly be very liked by children and your family. In the middle of the agro-tourism area, there is a Dutch heritage building with classic architecture that is suitable as a photo spot. Entrance fee to this agro is very cheap that is Rp 3.000 only.

  1. Kalibaya Park

The charm and exotic nature of Brebes seems endless for exploration. One by one new attractions continue to emerge, for example, is a place of Kalibaya Park tourism located on top of this Malio Peak.

Kalibaya Park presents the natural charm of mountain top view with direct view to Malahayu Reservoir.

In addition, there are also game facilities such as outbound, substation view, savanna, ATV track, and so forth. Visitors can come to the place managed by the Village Forest Society Village from Pasir Panjang Village Government, Brebes on weekend for refreshing and spending holidays with family.

  1. Awu Waterfall

In addition to the Princess Waterfall, there are still other attractions in the waterfall Brebes is not less interesting to be visited by tourists. Curug Awu is located in Wanareja Village, Sirampog District and its complex is included in protected forest area. This curve height about 100 meters with clear and fresh water flowing.

It is suitable to be an alternative choice of water tourism for you and your family. Curug Awu has recently opened to the public and local government together with local people continue to try to add public facilities for the convenience of visitors. Here, you can enjoy the natural green around the waterfall area that is still not much touched people. You may also visit and enjoy the Beaches in Semarang

If you want to feel the freshness of the bath under this waterfall, do not forget to provide change clothes and other rinse completeness. If you are interested to come to this waterfall, there is nothing wrong to bring supplies from home because in place there is no support facilities including food stalls and so forth. Do not forget also to participate in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of this region in order to maintain the beauty of this curug environment continues to awake.

  1. Mangrove Kaliwlingi Forest

Who would have thought that on the hot northern coast of Java it also has a mangrove forest. Yes, Brebes offers a choice of mangrove forest tours that enter within the village complex Pandansari Kaliwlingi Tourism. This mangrove forest was deliberately created by the government to prevent abrasion of the increasingly widespread along the coast of Brebes.

Support facilities available in this forest is quite complete. Visitors can enjoy the area of ​​mangrove forest and the cultivation of marine life while walking on the tracks available and enjoy the rimbunnya mangrove trees. In addition, there is also a small boat or boat that can bring visitors to get around the beach area and menjelalajahi the beauty of this mangrove forest up close.

  1. Bukit Panenjoan

Bukit Panenjoan is located in the village of Wanoja, not far from the road of Windusakti-Capar village which is strategic and easy to reach. The charm that this hill offers is that visitors can watch the beautiful sunset panorama. There are also some supporting facilities such as lounge chairs to enjoy the beauty of nature, food stalls and substation view.

Many visitors love to take pictures on the viewing post which is also a mainstay spot from this Panenjoan Hill. Do not forget to queue to take turns with other visitors to be able to take pictures in this very interesting and beautiful spot yes. Guaranteed, the satisfaction gained when successfully perpetuating itself on a stretch of green landscape will be amazing. 

  1. Peak of Mount Lio

Mount Lio located on the border of Salem and Banjarharjo has its own charm for tourists. The campgrounds available in this mountain area are visited by people every day just to feel the sensation of camping in the open green and fresh. Especially on weekends, this place is certainly full of visitors coming from out of town.

In addition to feeling the coolness of the mountains, visitors can also while learning to understand the biodiversity in this mountain. If you are interested to try camping in this mountain area, be sure to follow the cleanliness and beauty of the mountain area by watching the garbage you produce in the appropriate place. Holiday is comfortable, the environment was kept awake.

  1. Curug Panyusuhan

One more curug owned by Brebes is Panyusuhan Waterfall. The location of this waterfall is in the upper river Cigunung precisely in the Village Tembongraja and Windusakti. Uniquely, this curug area not only has one curug but there are seven curugs that can be enjoyed by visitors.

The journey to the curug is quite challenging because of access that can not be reached by vehicle so that tourists must walk about 1.5 hours from the nearest village of Tembongraja Village. However, it is the sensation behind this challenging journey that makes a lot of tourists more and more days in droves come to this place. The natural scenery is still beautiful and not much touched by modernity makes this curug become a means of nature entertainment that is right for you who love the silence and closeness to nature and away from the hustle of bustle.

  1. Cipanas Buaran Hot Water Tour

In addition to the hot water bath Tirta Husada, Brebes has alternative hot water baths in Cipanas Buaran. Location of hot springs is in the Village Pengebatan Bantarkawung District. Its location is located in the pine hill area to make the natural scenery that is presented around this hot water bath is very beautiful.

The air was so cool that it adds to the enjoyment of visitors when soaking to enjoy the warm hot water is efficacious heal tired and various skin diseases. No wonder, this place is increasingly crowded from day to day by the visitors both from within the city and outside the area Brebes.

  1.  Lake Beko

One more charm Brebes tourism that has not been widely known. Yes, Lake Beko is located in the village of Margasari is quite unique because the origin of the formation comes from the bale machine type Beko abandoned by a project of a company.

A lot of galleries here and there make it slowly form a small lake that was not accidentally made. The exoticism of this lake makes many tourists now interested to visit this place to enjoy the fresh air and the expanse of white coral that surrounds the green lake water. Morning and evening is the most appropriate time to come to the lake is still free of charge.

So, there are many beautiful things to do in Brebes, Central Java Indonesia! Now, pick up your bag and get lost in Indonesia!

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