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All Beautiful Things to Do in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia

by ainida

Pati is a regency located in Central Java, Indonesia. Pati is not very popular city compared to big city such as Bandung, Surabaya, or Wonosobo where Dieng is located. However, Pati actually has a good potential to be developed into a good city for traveler.

You also can explore the beauty of Indonesia nature in Pati. Compared to big cities, Pati has relatively cheaper travel destination. So, if you want to explore and get unforgettable experiences while spending lower budget, you can try to come and visit Pati. Here are list of things you can do in Pati.

Waduk Gunung Rowo, Sitiluhur

Waduk (dam) Gunung Rowo is a natural travel destination located in Sitiluhur village, only around 16 kilometers from the city.

The dam located near foothills of Jolong Hills and Mount Muria, so you can also enjoy the scenery of the green hills. There are many trees around the dam.

You can also find people selling food and crafts, local people fishing, and facilities for children. To enter the dam, you don’t have to pay fot tickets. You can only have to pay for the parking ticket if you bring you own vehicle.

Waduk Seloromo, Gembong

Waduk Seloromo is also called Waduk Gembong because it is located in Gembong village.

The dam located near Mount Muria. The location that near the city make the area around the dam sometimes become place for camping. The facilities are also quite complete.

There are prayer room, toilets, parking lots, food stalls, etc. People usually come to enjoy the sceneries, especially for the sunset.

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Gua Pancur, Jimbaran Kayen

Pancur cave is an interesting cave to visit because it has a natural atmosphere and is suitable for people who like to explore. This cave is a wet cave. At the mouth of the cave the water level can reach the waist of an adult. If you enter the cave deeper, then the water level willdecreases.

At the end of the cave, there is a large enough room that contains many bats, so it is often referred as the bat palace. The presence of stalactites and stalagmites also adds the beauty of the cave. In Gua Pancur, there is a water source that is believed to be able to cure disease. Many people wash their face or body using the water. To enjoy the beauty of the cave, you only need to spend 3000 to 6000 rupiahs on parking fees. You may also visit Things to Do in Bandungan Central Java

Air Terjun Grenjengan Sewu, Jrahi

Air Terjun (waterfall) Grenjengan Sewu is located in Jrahi, only around one hour from the city. On the way, you can enjoy the sceneries of rivers, hills, and rice fields.

The waterfall is surrounded by big trees, so you won’t be disappointed with the scenery.

However, not many people know and the site haven’t been taken care properly as travel destination for tourist, so the access is not as smooth as it should be. You may also visit things to Do in Brebes

Air Terjun Tadah Hujan, Sukolilo

Air Terjun Tadah Hujan is a well-known waterfall destination, even though the condition is still not well maintained for tourists.

The waterfall is located in Sukolilo village. Water falling from a height of around 60 meters is collected in a pond.

Near the pond, there is a smaller pool that is usually used by people to bathe and swim. Around the waterfall there are various big trees so the environment is very cool and beautiful.

Pantai Banyutowo

Banyutowo Beach is the most beautiful beach in Pati Regency. Many visitors come to enjoy the beauty of the sea, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Visitors are even allowed to fish here. On the beach there is a long bridge that allows visitors to fish comfortably. Anyone can enter the beach area at any time freely.

After fishing, visitors usually grill the fish on the beach. The beautiful scenery makes the grilled fish taste even tastier. You may also visit Things to Do in Wonosobo

Juwana Water Fantasy

If you come to Pati with your family, Juwana Water Fantasy maybe can be the perfect destination for you and your family. Children will really love to visit this waterpark.

There are facilities for children playing such as paddle boat, mini rickshaw, outbound, ATV, flying fox, playground, and others. The waterpark opens every day from 8 am until 5 pm. The ticket price is different for weekdays and weekend. However, the price is quite cheap, not more than fifty thousand rupiahs. You can choose to buy tickets for water ride only or for water and land ride. 

Masjid Agung Baitunnur Pati (Grand Mosque of Pati)

For Moslems, to be able to pray in a beautiful mosque is very healing for the mind. The Grand Mosque of Pati located in the city, on the west side of Pati plaza (alun-alun Pati).

The grand mosque has a minimalist yet beautiful design and the interior is spacious and brightly colored.

Inside the mosque there is an ancient pulpit that is more than a hundred years old in age.

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Pintu Gerbang Majapahit

Pintu Gerbang Majapahit (Majapahit Gate) is a historical site of the Majapahit Kingdom which is located in Rendole village, Pati. This door is made from ancient teak wood and was made during the heyday of the Majapahit kingdom. You may also visit Things to Do in Purworejo

Eat traditional food

Visiting a place in Indonesia is not complete without trying the traditional culinary tours. Pati has a number of traditional specialties that you cannot miss. The most famous typical food from Pati is sego gandul or gandul rice. This food is in the form of white rice with coconut milk. It tastes sweet and savory.

The side dishes are pieces of meat, tripe, “bacem” or soysauced eggs, and tempeh which are fried crispy. To be more delicious, this food is served using plate and banana leaves. The typical food from Pati seems to contain a lot of savory coconut milk. Other delicious traditional food that you have to try are Sego Tewel, Petis Runting, Mangut Ndas Manyung, and others.

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