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15 Awesome Things To Do in Sukoharjo, Central Java

by Keziamarcellova

Sukoharjo, arguably one of the cities in central Java that has many potential tourist attractions that we can visit. In addition, this one city itself is not far from Tourist attractions in Solo. So, for the tourists who are interested to visit this one city is not too difficult because the access road that can be fairly easy from various directions.

The existence of many tourist attractions in Sukoharjo itself also increasingly makes Central Java is full of tourist objects that can spoil us as tourists. Variety of types of tours in this area are classified so much we can find various types of tourist attractions in this city.

Some of the tourist attractions that we can visit in this area are very much. However, this time we will discuss some examples of tourist locations are quite famous here.

There are many Breathtaking Places in Indonesia to See Before You Die. Thus, let’s see all the beautiful and natural things to do in Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia:

1. Alaska Waterworld
The tour is located in Polokarto Sukoharjo Central Java area itself is owned by an individual. Owners of this one business can be quite observant to see the situation in Polokarto which is practically quite barren and hot this. The state of nature possessed by

Polokarto is very suitable for the making of a tourist-based tourist attractions of water. the existence of this place is very liked by the people around this because this place itself is like a conditioning for themselves.

If we talk completeness can be split out this location has adequate completeness, although some facets still experience the development and expansion. For the facility itself here is quite very complete. completeness possessed by this tempt such as:

  • swimming pool
  • fishing pond
  • food court
  • slide
  • wildlife cultivation

2. Pandawa Water World
What’s more things to do in Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia. One more tourist spot in Sukoharjo that is water related. this one tourist place is located in Grogol Solo Baru area. This one location is very close to the Indonesian community, especially the Java community.

The concept brought by this place by carrying the name Pandawa make it fast popular and quickly become a prima donna for the surrounding community. Other than that this place itself also can be spelt out quite wide. as well as with various sculptures and reliefs are very thick with pandawa nuance, making visitors feel comfortable here.

If we talk about the facilities then do not doubt this one place. The location is wide enough to make this place has a variety of facilities, of course, that very interesting for us to enjoy.

Some examples of facilities they have such as,

  • Flow Pool
  • Action River
  • Bima Slide
  • Sight tower
  • Warm Spa
  • Black hole slides 

3. Royal Water Adventure
Sukoharjo has a lot of water attractions. One of the many sekina places is this one. Royal Water Adventure, a water resort that combines the concept of modernity that comes into contact with the concept of a family waterpark.

This place itself is in Telukan area, or more precisely located near Solo – Wonogiri line. The place is very strategies and very easy to visit and found, so no wonder if this location also became one of the tourist destinations to play with family.

Facilities owned by this place also can be quite good and varied. some facilities that we can find here like

  • flow pool
  • child playground
  • semi Olympic swimming pool
  • body slides

4. Colo Dam
Tourist destination or tourist location can come from anywhere, sometimes even can present an unhappy location. One location that can be considered very different from the others in this location. Dam or Colo dam actually serves to withstand the flow of water that is often used for irrigation in the fields.

However, it turns out that this dam itself has an excellent potential that is as a tourist attraction that has not been touched by the government. The dam itself is located in Nguter Sukoharjo area.

In recent times this location is often visited by many people because of their curiosity. If we go down the dam then we will see the rectangular concrete ranks below. This is what makes many people interested to come and feel or see for yourself the beauty of this dam. Usually, those who come aim to take a photo. Better to come to this location should see the time and coordinate with the officers for our safety as well.

Reservoirs or dams that become tourist attractions not only we find in this area only. Other cities also have similar tourist attractions, the closest is in the area Boyolali. we know Sidorejo Reservoir which has now become one of the tourist attractions in Boyolali. 

5. Petilasan Kraton Kartosuro
The tour has various forms and purposes. However, that certainly will bring happiness. Tourist sites in Sukoharjo this one can be spelt out somewhat different from the others. This one tourist location has a considerable historical value.

Petilasan Kraton Surakarta located in Ngadirejo area is not too much. Even to be spelt out to be a complex was not too able. The number of remnants of this Kraton itself has many missing or changed function into the residential population.

But we can still find the remains of a brick wall encircling the complex in the palace. If we want to explore the area around the complex we could have found some relics of the Palace that stood in the year 1680 and ended in 1742 this. At least we can still see that in this area there is one location that had become a centre of government in Java at that time.

6. Petilasan Kraton Pajang
One more tourist attraction in Sukoharjo which has a high historical value. Petilasan Kraton display that is still in the area Kartosuro. Here we can find various things related to Kraton Pajang which was founded in 1549 by Sultan Hadiwijaya or commonly called with Jaka Tingkir.

Pajang had become the centre of government in the Land of Java before finally decline and disappear from the royal arena in the land of Java.
If we come to this location then we will see a lot of things that closely related to the display or with Jaka Tingkir.

The object is either a painting or other objects that are considered to have a close relationship with Jaka Tingkir. While looking around we can talk to the Kuncen interpreter in the petilasan on the history of the shelf development from the beginning of its establishment until the end of its decline.

More Tourist Attractions Around Central Java

7. Gunung Sepikul
This one tourist location offers a stunning natural beauty in Sukoharjo area. a location in the form of 2 pieces of twin rocks that towering with this sturdy making a lot of people want to come to this one location.

To be called a mountain is less fit because the shape is more like a hill. This one tourist place is in Gentan, Sukoharjo. To reach this place is not too difficult because there are many accommodations that we can use to reach this one place.

This location is usually used as a destination by many young people to travel and most are those who like to do photographs in this area. This location is famous to have Spotted for the solo is very beautiful and interesting.

For those who like photography Teritama Landscape Photography, this location has a view that is very beautiful and fascinating. You’d better come to this place at dusk or early in the morning when the fog still has not disappeared too much. These two times are the perfect time to capture the moment in this area. 

More Attractions Around Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia

In addition, there are some beautiful things to do in Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia:

  1. Kora-kora tourism located in Purbayan Village, Baki-Sukoharjo District
  2. Pinang located in Jero, Jangglengan, Nguter, Sukoharjo
  3. Reservoir Mulur
  4. Umbul Pecinan Batu Seribu
  5. Langenharjo Warm Water Bath
  6. Petilasan Sultanate display at the address: Jl. Joko Tingkir, Gang Benowo II Sonojiwan RT 5 / RW 22 Tomb of Haji, Kartosuro, Sukoharjo.
  7. Tomb of Ki Ageng Sutowijoyo
  8. Tomb Ki Ageng Purwoto Sidik located in Dusun Sarean, Jatingarang, Weru Sukoharjo, Central Java

The number of tourist destinations in this city became Sukoharjo city itself became one of the Tourist Places in Central Java that must be visited. Well, that was some tourist attractions in Sukoharjo that we can go and visit. Maybe useful.

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