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Visiting The Historical Places in Yogyakarta

by Yoga Adi

Like we said in the previous, Yogyakarta has so many beautiful attractions that we can visit. The things like Alun-alun Yogyakarta, both of them, Keraton Yogyakarta, and some other places mentioned inside instagrammable spots in Yogyakarta are of course the best things ever. But, beside those spots, we can also do another type of travelling, which is historical trip.

Even though Yogyakarta is known for having a thick culture, this city also has some historical places that still firmly standing until now. Some of them are of course touched with the Javanese culture, making them look more authentic and special. All of them are of course included in our list of historical places in Yogyakarta, which also look as great as breathtaking photo spots in Yogyakarta. Check them out below :

1. Vredeburg Fort

Famous for its history, the Vrederbug Fort in the part of Malioboro street, Yogyakarta should be included in the historical places in Yogyakarta. Even though maybe it looks a bit scarier than hipster places in Yogyakarta, the place is always worth visiting, becuase there’s a something that you can learn from this Vrederburg Fort.

This Forst has the other name, Loji Gede, is actually the oldest Loji or fort in town. It’s included inside the area of 0 kilometer Yogyakarta, which is also quite popular as a fun spot in the city. This forst was firsly built in 1776, with the purpose of prying the Keraton activities. To enter this place that filled with history of colonialisation in Yogyakarta, you need to par for about Rp10.000,-

  • Location : Malioboro street
  • Tips : Taking pictures is okay in here

2. Kauman Great Mosque

The next one is actually a mosque that located in the heart of Yogyakarta city not far from the plazas, called Kauman Great Mosque. With its bold red colour on the roof, it’s really easy to notice this mosque. The place is mainly used for praying by the muslims and also place to rest, especially during the day when it’s pretty hot outside.

The Great Kauman Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Mosque was built by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I with Kyai Fatih Ibrahim Diponingrat. It’s a symbol of how great the Islamic Mataram Kingdom that was helping to spread the Islam religion to the people. It’s also considered to be the oldest mosque not only in Yogyakarta, but also Indonesia.

  • Location : near Yogakarta city plaza
  • Tips : Don’t forget to pray in the middle of your travel for more calm and less tiring journey

3. Dharma Wiratama Museum

History is related to museum, where all the thing related to certain histories are putted in some save cases. In Yogyakarta, there’s some notable museums that have different kinds of collections. The example is this one, a museum called Dharma Wiratama Museum, that also looks as good as things to do in museum Puri Lukisan. It’s a museum that show the greatness of Indonesian National Military-Land Service.

In here, you can some stuff that basically all boys love like tanks, cannons, weapons, armors, and many more. There’s even some kinds of samurai also displayed. Beside samurai, there’s also pistols, assault rifles, and other military weaponry. You can also take some selfies with Stuart Tank MK I and II and show your greatest pose when climbing on it. The museum has a charge for about Rp10.000,- per person. The price is really worth it, especially for people who love military stuff.

  • Location : Jen. Sudirman street number 75
  • Tips : Don’t forget to take some poses with the tanks !

4. Gedung Agung / Istana Negara

The next one is considered as one of historical places in Yogyakarta, undoubtedly true. But the thing is, this Gedung Agung or Istana Negara is a special place for government administrative purpose, so not all the tourists can enter except if they have special permit.

It’s tightly secured by the army on basically every side of the great house. So maybe if you’re really curious about it, taking some pictures from outside is okay. It was called as Istana Negara or National Palace, because in 1946, Yogyakarta was the capital city of Indonesia.

  • Location : Center of Yogyakarta city
  • Tips : You need a special premit to enter

5. Batik Museum

Of course when visiting Yogyakarta, we cannot be divided with its culture in any form. One of them is Batik, which is already known to the whole world as a national heritage of Indonesia. It should be interesting to visit a place that has much information about it.

Then come to Batik museum in Bausasran, Danurejan, Yogyakarta, where you can see many Batik displays. Beside a large collections of Batik, this place is also having some tools for making a batik like canting, colour paint, and parrafin. To enter, you need to pay for about Rp20.000,-.

  • Location : Bausasran, Danurejan
  • Tips : Buy some souvenirs is also recommended

6. The Monument of Yogyakarta

Next one on the historical places in Yogyakarta city, we want to take you to a famous monument called Monument Jogja Kembali. This Monjali, is becoming a symbol of the struggle of Indonesian army that once again taking over Yogyakarta city from collonialists.

After their success, the monument then built in June 29th 1985 with the traditional ceremony of putting the first stone by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and Sri Paduka Paku Alam VIII. Now, it’s becoming a gathering spot for either the people of Yogyakarta or the tourists. 

  • Location : Sariharjo, Ngaglik
  • Tips : You can visit it in the night for more beautiful view

7. Kotagede Tourism Area

Beside having a traditional handicraft like Batik, Yogyakarta city also known for having a great quality of silvercrafts that you can find in an area called Kotagede. Kotagede has a lot of history and references about the Islamic Mataram Kingdom.

Before populated, the area was once a forest. The forest then cutted down and converted by Ki Gede Pemanahan as a reward from Sultan Hadiwijaya. Along the time, the area becoming crowder, and thus the civilization of Kotagede firstly created. Surely, it should be visited like the other old towns in Yogyakarta.

  • Location : Kotagede, Yogyakarta
  • Tips : Don’t forget to bring the camera

Aside from some spots and musems mentioned above, we also want to introduce you to the other historical places in Yogyakarta on the list below :

  1. Museum of Struggle
  2. The Attack of 1st March Monument
  3. Imogiri Cemetery
  4. Sasmitaloka Museum
  5. Chinese Village of Ketandan
  6. Mudikismo Sugar Factory
  7. Taman Sari
  8. Kinahrejo Tourism Village
  9. Selarong Cave

That’s our topic for today, the historical places in Yogyakarta. When visiting them, make sure that you always  give some respect to the place by not doing littering, vandalism, or any bad actions that will create bad responses from the people around you.

Kotagede Yogyakarta

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