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15 Breathtaking Beaches in Flores Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

In this special weekend of year changing, better do some stuff more exciting, right? One alternative you can choose is to take some weekends in the Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. You can see in some references on the internet that Flores has so many beautifukl beaches, even more beautiful than those beaches in Kuta.

Those beaches are exclusively reserved for the interested tourists out there. So, if you feel interested, you should come visit them all if you want. Don’t worry about the cost though, they will not cost you much. Also, some of them are very well maintained, so you don’t even need to think about the condition of the beaches, they wil be comfortable and clean as they can be. Beside those other beautiful beaches in Sumatra, these wonderful beaches in Flores are also worth visiting. So, let’s straight to the beaches in Flores, shall we ?

1. Lewolein Beach

The first one we’re gonna talk about, is the beach in the area of Dikesare village, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This Lewolein beach is indeed very special, because it offeres the natiral beauty through the view of the mountains and also the crystal clear sea just like you can find in things to do in Senggigi beach Lombok.

Not only that, the supporting facilities in here can also make you feel much comfortable in here. Especially, when they start the sea foods in the evening. The taste of them are really good to enjoy while watching the sunset with your love ones.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp2.000 parking ticket
  • Opening Hours : Always opens

2. Koka Beach

What’s next beautiful beaches in Flores Indonesia? The next is Koka beach. This one is located in Sika, Wolowiro. Talking about the access, well, it’s actually pretty challenging. So, you should take some strong vehicles to conquer the road, leading to this magnificent beach. It’ll be worth the works, guaranteed.

So, this beach is parted in two sides, the left and the right. On the right side, you can see the high cliff there, so it must be agreat place to take some pictures, or to fly some drones if you have any to capture the best pictures there. But, the right side is not safe for swimming, because of those giant waves. So, if you want to enjoy yourself with swimming acticity, you can go to the left sied of the beach to calm yourself with the quiet and not-so-challenging waves.

  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket
  • Opening Hours : The beach is always opens

3. Maukaro Beach

The Maukaro beach is places on the third place. Located in the area with the same name, the beach is actually pretty famous in the eyes of Flores people because of its great condition that perfect for family vacation. So that’s why, usually the place is filled with so many people during the weekend.

The waves here are pretty calm, so they can be enjoyed by some people, all the family members can enjoy the sea safely. After swimming, you can chill your body a bit by eating some foods that sold on the beach side. Many vendors sell different items, so try them all!

  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket
  • Opening Hours : The beach is always opens

4. Mbuu Beach

Next, there’s Mbuu Beach. This Mbuu beach is located in the area of Ende, Flores. This beach is looks “ridicilous”. Yes, it’s somewhat different from other beaches we’ve seen in all the areas in Indonesia. So many people thought that many pictures in internet are fake, but the things is, they’re not.

Like the beach in the Waigeo island, this beach looks like something that exists in the magical world of fantasy and magic. Sometimes, in several certain times, you can see that the water itself perfected with the clouds on it. Also, there are also some green stones on there. The stones that have some green moss on them.

  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket
  • Opening Hours : The beach is always opens

5. Pink Beach

Maybe you’ve ever heard about this beach before because we already told you about this Pink beach in some previous articles before. But for you who dont know, this Pink beach is very unique. Also, it included as one of the 7 pink beaches in the world.

This beach is still in the area of the Komodo dragon conservation park. Because of that, the beach is very well maintained by the corresponding staff. So you don’t even need a second thought to come to this place.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp5.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Always opens 

6. Oa Beach

In the sixth place, the thing we’re gonna talk about is the Oa beach. Not `like the other beaches where people usually get in every once in a while, this Oa beach is very empty. Not so many people know about this beach yet, like the one in best beaches in Kalimantan.

But even though this place is not so famous as the place for doing some tourism activities, this beach is really suitable for the people who want to seek better peace for a perfect holiday. If you’re the one, you should come to this spot immediately before it’ll be filled with people anytime soon!

  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket
  • Opening Hours : The beach is always opens

Other beautiful beaches in Flores :

To get the full excitement, you can go to these beaches in Flores Indonesia too!

  1. Penggajawa Beach, the unique stony beach
  2. Waiara Beach, also known as Sa’o beach
  3. Kajuwulu Beach, great beach for photographers
  4. Watotena Beach, last but no least, here’s the one

That’s our list of beaches in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. All of them are undoubtedly beautiful, so if you happen to have that much time in this holiday to celebrate the end of the year, you should come to all of them to get all the fun experiences in there. Good luck, and have a great holiday!

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