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15 Best Fishing Spots in Indonesia #No.1 is Amazing

by Yoga Adi

Tonight, we’re here want to talk about some beautiful spots in Indonesia. No just the ordinary attractions like we always do, but we specified the lost into some useful guide for certain people, or maybe for you a who want to try something new. This time, we’re gonna tell you about some interesting places in Indonesia to do fishing. The area included on the list are spread all over the archipelago, from the East point to the West point in Indonesia.

Many islands also included on the list, beside the things to do in Alor Island .  The island here considered reasonably virgin. So many them are still very natural and have the most original ecosystem of all the islands. This is very important for fishers, because we’re gonna take the interesting fishes that can only be found on the natural sea ecosystem. All included in the list of best fishing spots in Indonesia. So, without further do, let’s start with the Weh Island on Aceh.

1. Weh Island

Beside the famous things to do in Banda Aceh, you can seek another adventure to the area of Weh Island in Sabang regency Aceh. The island already famous as the most west point of Indonesia. Also, the place is well known for fishers for its richness in variety of fish that can be found in there. You can find so many corals in here, you must search the area with the many corals around it to seek the best fishing spots in Indonesia, in this case around the Weh island.

The Weh island also a favorte one, because while having the many varieties of fishesfrom small ones to the gigantic ones, the place also serve yowith this amazing and spectacular view of the sea around it. The blue clear water is the perfect habitat for fishs likethe Giant Travely and Tuna. In the television you can take a look at many GTs being caought around in the island. Of course, you must release after you catch it.

  • Opening Hours : The island always open
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket (only cost for boat)

2. Mentawai

The next one is the Mentawai area of West Sumatra. You know Mentawai right? the place’s really famous for its beach and the scenic panorama around it. But beside those things, the other thing you can enjoy is the best spot for fishing that available in the deep sea of Mentawai area. First thing fist, you can rent a boat from the fisherman around if you lucky.Then your fishing journey will begin in a short time.

Actually the place is also famous by the well known television channel. One time they decided to challenge the “creatures” inside the torturing sea of Mentawai. Yep torturing, for the fishers. Because you will deal with he strong ones that will beat you in a second if your’e not strong enough. The things like Barracuda fish or Giant Travely can be found with much bigger size. So, best prepare your most and the best equipment for war!

  • Opening Hours : The island always open
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket (only cost for boat)

3. Riau Islands

You already know some of the good spots of Riau in beautiful things to do in Riau. Riau is indeed a great place for natural attractions, many of them can be found on the Riau islands with ease. And for the best fishing spots, you can take a tour around the islands with fishermen boats or maybe some more advanced boats. The sea is calm enough in the day, so you better go at that time precisely.

There are several islands you can go to like Mapur island, and also Tunjuk Island. The riau island is considered the heaven;y place for fish hunting, especially in those two islands. You ccan catch so many “beautiful” things in there, in the way you want them to be caught.

  • Opening Hours : The island always open
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket (only cost for boat)

4. Prajurit and Kandang Island

With many of their people working as fishermen, those two islands are considered the gem for fishing. Located on Lampung regency, those islands are still become the favorite places. You can start from the Bakahuni port, and then continue your journey with smaller boat.

Then you can pick for the first place you want to go to, either of Both has just the same fish types, like Mackerel or Giant Travely. Yep, you can find so many Giant Travely in the area. The people in here usually target the mackerel to be sold at the high price in the fish market. You can take the mackerels home by the way, there’s so many of them.

  • Opening Hours : Both island always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp50.000 to enter the island

5. Pelabuhan Ratu Coast

Beside the things to do in west java, there are many other areas that really good for you, for fishing of course. The Pelabuhan Ratu or the Queen Port is in the first place. This famous beach also has the special fishing spot beside the beauty of its beach and panorama.

Yep, a little bit far from the beach lips, you can see the fish gathering. That’s the good spot, that’s the best spot to do penetration. With a little patient, you can catch so many fishes with just hanging around in one spot. And, if you lucky enough.

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours a day
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

6. Gunung Kidul Beach Coast

Beside the coast of Pelabuhan Ratu, you can search another coast that has the great potential like the coast in Gunung Kidul Beach. Even though the place is mainly filled with usual tourists and surfers, you can seek the hidden spot beneath it to get the best place for fishing.

You can see many variants of fish that can be caught while hiding at their own houses, the corals. The corals here are pretty natural, and not damaged yet by the hand of humans. S by looking at the ecosystem we can conclude that this area is also really good to do fishing.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp15.000,- to enter the beach

7. Karimunjawa Island

Beside included as the best snorkeling spots in Indonesia, the famous Karimunjawa also included as the best fishing spots in Indonesia. Many people love the condition of the water, which is still fresh and also clean. That kind of water is also  fish favorite.

With some short time sailing, you can already see the small fishes that want to welcome you in the cold Karimunjawa sea. You can catch them too though, and use them as a snack if you want. Catching and cooking the small and common fishes aren’t prohibited, as long as you keep the sea clean from the trash you’ll made.

  • Opening Hours : The island always open
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket (only cost for boat)

8. Bali

Who knows that Bali island has a high potential as the best fishing spots. Many of us may know that the Bali island is the heavenly place for wonderful attractions and venues. But beside those, you can find many great fishing spots along its seas.

With the proper equipment and accommodation, you can enjoy your travel in Bali sea with full pleasure and comfort. Even though the weather is bad enough, you can still enjoy the richness of Bali sea by looking at the beautiful fishes that exist in there.

  • Opening Hours : The island always open
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket (only cost for boat)

9. Awang Bay

In West Nusa Tenggara, there’s this special bay that will provide you with interesting fishing location. The place also became the most potential, thanks to the fishes that can be caught in the area with ease. So that’s why, many people around Awang Bay are fishermen.

The place also considered as the fishing bay, resembling the high possibilities and chances it got. Awang Bay also famous for the fishermen around, as a place to gather foods for family dishes. Many men came to the bay just for catching fishes for their family.

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours a day
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

10. Banda and Halmahera Sea

The last on the list are the seas located on Maluku area of Indonesia, still virgin and clean. The seas also have the high potential as the best fishing spots, but in the depth of 500 meters under the sea. You maybe want to be careful of what creature you’re gonna catch on those deepest depth of the sea.

If you lucky enough, you can catch the fishes with the great size, for your best record. But if you’re not, you can hanging around still, enjoying the magnificent beauty of the seas, and maybe go swimming or snorkeling afterwards.

  • Opening Hours : There’s no opening hour
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket (only cost for boat)

Other Best Fishing Spots in Indonesia

  1. Flores and Suwu sea, the mysterious seas of the east
  2. Biaro Island, another exotic island filled with dozens of beautiful fishes
  3. Fak-fak sea, the famous sea of Kaimana regency
  4. Biak Island, the lonely island in Papua
  5. North Maluku Sea, the busiest place for fishes located around North Maluku.

Those are the the best venues or the best fishing spots in Indonesia that you can find so easily across this beautiful country. With some patiences and dedications, you can be there easily without any trouble. You can save more money in the start, and then keep saving until you can by the proper fishing equipments for yourself. And then the hunt begins.

Remember, if you happen to be around the South East Asia, be sure to check the Indonesian seas to get the most fun fishing experiences in here. Well, just don’t cross the regulations here, they’re pretty strict. So, enjoy your fishing in Indonesia, and have fun !

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