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15 Favorite Things to Do in Alor Island to Get Fun

by Yoga Adi

Hello again to you, all the good ol’ travelers around the world. Are you travelling to Indonesia? Want to try some exciting spots? Then let me take you to this exotic and yet quiet island of Alor. Alor island is located in the East Nusa Tenggara, near the Timor Leste country and all other islands around it.

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Now, as a prove to you, here’s the list of things to do in Alor Island East Nusa Tenggara for you. Maybe the list can change your mind about this island. Okay, these are the places that you can find in this beautiful island. Remember, the attractions in here will charge you with the most cheap cost so you don’t need to worry about your budgeting. Holiday in Alor Island might be the best decision after all.

1. Ling AI Beach

Located on the West side of the island, The Ling Al beach is maybe the most spotable place in the whole island. Yep, you can see it directly from the google maps. This beach is indeed exists as a gem fro the island. Many tourists came here because it’s said that the beach is the most beautiful beach in the whole islands in East Nusa Tenggara province.

Now, if you’re not gonna believe us, you may want to check the beach by yourself. This recommended beach is really beautiful in the terms of facilities and also the natural things. That’s why the beach is really succesful in attracting the nw and old tourists to come back here again in another occasion

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket :  Rp15.000,-

2. Alami Alor Dive Resort

The next one is the Alami Alor Dive in Wolwal village which is to be said as the best diving school in the island. You can try one or two sessions for proving. Having some diving in the spectacular, exotic, and exclusive diving spots that can be “obtained” via the friendly crews in here.

So, you’ll have to get here if you’r into diving or something. Because beside giving the service to tell you the exact spots of those wonderful diving spots, they’ll gladly rent you the diving equipment which already certified. Want to try some?

  • Opening Hours : Opens in work days ( usually Monday to Friday from 7 am – 5 pm)
  • Entry Ticket : To enter, you need no ticket or anything

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3. Kapas Island

The interesting things about the Alor island are not only the attractions provided for us, but we can also do an activity which is interesting enough to do called “Island Jumping”. You will jumping out of one island to another. Metaphorically speaking.

One of the islands you can jump in is this Kapas island which is located on the center area of Alor island. The island’s size is way more smaller than the Alor. But don’t worry, you’ll find some interesting stuff in there, ready to be found by your travelers. Well, there are just many things to do in Alor Island Indonesia.

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

4. Dola Koya Koya

The next is Dola Koya Koya, located on the East side of Alor island. This part of the island is actually quite beautiful to watch. The view like this is very rare to be found in our daily busy activities. So, the Dola Koya Koya might be the best choice a refresher for you.

Even though the place looks very simple, without any supporting facility on it, but this beautiful simplicity is the main point for why you came here. Thanks to that, you can enjoy the God creation with the most suitable condition.

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

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5. Batu Putih Beach

Maybe this kind of beach is not the beach you can see everyday. Well, the beach was formed in this kind of small white rocks spread all across it. They look really beautiful though, especially when the corals come around.

To get here, you need to take your transportation to the North Side of the island. There you can find the beach on the tip of it. You can see the glittering view of the rocky beach from afar. Then, you can finally arrive and enjoy all of it with happiness and peace till your heart’s content.

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

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6. Sakura Kalabahi Beach

The sixth location is this beach that has the name of Sakura Kalabahi, located on the north west side of the island. Even though it has the word “Sakura” on it, sadly you can’t find any of those in here. They grow on Japan, not here. But don’t worry about anything else, the beach will provide you with something interesting.

The location is very strategic, you can find many restaurants and hotels near the beach. So you shouldn’t be worry about the needs, you can fulfill them well while on the beach area. So, enjoy the Sakura Kalabahi beach !

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

7. Kalabihi Small Park

The next one is this small park which is located only few meters from the beach. The name is Kalabihi Small Park, located in the heart of the Kalabihi town. Many people used the park as a place to do some events, whether cultural or some other activities.

In the night time, many people will use the spot as the gathering place for thei relatives and friends. This is the place for “nongkrong” or hanging out. Eating some peanuts and siiping the coffe with friends is like the best thing in holiday.

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

8. Reclamation (reklamasi) Beach

The next one is the Reclamation beach in the east side of Kalabihi town. Maybe, the name implies the things that happened in past history of Indonesia. The name reclamation make this beach looks like a historical places.

Wether is true or not, you can enjoy the beach freely. The beach and the view in here isso amazing, especially when the boats come around. Then, the view of the boats combined with the fast tree is really a good one.

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

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9. Immanuel Volboa Church

In the 9th place we have this church in Dulolong called Immanuel Volvoa church. This one church has this high wall architecture with the green colors, may confuse you as a school. The building is really wide you see, spreading from one spot to another for about 20 – 50 meters.

In the Sunday you can see the Sunday school in here. You can either talking to the kids, and maybe do playing for a bit with them. Beside that, you can also learn some interesting history of the place. Of course, by asking the people that have responsibility to maintain the church.

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

10. Nuhakepa Island

In the last place, we’re gonna tell you about another island to jump. This one, named Nuhakepa island. In this island, there are many interesting places to visit. First, the resorts that have this beautiful design of the exterior and interior.

The second one is the beach you can find in the island. The Nuhakepa island is pretty small, so it wouldn’t be so hard to find an attraction and go to the next one after that. Then, est to preapre your stamina, because there so much things waiting to be enjoyed!

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket ( only accommodation costs)

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Other Attractions in Alor Island East Nusa Tenggara

The other 5 places to go in the list of things to do in Alor Island East Nusa Tenggara are :

  1. Air Dive Alor, great and friendly dive community
  2. Marangki Kepa, exclusive bungalows located on Nuhakepa Island
  3. Bungabali Kingodm Castle, heritage of Bungabali kingdom that still exists
  4. Alor Beach Front Bungalows, exciting and calming feels at the same spot
  5. Kadelang, fantastically unique beach in Mutiara beach

Then Batu Putih Beach covers the list of things to do in Alor Island East Nusa Tenggara. There you’ll find the island is actually a fun, exciting, and also budget free. Even though you’ll need the money for going to the island, but after you arrive you can see by yourself how cheap the attractions in there. Even some of them are free. Then, the Alor island is a great island to visit in this beautiful holiday. It’ll be a very great experience. Enjoy!

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