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19 Top Things To Do in Labuan Bajo Indonesia

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This small fisherman town known as Labuan Bajo in the westernmost of Flores Island has now become a bustling town where tourists from all over the world converged due to its popularity as a launching point or starting point for those who planned a trip to Komodo Island. Despite the fact that the town itself has little to offer to visitors and tourists alike other than that, there is lots of interesting attraction destination located nearby. These attractions include the diving and snorkeling spots in the islands nearby, thousands of bats in the Kalong Island, trekking and hiking routes along the mountainous trail, several waterfalls, and lovely beaches. All of these attractions are located within less than an hour trip from Labuan Bajo.

Where Is It Labuan Bajo?

Labuan Bajo is located on the westernmost tip of the western coast of Flores Island, which is part of the Eastern Nusa Tenggara province.  It is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, an archipelago that comprises of the provinces of Bali, Eastern Nusa Tenggara, Western Nusa Tenggara, and some parts of the Maluku province.

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Fun and Attractive Labuan Bajo Attractions

There might be not too many interesting things to do in the Labuan Bajo town, but there are definitely lots of interesting things to do in places around the Labuan Bajo. We have compiled a list of several activities that might interest you during your stay in Labuan Bajo. Without any further ado, here goes:

[toggle title=”1. Scuba Dive and Snorkel” state=”opened”]

As there are a lot of amazing diving spot around Labuan Bajo, scuba diving and snorkeling is obviously the most prominent thing to do here. If you are fortunate enough, you can even swim side by side with dolphins or even whale. Due to the richness of its underwater world, the waters around Labuan Bajo is also appointed as the second best diving sites in the world, after Raja Ampat, according to CNN International 2015. Some world class diving sites like Toko Toko, Crystal Rock, and Manta Point are ready to satisfy your hunger for spectacular oceanic adventure.

[toggle title=”2. Swimming with Reef Manta at Manta Point“]

Manta Point Komodo is one of many incredible diving spots hunted by travelers from different parts of the world. Having a close contact and swim while touching the animal will obviously give us pleasing sensation and experience. The strategic location of Manta Point between the Indian Ocean and Southern Pacific Ocean makes it an ideal place for Manta Ray cleaning and feeding. These wonderful and alluring underwater giants are naturally curious, friendly, and smart. If you are lucky, some of the Manta will even try to approach you, but you will already have been thrilled even when you are only watching the manta rays swim from afar or swim circling above you.

[toggle title=”3. Take a Swim at Cunca Wulang Canyon and Waterfall“]

Nestled in the middle of lush and green tropical rainforest, Cunca Wulang has won the hearts of its visitors, especially the nature lover community. This perfect destination for outdoor activity does not only offer you with canyons, waterfalls, and fresh water pool, but also a good hike surrounded by paddy fields, vanilla, cacao, and coffee along the trail. After having a challenging expedition through the forest, canyoning the river, and climbing some steep hikes, Cunca Wulang will reward you with the impressive waterfall and refreshing water pools for you take a dip or swim.


Komodo National Park Tour

Labuan Bajo is popularly known as the entry point to the neighboring Komodo National Park. As such, taking a tour to visit the park and observe the famed Komodo Dragons from up-close in their natural habitat is certainly a great idea. Indeed, there are many things to do in Labuan Bajo Indonesia.

[toggle title=”4. Komodo Island” state=”opened”]

As the natural habitat of the largest lizard in the world, Komodo Island has been known worldwide. This island has been appointed as Komodo National Park alongside its neighbors, Rinca Island and Padar Island, together with the other smaller islands. Aside from the gigantic lizards, Komodo Island is also known to possess enchanting beaches and coral reefs, which become a true magnet for travelers around the globe.

[toggle title=”5. Rinca Island“]

Somehow this island managed to gain more fame compared to its neighbor, Komodo Island. This fame is partly due to the island’s landscape of savannah and tropical forest that allow the visitors to undergo a spectacular journey while observing the lizards from up close. Besides, the chance of meeting the lizards is also higher than in Komodo Island. Rinca island provides more facilities for tourist as well.

[toggle title=”6. Padar Island“]

Padar Island is often called as a paradise for photographers since its beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain allow them to catch spectacular shots of seven beaches from above. It is dubbed by many as the customary spot to visit on this island. However, this island was once also a home for komodo dragons, but this has changed drastically since the food was scarce and also because of illegal hunting.


Labuan Bajo Island Hopping

As there are lots of islands scattered around Labuan Bajo, tourists often participate in an interesting activity called the Island Hopping. It is a trip consisting of several islands done in a relatively short time, e.g. 1 day or less, to experience the best of each island as many as possible in the shortest time possible. Here are some of the best islands that you can visit and more things to do in Labuan Bajo Indonesia.

[toggle title=”7. Kalong Island” state=”opened”]

Kalong island is one of many islands that has a special privilege to be the habitat of thousands of bats who live there. This place soon becomes a tourist favorite destination, where people get to witness the colonies of bats flying from their nest every twilight, from the boat on the edge of the island.

[toggle title=”8. Kanawa Island“]

This small enchanting island in East Nusa Tenggara features its tranquil natural environments, compelling white sandy beach, and radiant seawater as the habitat for hundreds of exquisite marine biota. This place also provides many romantic minimalist cottages and Italian cafes and restaurants (since the island is owned by an Italian). Located about 10 km from Labuan Bajo, this island is perfect to relax, sunbathe, or to snorkel and dive.

[toggle title=”9. Pink Beach“]

In accordance with its name, “Pink Beach” is a is a unique beach that has beautiful pink sand. Pink Beach is one of the only 7 pink beaches recognized by the world. In addition to its unique and excellent beach conditions, Pink Beach also offer you sights of an underwater park, home to various species of fish, hundreds of species of coral reefs, and various species of other marine life. Therefore, snorkeling or diving is an activity that certainly cannot be missed.

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[toggle title=”10. Kelor Island“]

This uninhabited island is noted for its fine sandy beach, crystal clear water, and its galore marine biodiversity. Kelor island has become one of the many favorite spots for snorkeling or just to have a good relax on its quiet beach. The tides of the sea are quite calm so it is also a perfect site to perform a free dive.

[toggle title=”11. Namo Pink Beach“]

Namo Pink Beach is the other pink beach newly discovered in Labuan Bajo. Even though this is not yet widely known like its sister, the Pink Beach, the amenities of Namo Pink Beach are not less appealing compared to those in Pink Beach. The pink sandy beach itself is redder than the sandy beach in Pink Beach, causing some visitors to call it the Real Pink Beach. The water ecosystem here is also still very healthy and natural, away from the hands of many ignorant travelers. Nonetheless, it seems like the local government hasn’t really taken a serious step to developing this beach as a tourist destination.


12. Wae Rebo Village

This beautiful and jaw-dropping authentic village is often called as the Village Above Clouds due to its location on the high plateau of Flores and the white thin fog covering the village. Renowned for its Mbaru Niang, the only traditional houses left in Flores, this houses with uniquely thatched roofs were given an appreciation by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of the Flores people. The isolated natural beauty of hills with green tropical forest clothed by fog that often at times was cut by the cold yet slow breeze, showing the seven mighty Mbaru Niang, is such a luxury to behold.

Aside from the serene and fantastic scenery, the local wisdom of the native society that strongly depends on nature is also making this village attractive in many ways. Arabica Coffee and Cura Fabric produced by the villagers are also what make this village distinguished from the others. Visitors could opt to stay in this village to experience and learn the local culture and daily life directly. Just make sure you bring proper attire because the climate around this village can be quite cold. The villagers provide blankets to cope with the cold mountain air, but sometimes you’re gonna need more than that so it is better to be prepared.

13. Rangko Cave

Located in Rangko Village, Gusung Island, this cave will be a place worthy to visit in Labuan Bajo. It is best to visit the cave at noon so you can witness the sunlight beaming in from the holes in the ceilings. This cave that provides you a combination of lovely scenery and exciting adventure is also called as Secret Cave due to its secluded location in the midst of the sea. As you enter the cave you will notice many stalactites and stalagmites as well as the tempting 3-4 meters deep natural saltwater pool with an excellent level of clarity. Truly a wonderful sight to behold and an unforgettable experience.

14. Visit the Fish Market

Since Labuan Bajo is a harbor city, one can almost expect it to have a fish market, which is not a strange thing. Just like any other fish market in every harbor cities, the fish market is open early in the morning and closed during the day, but open again at night. Choose either raw or cooked, the fish market offers you with a wide selection of freshly caught seafood while you are strolling around the stalls with greed. There are also plenty of modest restaurants along the way, offering you local delicacies such as the notorious sweet and sour fish soup.

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Where to Stay in Labuan Bajo?

As this fantastic getaway is getting more and more packed with visitors these days, more and more guesthouses and hotels are also mushrooming here in Labuan Bajo. Various unique, comfortable, and modest until luxurious places to stay are ready to serve you during your precious time in Labuan Bajo. We have compiled several of the most popular places to stay in Labuan Bajo below.

[toggle title=”15. Puri Sari Beach Hotel” state=”opened”]

Located in the Pantai Pede Road, this resort hotel offers cozy rooms with a scenic beach view and spacious bathroom. The resort is quite secluded from the town, making it ideal for those who want to rest and relax without any interference and buzz from the bustling urban inhabitants. The price for a one night stay at this hotel ranges from Rp. 650.000,00 to Rp. 700.000,00++.

[toggle title=”16. Golo Hilltop Hotel & Resort“]

What really makes this resort different from other resort and hotels around Labuan Bajo is their extremely beautiful view. You can see the neighboring islands from your room, and the equipment and amenities are excellent. The price is also more competitive, they offer prices as low as Rp. 550.000,00++ per night for their clean and comfy rooms.

[toggle title=”17. Laprima Hotel“]

Another hotel in Labuan Bajo with an impressive view, Laprima Hotel offers a nice spot to observe the sunset and sunrise from their docks. It is a little bit pricey compared to the other accommodation options, with around Rp. 700.000,00++ per night, and the rooms are rather old but they are very spacious. The service is pretty fast and friendly, and the facilities are quite decent with the exception of the swimming pool.

[toggle title=”18. The Jayakarta Suites Komodo-Flores“]

If you are not budget-restrained, you might want to try to spend the night in this lovely and pricey high-end hotel. Although the cost per night is quite steep at about Rp. 900.000,00++, what you are about to get is worth every penny you pay. With a friendly staff and nice facilities, this hotel is definitely one of the most luxurious Labuan Bajo has to offer.

[toggle title=”19. La Belle Etoile“]

Located quite far from the Labuan Bajo town, this hotel has nearly everything a tourist needs. Large and spacious rooms with clean amenities and decorations. Good breakfast and neat hotel facilities. Affordable price with around Rp. 600.000,00++ per night. The only downside is the remote location, which is not really a problem especially if you are looking for a quiet and tranquil place to stay.


How To Get There?

There are several route options in getting into Labuan Bajo. Since it was on the island of Flores, visitors from another island might want to choose traveling by plane as it was the most time-efficient. However, if you are already in neighboring islands such as Bali or Lombok, a sea route might be a cheaper option and cost-effective. Of course, if you are already traveling within the Flores Island itself, a land route is the most cost-effective and time-efficient. However, if you’re from outside the Flores Island, the land route is the most time-consuming and cost-ineffective method as it requires you to transit and change routes multiple times.

1. By Air 

As the airport in Labuan Bajo had undergone a major renovation in 2014 and changes its name to the Komodo Airport, lots of direct flights from Denpasar are available. Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia Air Transport, Merpati Air, TransNusa, and Wings Air (Lionair) provides all flights in and out of this airport daily.  It is located only about 2 km from Labuan Bajo. International flights are not available here in Komodo Airport. The easiest way to reach Labuan Bajo is by flying directly to Labuan Bajo from several cities in Indonesia, such as Denpasar, Mataram, Ende, and Kupang. Labuan Bajo is also connected with many other cities in Indonesia with connecting flights. You can open the website to get more detailed information.

2. By Land

Since Labuan Bajo are surrounded by a small constellation of islands, it will be quite impossible to rely only on land transportations to get there. Labuan Bajo is accessible by a combination of overland and sea travel from Bali through Lombok and Sumbawa. This alternative is the least convenient from the three and it will require quite a long time and a careful planning. Or else, it will be very costly and exhausting.

It is most convenient to get to Lombok from Bali and continue with a long overland adventure to Bima, Sumbawa by a public bus. Afterward, you can cross Sumbawa to reach Flores either by resuming the trip to Sape by bus and take a ferry to Labuan Bajo.

3. By Sea

PELNI, a national ship passenger service is available three times a month from Benoa, Bali to Labuan Bajo. Although you may spend about 36 hours on a boat, this ship will provide you with one of a kind experience.

Aside from PELNI, boat trips between Flores and Lombok are also preferable options frequently chosen by tourists. Many of them have a real good time during a week or longer stay on one of these boats. Of course, you should choose the package wisely to get to the best spots in perfect timing. Indeed, there are many things to do in Labuan Bajo Indonesia and you may invite your lovers to have a great wild journey here.

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