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12 Top Things to Do in Tanjung Pinang Bintan Indonesia – Natural Islands & Attractions

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tanjung pinangIndonesia is an archipelago nation that consisted of many islands and archipelagos. There are at least 3 larger archipelagos, namely the Riau Islands that lies between the island of Sumatera and the Malaysan Peninsula, the Lesser Sunda Islands to the east of the island of Java and the Maluku Islands that lies between the island of Sulawesi and the island of Papua. There are also other groups of islands that are smaller that lies between Indonesian main islands.

Riau Islands is a group of islands located off the coast of Sumatera, one of Indonesia’s 5 main islands. The group of islands is also a province by itself, with its capital city, Tanjung Pinang that is located on the south of the island of Bintan.

Tanjung Pinang is the second largest city of the Riau Islands province of Indonesia after Batam. The residents of the city are roughly 200,000. The city is also a trading port between the islands in Riau Archipelago. The city of Tanjug Pinang is strategically located, making it to be known since a long time ago as a center of Malay culture and trade traffic.

The city of Tanjung Pinang therefore is a place that has changed dynamically since a long time ago. The city was historically the capital of the Riau Lingga Sultanate, after the independence of Indonesia, the city once served as the provincial capital of the Indonesian province of Riau. Later as the province of Riau is divided into Riau and Riau Islands province, the city one again become the capital of Riau Islands to these days. It is also said that the precursor of modern Indonesian language, the Malay language was being established in Tanjung Pinang. Aside from that, Tanjung Pinang also has various interesting tourist objects that attracts many visitors to come to Tanjung Pinang. What are these tourist objects? Let us see them together!

You also visit:

1. Trikora Beach

pantai trikoraThis beach is a very popular destination in Riau Islands. The beach is about 45 km from the city of Tanjung Pinang. The trip to the beach will take you about 1 and a half hour drive.

Trikora Beach has a characteristic that is similar to beaches in Belitung Islands. In this beach you can see cluster of granite rocks that make the beach look even prettier. This is a long sandy beach that is lined with white sand and crystal clear water. Along side the beach you can see many huts and gazebos of various sizes that are for rent, so you can have a rest in the shade as you enjoy the scenery. Things to do in Tanjung Pinang Indonesia for your best attractions.

2. Bintan Blue Lake

bintan blue lakeTanjung Pinang Bintan Indonesia points of interest, this manmade lake was originally formed in a sand quarry. The water in this lake is azure blue, similar to Kaolin Lake in Bangka and Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Bintan Blue Lake or more popularly known as Danau Biru Bintan can be reached by car or motorbike ride, both will take about 20 to 30 minutes of time.

Although there are many tourists that come to this place, but there is no ticket office and you can enter freely. The area around the lake itself is still an active sand quarry. Also visit: Things to do in Bintan Island

3. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Temple

ksitigarbha bodhisattva templeIf you are coming to the city of Tanjung Pinang, then you should definitely spare some time to visit this Chinese Buddhist temple, despite of your faith. The temple is built in a classical Chinese architecture and houses many statues. There are about 500 statues in this temple with sizes range from 1.7 meter to 2 meters. Each of the statues depicted one of the many Buddha’s disciples. You can even find out about the name of each statues from the name plaques that are carved under the statues.

The temple will definitely give you the nuance of being in China. This temple is located very nearby to the Raja Ali Haji airport, the airport of Tanjung Pinang. The traveling time from the airport to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva temple is about 10 minutes by car.

4. Penyengat Island

penyengat islandPenyengat Island has long been considered as the birth place of Malay language and culture. This tiny island is about 2 km in length and 850 meters in width. Penyengat Island is located about 2 km from downtown Tanjung Pinang. On the island, you will be able to find many buildings and artifacts from Johor sultanate, Pahang sultanate, Siak sultanate, Lingga sultanate as well as the Kingdom of Riau itself. Hence, Penyengat island has been registered to UNESCO the be made as a World Heritage site. The crossing from Tanjung Pinang to Penyengat Island will take only about 15 minutes by speed boat.

5. Treasure Bay Bintan

treasure bay bintanAs it name suggest, treasure bay is truly a treasure. It is not just a resort complex. The size of this complex makes we think it is more appropriate to call it a resort city. Treasure bay has various luxurious facilities that will give you a memorable holiday experience.

Inside Treasure Bay you can find the Canopy, which will provide you with a camping experience, but you can still enjoy the comfort and luxury like in a 5 stars resort. This is an activity that is nowadays popularly called glamping or glamorous camping. The Canopy has 41 tents which are surrounded by many greeneries and a view of the mangrove forest and sea in the distance. All the tents are equipped with air conditioning, bed complete with mosquito nets, outdoor whirlpool tub and WiFi connection. To stay in the Canopy, you will have to pay around IDR 1.9 million a night for each tent.

Additionally, here in Treasure Bay you will also find Crystal Lagoon. Crystal Lagoon is claimed to be the first man made sea water lagoon in South East Asia. This lagoon presents an epic landscape with its azure blue water and soft sandy beach. The size of the lagoon itself is equal to 50 Olympic size swimming pools. Entrance to the lagoon is IDR 110,000 per person.

For all of you who are a water sports lover, than you will surely love Bintan Wake Park. The Bintan Wake Park provides wake-boarding facilities, which combines skateboard and surfing. If wakeboarding is not your cup of tea then there are plenty of other alternative activities you can choose from like hovering above the water using jetovator or ride an underwater scooter.

[toggle title=”6. Busung Desert” state=”opened”]

busung desertThe vastness of Indonesia means that it has a diverse terrain and landscape. While majority of Indonesia is covered by tropical rain forests, there are some other landscapes that you can find like Busung desert. This desert was previously a bauxite mine. Nowadays, there are no longer any mining activities in the area and it becomes a unique stretch of sand that will make you feel like you are in Africa or the Middle East. This desert is right on the roadside of Busung Highway and it is quite easy to reach. However, since there is no public transportation that pass Busung Highway, the only way for you to come here is by renting a car.

[toggle title=”7. MV Doulos Phos“]

MV Doulos PhosThis old ship can be found in the port of Bandar Bentan Telani. According to Guiness Book of Records, this vessel is the oldest passanger ship in the world. Originally built in 1914, 2 years after the Titanic, this vessel was originally named SS Medina. The name was officially changed to MV Doulos Phos in 1977. The ship has been renamed Doulos Phos the Hotel in February 2016 and is planned to be turned into a five star hotel with 100 guests rooms. It is currently sitting in Bintan ferry port and would provide an awesome background to take pictures.

[toggle title=”8. Mysterious Igloos“]

bintan igloosYou must be curious if we mentioned about igloos in Bintan Island. Howm can there be igloos in tropical country like Indonesia. Well these igloos are made from bricks. These igloos are originally furnace used by Suku Laut people to burn mangrove trees into charcoal. However, since these activities has been prohibited by the government, the furnaces has been abandoned. Nowadays, these dome shaped buildings become somewhat of a tourist attraction in Bintan. Things to do in Tanjung Pinang Bintan Indonesia.

[toggle title=”9. Mount Bintan“]

mount bintanBintan does not only have beautiful beaches. Here in Mount Bintan, you will be astonished by the beautiful scenery. From the peak of the mountain that is located about 340 meters above the sea level you will be able to see every corner of the island. The mountain slopes are not very very steep and will take you only about 2 hours of trekking to reach the top to be able to have a magnificent view of Bintan Island. Along the way to the top you will be able to see various animals and also a waterfall.

[toggle title=”10. White Sands Island“]

white sands islandThings to do in Tanjung Pinang Indonesia? Are you interested to enjoy your holiday on a secluded tropical island paradise? White Sands Island is not your usual resort. It offers you a unique tropical holiday experience on a private island. Here you as uests will be able to snorkel and enjoy the underwater beauty , kayaking around the island or camping underneath the stars.

White Sands Island can be reached by the pier that is located on Trikora Km 38. The pier itself is about 45 minutes drive from Tanjung Pinang. From the pier it will take about another 15 minutes ride on a boat to reach White Sands Island. The entry to White Sands Island will cost about IDR 117,000 per person.

[toggle title=”11. Ria Bintan Golf Club“]

ria bintan golf clubOne of the oldest and most phenomenal golf clubs, Ria Bintan offers you a unique experience of having a game of golf with the background view of the ocean. Ria Bintan Golf Club is located right at the seaside with a magnificent view of the ocean and surrounded by many types of greenery. This 18 holes golf course is also equipped with a driving range for you to practice before you hit the green, things to do in Tanjung Pinang Indonesia.


With so many attractions to offers, Tanjung Pinang is definitely one of the city in Indonesia that really worth your consideration to become your next holiday destination. A trip to Tanjung Pinang will surely offers you a memorable tropical vacation. So wait no further and lets hang out in Tanjung Pianng.

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