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7 Lovely Beaches in Riau Islands You Should Visit During Summer Holiday

by Yoga Adi

Indonesia has the total number of 34 different provinces. From the seven different locations everywhere, each one of them has more than one province.

The East big island in Indonesia for example, Sumatra, has a total 9 provinces including the newest one, Riau. This province alone is located right on the middle of the island and near to the neighbor country, Singapore.

As you may know, Riau can be a choice for a great tropical vacation. Since it has a lot of things to do like the stress-relieving things to do in Riau islands, you may have dozens of attraction choices.

This time, we’re gonna take a look at the beaches around Riau islands that can be said to be the gems of Sumatra. Want to know further? Let’s see each of them right on below.

Beaches in Riau islands

1. Sisi Beach

Sisi Beach

·      Location : Serasan, Natuna, Riau islands

·      Ticket Fee : Free

The first one on the list is the Sisi beach. The beach itself is located on an area named Natuna, which is one sourceful area of maritimal products, especially for the tradable fishes. However, aside from holding the richness of the sea fauna, the place also became one of the beautiful things to do in Riau islands.

The reason is, this 7 km long beach has a magical view of the sea. As you may expect from the tropical seas, it has the beautiful gradation color that is really visible. You can see the colors changing from green to blue. All of it looks crystal clear, and makes anyone who sees it swim in, exploring the depth of the beauty.

2. Lagoi Beach

Lagoi beach

·      Location : Sebong Bay, Bintan, Riau islands

·      Ticket Fee : Rp5.000,- per car

The next location is Lagoi beach, which is located on a very famous island called Bintan. For you who don’t know, Bintan is one of the most popular islands around Riau.

The island itself was built in order to accommodate the tourists both from the domestic areas or International. No wonder you can find so many things in here.

Lagoi beach is located inside the Bintan island area. So you may expect some supporting facilities like hotels, villas, restaurants, and many other fancy things.

You can even enjoy the spa, swimming in the pools, or playing golf. It’s a complete package for refreshing since it has basically everything.

3. Nongsa Beach

Nongsa Beach

·      Location : Nongsa, Batam, Riau islands

·      Ticket Fee : Rp9.500,-

 If you live or maybe familiar around Batam area, you may know the one beach called Nongsa. Nongsa beach is located just on the Southside of Singapoeran beach.

There you can see what it looks like. Not only treated to be a beautiful place of Batam with its blue sea and white sand, you may also expect the other things here.

Becoming a beach that also looks as beautiful as the beautiful beaches of North Maluku, Nongsa can give you a glimpse of what the city of Singapore looks like. During the night, you can see the city lights clearly from the beach, since the location is not that far.

4. Batu Kasah Beach

Batu Kasah Beach

·      Location : South Bunguran, Natuna, Riau islands

·      Ticket Fee : Rp2.000,-

Looking for a simpler and effective location for a honeymoon? Then the correct answer is Batu Kasah Beach. The beach is a simply looking beach with all the calmness and natural beauty.

There’s coconut trees everywhere, the sand is white and soft, and the sea looks really healthy. A perfect package for honeymooners.

You may also notice the existence of some granites on the beach, from the smaller ones to the big ones. They could be great objects for photography as well.

5. Padang Melang Beach

Padang Malang Beach

·      Location : Anambas islands, Riau islands

·      Ticket Fee : Free to enter (expect for the travel ticket, which is about Rp300.000,- to Rp1.000.000,-)

As one of the beautiful places to explore in Natuna islands, we couldn’t miss this one. The name is Padang Melang beach, located inside the area of Anambas islands, which also included inside the wide Riau islands area. Padang Melang is the kind of beach with a lot of vegetation, especially the tropical ones.

As far as the eye can see, there’s always coconut trees. The beach is almost filled with coconut trees, that filling some meters behind the water surface. The sand is wider compared to the other beaches in Riau, and it’s a really nice place to play some sports like volley for example.

6. Pelawan Beach

Palawan Beach

·      Location : Karimun, Riau islands

·      Ticket Fee : Free

Just like the Bintan island, Karimun is also a complete set island with all supporting things. The visitors could be spoiled when visiting the island, especially they also could enjoy the Pelawan beach as well. The beach looks so special because the mangroves that planted near it.

You can see how they are plus the beautiful sea scenery. If you want to just sit down and relax, there’s gazebos here. Enjoying the sea breeze while looking at the infinite amount of sea could be one of the best things ever.

7. Sekilak Beach

Sekilak Beach

·      Location : Nongsa, Batam, Riau islands

·      Ticket Fee : Rp9.000,-

And then, the last one of top things to do in the capital of Riau is Sekilak beach. Just as the Pelawan beach above, Sekilak also offers the view of mangrove forest.

Despite its location near the sea, the temperature seems to be cooler because of the hilly areas around it. It’s a good place for relaxing and should be one of the best places worth visiting around Riau.

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