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15 Stress-Relieving Things To Do in Riau Islands

by galuhvita

Have you done with Things to Do Near Bali Airport? Or things to do in Lombok? But still not enough with them? Don’t worry, Indonesia is an archipelago with thousands of beautiful islands. And you can’t say you’ve enjoy beautiful beaches in Indonesia if you never go to Riau Islands. Riau Island is a province at the eastern part of Sumatra Island and spreading in a total area of 10.595 square km. Just in this province, you can find at least 3.200 islands! You can say that Riau Islands is the miniature of Indonesia with the number of islands they have. With 95% of the area is ocean, you can find lots of attractions there. So here’s 15 stress-relieving things to do in Riau Islands. Check them out!

1. Kelong Seafood Restaurant

Kelong-Restaurant-Riau-IslandsAfter a long trip to reach this province, your tummy must be growling. And you just got into the right place. In Bintan Island, there’s a very famous restaurant called Kelong Seafood Restaurant. It’s set right on the shore where you have to go through the wooden bridge to get into the site.

Like its name, this restaurant is a master in every kind of seafood. Crab, sea prawn, squid, grouper fish, snapper fish, you name it. They have the whole set of spices that you can choose with your favorite dish. Or if you’re not a seafood fan, they also have the friendly menu as well. Chicken, meat, or vegetables, they prepare it just for you. For the drinks, it’s all about tropical sensations that surely make your throat all fresh.

And the iconic scene of this restaurant is the 360-degree view of South China Sea that absolutely amazing. I suggest, get your dinner here! Enjoy the sunset while the skillful chefs preparing your feast. And when the show’s over, the main attraction will be served right on your table with beautiful lamps decorating the place. For the price, seems you have to prepare some cash to get served here. But believe me, all of the dishes and the scenery is all worth it.

2. Aroma River Spa

aroma-river-spa-riau-islandsIf you’re in a real stress and seeking for a stress-reliever in Riau Islands, then you’re exactly on the right spot. Still in Bintan Island, there’s a well-known place called Aroma River Spa. And you’re right, you’ll find this place is built just right above the river.

To get here, you might want to cross some bushes before spotting the gate of this site. The unique part of this place is they don’t use electrical equipment nor have any electrical source. So you better prepare some extra batteries before getting into this place.

Here, you’ll be spoiled by the smell of aromatherapy they put in every corner of the room. Aroma River Spa has four rooms with three beds for each room, and three rooms with two beds for each room. All of this rooms are all bamboo chambers with opened windows so you can directly inhale the natural smell of river and mangroves that surrounding the site.

For the service, they have all that you need. Body massage, body scrub, manicure, pedicure, even stress-reliever treatment! Bet this will be your sweetest escape ever! Check some sweet-escape places as well: Things to do in Balangan 

3. Blue Lake

blue-lake-riau-islandsBintan Island is already well-known with many beauties that lies in every corner of this island. And it’s not a full tour at Bintan Island if you don’t visit this magnificent Blue Lake.

This lake is actually not a natural one, but made by the process of sand mining that still operating until today. The reason why the color of the lake is crystal blue is because of the clay at the base of the lake.

Especially when the sky’s clear, you can see the crystal blue water with some white sand at the edge, make it looks like a miniature of a beach with the blue ocean. To get into this site, you only need to pay Rp 5.000 for each person. They also offer some facilitates such as small cottage above the lake, spacious parking lot, and also selling some snacks and beverages. Don’t forget to snap some photos and send it to your friends!

4. MV Doulos Phos Ship

doulos-phos-riau-islandsIf you want to search ‘old and huge’ things in Riau Island, you better check the legendary MV Doulos Phos Ship. The age of this ship is already more than 100 years old!

It started to sail in 1914 and already changing its name for several times. Doulos Phos is the last name given to this ship, when Doulos literally means “waiter”. This ship already visited 293 towns in 103 different countries. Until finally this ship is harbored in Bintan Island.

Until now, you can visit this legendary ship and take a look at its authentic interior and exterior. Rumor said that this ship will get some massive renovation and will become a luxurious hotel! So if you’re passing by this ship, please don’t hesitate to capture some moments there. And when the renovation is finished, drop your suitcase there and try to feel the sensation of sleeping in a legendary ship with a luxurious services.

5. Lagoi Beach

lagoi-beach-riau-islandsEveryone lives in Riau Islands definitely know this awesome place. Yep, the Lagoi Beach. This spectacular beach is located at Bintan Island, at the northern part. Like the other beaches, you don’t have to pay to get into the beach.

Unless, you get into some part of the beach that under management of some resorts around there. At this beach, you’ll get shocked by the beautiful white sand and crystal blue ocean. It’s a breathtaking view that you must see even just once in your life.

This beach also have restaurants and cafes, some places to hire surfing board, snorkling stuffs, diving stuffs, it’s all there. Or if you need to pull some emergency cash, they also have the ATM center nearby. Believe me, you can compare this beach with other beautiful beaches out there all around the world! Check another breathtaking beaches too: Things to do in Lampung

6. Treasure Bay

treasure-bay-riau-islandsIf you type on the search engine like “water park south east Asia”, this place will be popped at the first page. You’re right, it’s Treasure Bay at Bintan. This is the first place in South East Asia that has man-made seawater lagoon with 6.3 hectares wide.

The lagoon is already filled with specially filtered seawater, so you don’t have to worry about your skin’s health. You can do lots of special water sport that you rarely see like jetovator, stand-up paddle, inflatable kayak, aqua-glide sailboat, bumper boat, solar boat ride, sea scooter, and much more.

If you just want to enjoy the crystal lagoon without getting wet, they also provide you a fancy restaurant with the absolutely marvelous view of the lagoon. Or you can get some stress-reliever with the super comfy spa and massage facilities. To get here and feel all the welcoming facilities, you maybe need to prepare some cash. But the experience you get here, it’s once in a lifetime!

7. Sakera Beach

sakera-beach-riau-islandsBack to the beach! This is another spectacular beach that you must visit in Riau Islands. It’s Sakera Beach at Bintan Island. The white sand beach and bubbly white waves will soothe all your stress away. With a place to hire the canoe, you only need to pay Rp 25.000 for each hour and you can row around the sea.

The iconic scenery in Sakera Beach is the sunset. Believe me, you better drive your wheels here before the sun goes off. Because, while enjoying the sunset, the low tide will provide you an even bigger beach. Well, a bigger beach means more clams and crabs to catch!

Don’t miss your scoop and bucket, or you’ll regret it for a long time. Because you’ll miss your ocean snack time, and got to go there again another time. The sensation of catching theses sea creatures is beyond exhilarating, and when the snack time come is the best thing ever.

8. White Sand Island

white-sand-island-riau-islandsThis small island has no one living on it, but once you get there, I bet you’re going to be agree with this ‘things to do in Riau Islands’ list. White Sand Island is located around Bintan Island, and you need to take a boat of an hour from Tanjung Pinang. This marvelous island with the white sand beach offers many water attractions, like snorkling, diving, surfing, you name it.

The best view in this island is the reefs beneath the water. You’ll see unpolluted reefs with colorful fishes swimming around it. After all of those tiring activities, you can enjoy some seafood at the cottages above the sea, providing you the best sight ever. To get into this island, you need to pay Rp 50.000 each person. But again I have to remind you, it’s all worth it. Before you drive the boat here, better check the tides and don’t forget to pack some extras in everything you bring. It will be one of you best sweet escape ever in your life!

9. Pangkil Island

pangkil-island-riau-islandsAre you on honeymoon and need some breathtaking privacy? Or you need some special family gathering in a secluded area? Pangkil Island is ready to serve you with all of its fantastic services. Fresh-water pool, comfortable homestay, surfing stuffs, diving stuffs, just say it and the managers will prepare it exclusively just for you.

You can hire this whole island for your own special occasion, so there’s no one will disturb you. Only with some guards and waiters who are ready to fulfill your needs, you’ll get your sweetest escape in this island. If you have saved quite good amount of cash and want to spend it with the one you love, please get here. All of the view, services, and the privacy is all yours!

10. Ria Bintan Golf Club

ria-bintan-riau-islandsYou want to take golf to the next level? Try Ria Bintan Golf Club! With the unforgettable scenery right at the edge of the island, you’ll get a challenging game at this course. With the big wind from the ocean and the unpredictable slopes, making a good score here won’t be easy.

Designed by the legendary professional golfer Gary Player, this 27-hole championship course is divided into two courses, Ocean Course with the breathtaking ocean view and Forest Course with the challenging trees and lakes. If you want to get a memorable game, you can check the availability through phone or mails. So, don’t miss your chance to swing your clubs and hit your ball in this golf course! Check some awesome sport places too: Things to do in Senayan Jakarta

11. Coastal Area

coastal-area-riau-islandsNow we moved to another island called Karimun Island. Here, there’s an iconic place called Coastal Area Tanjung Balai, or Coastal Area to be short. in this spacious place, you’ll find some excitement especially at night. All of the colorful lights are dimming  while sometimes music concerts or traditional shows are performed there. Finding some snacks and beverages won’t be hard there since all of the sellers are all around the area.

But if you get the chance to come here, don’t miss the iconic dish from Karimun Island called Siput Lendot. It’s a spicy vegetable dish with chewy sea slugs, prawns, and squids. Maybe it sounds weird for you, but please let your tounge identify the taste just one time. And we’ll see the after effect of this delicious dish!

12. Tanjung Hutan Hot Spring

tanjung-hutan-hot-spring-riau-islandsAfter a long walk and deep dive, sure your body needs something warm and cozy. Then, you should go to Tanjung Hutan Hot Spring. In this hot spring, you won’t smell and sulfur scent and the natural surroundings makes it very stress-relieving. With free entry, you can immediately feel the relaxing atmosphere once you get there. But you have to prepare your feet for a quite walk, because the site is quite far from the downtown.

My suggest, you better bring your family and you can do family party with some fresh coconut drinks on your table. Best thing is, the coconut is right from the tree around the site. Just ask nicely at the guards and they will gladly take it for you in no time! Sounds tropical, huh? In advance, please schedule your visit here or you can’t get the best atmosphere they can offer.

13. Air Bunyi Waterfall

air-bunyi-waterfall-riau-islandsBored with the salty water? Don’t worry, Riau Island is saving their precious fresh water for tourists like you. Air Bunyi Waterfall is located at Anambas Island. To get into the sight, you might want to take some wild walk uphill.

By the way, wild walk is kind of walking through tropical forests with some unexpected animals might be appeared. But don’t worry, there are no dangerous animals there. Just want to remind you before you face the real surprise.

Once you get into the site, you’ll blink in awe and soon will some clicks from the cameras. The falling water over the big rocks, makes it all so refreshing. Dip your feet into the water, or be extreme. Dip your body under the waterfall! Don’t forget to bring extra clothes, extra cash, and some lunch boxes because it’s quite uphill and not much people on the island. Make sure you’re tight on your schedule when visiting this island or you have to set up an emergency tent for a night!

14. Bawah Island

bawah-island-riau-islandsThe Best Asia’s Top Five Tropical Island Paradise is an award from CNN for this marvelous island. No wonder, the whole thing is this island is completely natural. At the sea, you’re get to say hello to the baby sharks that searching for food every morning. And if you walk to the lagoon nearby, you’ll see hundreds of rays that swimming at the lagoon. It’s a magnificent view that will make you want to stay there a bit longer than your schedule.

This island provides ecotourism concept that surely will make your days here unforgettable. With pretty bungalows, infinity pools, spa, and other facilities to try, this island is worth the award. But to get here, you better check closely at the ferry schedule. Since the trip into this island is not as much as the other island. Hope you can set your holiday in this paradise island! You can visit another paradise islands too at things to do in Karimun Jawa.

15. Pahat Island

pahat-island-riau-islandsIf you want to teach your children about sea turtles, Pahat Island is just the right place to visit. But this island also has another name called Sea Turtle Island, since the sea turtle conservation occurs here. And not just a turtle, it’s the rare hawksbill sea turtle and the famous green sea turtle.

If you come into this month at the first semester of the year, you’ll have a great chance to see the hatching process of the baby sea turtle, and help them to swim into the sea by yourself! It will be an unforgettable experience for you and your children.

To get here, you better prepare some extra cash, extra batteries, and extra lunch packs. Also don’t forget to check the ferry schedule because again, the trip here is quite rare. Be ready to see the cute baby sea turtles and help them back to the habitat!

So that’s some stress-relieving things to do in Riau Islands. There are more that that, but save your curiosity because we’ll be back with another breathtaking things to do in Indonesia. Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to share the happiness!

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