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12 Things To Do in Gilimanuk Bali (Marvelous Place)

by louisagabe

Gilimanuk including one of Things To Do in West Bali, Indonesia. The place isn’t huge at all, unlike the neighbouring. Gilimanuk has its famous because is a port to connect Bali to East Java and the opposite. You can come to Gilimanuk using ferry from East java, or by directly flight.

Gilimanuk is a small area in Bali. The question pop up, what things to do in Gilimanuk Bali? Take a look down below.

1. Gilimanuk

Gilimanuk becomes part to the things to do in West Bali. Literally, Gilimanuk itself is a port town in Bali, Indonesia. This place is quite small, then you don’t need kind of vehicle to get around. It’s better to go around walking with friends.

Gilimanuk such a beautiful place to visit while passing holiday in Bali. There’s lot of things to see around make people wanna come over very often. The people, the tourist spots, and the food. It also easy to get into another spots in West Bali from Gilimanuk by rent a car or scooter.

How to Get Here

Well, you can go either by boat and bus.

  • By boat: take a ferry from Banyuwangi, West Java. To be honest, you can find lot of ferries in the port come and go 24 hours non-stop. The ferries come every 20 minutes. Make sure you arrange the schedule nicely to get ferry fastly. The ferry cost is different. It will cost Rp 6,000 each person, Rp 95,000 for a car, and Rp 22,000 for a scooter. Fortunately, you will not cost anything personally after pay for your vehicle
  • By bus: the bus come from Ubung terminal in Denpasar. It means you need to be there in Ubung when you run to Gilimanuk. The cost among Rp 30,000 – Rp 50,000 / each person. It depends on the quality and the tipe of vehicle itself

2. Arco de Gilimanuk

Arco de Gilimanuk basically known as Bali gate. This place looks like Arc de Triomphe in Paris, French in glance. But yeah it is not literally very similar. Bali gate is the only one route for traders or immigrants who came from another city in entire Java.

This gate such an iconic, especially cause its real. The exocitism shows delusions of grandeur, then it transforms into worthy seeing place. The gate surrounded by green tall trees, and the land almost covered with grasses. It’s cool tho cause you’ll feel like you really in fairy tale.

When you come to Gilimanuk, you’ll amaze walking or passing underneath the gate. The gate opened for all type of vehicle. Whether car, scooter, bicycle, or foot, is all okay.

  • Entrance Price – Well, all visitors cost nothing when they come through the gate. Worry free, it’s not going to ruin penny, at all.

3. Espresso Bar

A day in Bali will not completely fascinating without go to Espresso Bar. In another place, you’ll find bunch of Espresso Bar but will not the same as this one. As it named “bar” means there also a bunch of bir over here. But you can also grab the other beverage also food if you want to.

As you know, Gilimanuk is kind of small place and not frenzy enough like Kuta. Here in Gilimanuk, you can’t find ton of beaches, unlike Beaches in Kuta. However, its still closer to another place like Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and Legian. Espresso Bar itself located on Jalan Legian Raya 83, Kuta, Indonesia. You can catch this place by walking the street from Gilimanuk area for few minutes.

  • Opening Hours – It opens from Monday – Sunday, but not in 24 hours. The opening hour starts from 07:00 PM – 03:00 AM
  • Price Tag – A bit pricey, it cause Gilimanuk is tourist area. Then you need to bring more penny to enjoy the rest of the day on here.

4. Samatha Spa

Time for relaxation, Samatha Spa is one of family spa in Tuban, Bali, Indonesia. The location 1.3 km dispart from Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh in Gilimanuk. It means you don’t need much time to spend ln the way to catch the spa. Samatha Spa decorated very well will make guest comfy and very relax. The massager also friendly, they also can talk in English. No worry to start a conversation during that Spa time.

It’s covered almost with warm brown color. To press the bill, you allowed to get discount if you come with 2 – 3 friends or family members. The discount isn’t fixed, depend on that happy hour. If you fortune enough, you can get 10 – 15% discount perhaps.

  • How To Get Here – Samatha Spa located on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Santika Premium Beach Resort, Bali, Indonesia.

5. Hardy’s Shopping Centre

Hardy’s shopping mall located in Kuta, Indonesia. This well-known as the premier shopping. Luckily, the location nearby many hotels in Kuta. Then you can reach this shopping mall easily by foot. Okay, you can find bunch of fruits, snacks, anything here. The place offers stuffs completely.

Hardy’s shopping mall divided by 2 floor. The ground floor filled with daily needs, such footwear, bags, and other fashion items. The opposite, the upper floor filled with sport stuffs, office goods, bathers, and equipments. Well, you also can find a small supermarket on the ground level. You can buy daily need for food making in this supermarket. The supermarket also provide alcohol.

  • How To Get Here

Well, Hardy’s Shopping Mall only 1,8 km dispart from Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh in Gilimanuk. You can use car, scooter, or walk to catch the shopping mall. It’s worthy to purchase stuffs here, especially cause the price tag is logical.

6. Temple of Tirta Pulaki

Temple of Tirta Pulaki maybe not as fame as Uluwatu Temple in Bali, but still worthy to take a step inside. Its located on Pulaki Village, Seririt, Bali, Indonesia. Hold to the history, Temple of Tirta Pulaki built to commemorate the Javanese Danghyang Nirtartha to his visitation in Bali nearly 16th century. Tirta Pulaki is not the only one temple on here, because there still any temple nearby.

On the rear of the temple, you can find a jungle towards to monkeys living places. There are three gates option to enter the temple. In the right, middle, and left side. You need to climb the stairs everytime you wanna come over. Well, inside the temple, there is such a spot for sacrifice and pray. Climb more over will guide you to the jungle of monkeys. However, the thing (monkeys) here unlike Things in Ubud Monkey Forest.

  • How To Get Here

The temple located for about 7 km from Pemuteran. It might takes 15 minutes – 20 minutes to catch the temple. If you want a closer walking, you can walk through from Gondol Beach. It separated only for few meters and we know, there are many more things to do in Gilimanuk Bali Indonesia.

7. Warung Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh

Beside have the best beaches, Bali also offers us the best culinary ever. If you foodie lovers, you might know this one. Yup, it is Ayam Betutu in Bali. Ayam Betutu is the famous food in Bali cause the taste is so good. The spices mixed into it made Ayam Betutu is one of recommended food you need to pay attention for. Give one shot to this tasty food, and no lie, you never get over it!

One-fully Ayam or chicken cost for Rp 95,000. This price tag isn’t pricey at all cause its worthy with the taste offered. You can order and eat inside the warung, or drive thru by waiting among 30 minutes – 45 minutes till it cooking done well.

  • How To Get Here

From Denpasar, Bali, it takes among 3 hours – 5 hours to catch the place, including traffic jam. But from Gilimanuk, it takes only 15 minutes by vehicle. There will no traffic jam if you go from Gilimanuk, especially in the morning.

  • Price List – Among Rp 25,000 – 100,000 / person

8. Museum Manusia Purba

One of the boring thing to do in life is going to the museum. But I guarantee you’ll not bored in Museum Manusia Purba. Based to history, the museum functionally for artefacts stashes. You can find variant of artefacts here. Unfortunately, the visitors including tourist and Balinese don’t come over very often. However, the student in Bali loved to come here to learn about archaeology and their ancient history.

If you love history, or just curious about Indonesian’s ancient, come here in Museum Manusia Purba ad walk around. The instructor over here will guide you to take a look on every single spot.

  • Address: Jl. Rajawali, Gilimanuk, Melaya, Kabupaten Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia
  • Ticket Price: Entrance ticket unrevealed, you can come over here for the certain ticket price

What things to do in Gilimanuk Bali also the same as another area. Including Things to do in Legian Bali, What to do in Uluwatu, etc. The diff just its small spaces over here. However, the small spaces give you sort of advantage because you can go around the area easily by foot. You don’t need to hire a car or scooter to catch one to another place. Exceptionally you wanna go far away, for example to the Airport. That’s all about things to do in Gilimanuk Bali that you must visit befor you die. Hope this is beneficial to you. Happy Holiday in Indonesia!

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