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15 Exciting and Best Places in Indonesia For Backpackers

by Yoga Adi

Hello again everybody! In this beautiful morning we want to talk more about the wonderful places in Indonesia. Before, we’ve talked about the best place for fishers out there included in best fishing spots in Indonesia, but now the thing is a little bit different. We want to tell you about the special places for the backpackers in Indonesia. Indonesia has many choices of good places, for a cheap price. That’s why many foreigners start to do their backpacker things in most places in Indonesia.

Usually we divide the explanations into the general and then sub information like the opening hours and also the cost for entry ticket. But, because some of the places are cities and regencies, the informations provided before is a little bit irrelevant. We want to change it into two sub informations like usual, but different. Now the sub informations are the best time to travel, and also the estimated cost in that place in one day. So the informations might help some backpackers with budgeting and stuff. We go to the first place included in the best places in Indonesia for backpackers.

1. Bali Island

Of course, the first one that came into the backpackers minds is the Island of Bali. Like in things to do near Bali airport you can see that the island has a long list of  interesting things to do in here. Beside the clubbing activities which considered pretty expensive in here the backpackers can choose the different and much enjoyable activities like trying the fun at the Kuta Beach and many other places. You can easily find them if you search it on google or just by looking at the direction boards.

The foods in here like the satay or the food they called as Nasi Campur Bali are considered very affordable for the backpackers. With a little amount of money, you can enjoy the meal with relief and happy feels in your heart.

  • Best time to Travel : Day or Night
  • Estimated Cost : Rp200.000,- to Rp350.000,-

2. Karimunjawa Island

The famous Karimunjawa is also the best choice for backpackers, to enjoy the natural things in the island. The green ecosystem is really perfect for backpackers, either domestic or foreign. They can use the nature as their helper to fulfill their needs. They can drink fresh water on the waterfall, they can eat coconuts in the beach, and many other things to do.

So, the Karimunjawa really fit to the esension of what backpacker means. To be the one with nature, not using any advanced technology to help their holiday. A bit challenging maybe, but also very satisfying. With the help of Karimunjawa island and its resources, the backpackers will having their good times in here. As well as Things to Do in Karimun Jawa Island Indonesia

  • Best time to Travel : Day
  • Estimated Cost : Rp400.000,- to Rp 600.000,-

3. Yogyakarta City

Many places in Yogyakarta are very interesting, call it, the plaza or alun-alun, and then there’s Top 20 Things to Do in Malioboro Yogyakarta, Indonesia located on the busiest park of Yogyakarta, and many more. You can go the Keraton which is the Palace of Yogyakarta, a very sacred place. And then you can continue your journey to the plaza, like Kidul or other plazas.

With the proper hotel and accommodation,you an enjoy the night life of Yogyakarta beautifully. By sipping a coffee in the traditional stalls, and then eating the famous gudeg jogja (yogya). If you haven’t tried it, it’s the best thing to do so right now. The price of it actually cheap, so do the other foods in here.

  • Best time to Travel : Night
  • Estimated Cost : Rp200.000,- to Rp 300.000,-

4. Solo City

Just the same as traditional as Yogyakarta, the city of Solo is more humble than the Yogyakarta. The Solo is a good producer of the Batik Solo and also many good things beside that. Plus, other than the crafts you can see in here, you’ll be satisfied with how cheap the dishes in here. You can buy the dishes that sold on the road by some merchants.

They are really cheap and really affordable even for the low budget backpacker. You can enjoy several days inhere without worrying about the foods and beverages. The only thing you must think about is the way you’re gonna enjoy those bautiful spots in the city, with ease.

  • Best time to Travel : Night
  • Estimated Cost : Rp150.000,- to Rp200.000,-

5. Lombok

Lombok also known for its beautiful natural attractions. Many of them also introduced in many of the television channels in Indonesia, in the program called My Trip My Adventure for example. We already talk some of them on the previous article, so you can check it out if you really curious about what kind of attractions you can find in this area.

Beside the beautiful attractions provided by the nature, the accommodation cost in Lombok also considered cheap for many backpackers. Travelling with a ferry ship will cost you for about Rp40.000,- rupiahs only. The smaller the boat gets, the cheaper price you’ll get. 25 Top Lombok Attractions, Indonesia & Beaches & Sunsets & Natural Spots

  • Best time to Travel : Day
  • Estimated Cost : Rp200.000,- to Rp 400.000,-

6. Komodo Island

The Komodo island also can be used an an option to make your backpacking journey more challenging. With the help of a navigator, you’ll see and explore something you maybe haven’t experienced before. Seeing the life of Komodos is really something else.

Yeah, even though the accommodation cost is pretty “reasonable”, it will not stop your curiosity about the existence of the legendary komodo dragon that can only be found in this specific island, not anywhere else.

  • Best time to Travel : Day
  • Estimated Cost : RP 200.000,- to Rp400.000,-

7. Tanjung Pinang

You can see many choices of attractions in one article of stress-relieving things to do in Riau Islands, but in its capital city, you can enjoy all the great things there with a pretty low price. Say, the price of the foods the price of hotel and car renting are considered really affordable.

So, beside enjoying the natural things to do around the Riau regency, be sure to visit the capital city if you can. There you can relax without worrying anything abut budget. You can save much money if you want to, while still able to fulfill your daily needs.

  • Best time to Travel : Day or Evening
  • Estimated Cost : Rp300.000,- to Rp 500.000,-

8. Palembang City

Palembang has many different beautiful spots available in that city waiting to be explored. With a very tight budget, maybe you can spend your time in things to do in Palembang with no big problem. Even the low budget backpacker can enjoy all the free attractions in here. You can take a picture of the iconic bridge, or the other attractions that available in Palembang.

Beside, you can enjoy the special street food of Palembang called Pempek. Pempek comes with different sizes and variants. You can choose whatever you like, the one that has egg inside of it, or many other choices. Plus, you must have it with its sauce, cuko. All of those you an get with the price under Rp50.000,- or even lower.

  • Best time to Travel : Day or Evening
  • Estimated Cost : Rp250.000,- to Rp 400.000,-

9. Alor Island

Just like what described in favorite things to do in Alor Island, there are so many things you can do in here. Many good, valuable, and of course affordable are available in the place. You shouldn’t be worry about travelling cost, because you can also rent some boats from the humble fishermen around you.

If they agree to the deal, then you can rent their bas all day long without worrying about the additional cost. After that, you can rest inside the bungalows, the huts, or maybe build your own camp for much cheaper budget.

  • Best time to Travel : Day
  • Estimated Cost : Rp 300.000,- to Rp 500.000,-

10. Malang City

In the last place in best places in Indonesia for back packers, there’s Malang city. As the second biggest city in East Java, Malang will give you many things to be enjoyed. Starting from the exotic attractions, to really delicious of traditional foods that can be got in a really cheap price. You can try the famous Bakso Malang, which has a very good taste.

Beside that, you can take the traditional crackers with you, like the Kripik Tempeh for example. You can either brig them along for you journey, or bring them home for families. You can get them all with a very reasonable prices. Low prices for all.

  • Best time to Travel : Morning and Night
  • Estimated Cost : Rp200.000,- to Rp 300.000,-

Other Places in Indonesia for Backpackers

You can visit these other places to complete your backpacking journey in Indonesia!

  1. Dieng High Land, located on central java with really cold atmosphere
  2. Pangandaran, the spectacular beach located on Bandung city
  3. Batu City, the good ol’ Batu city with thousand of great spots within
  4. Surabaya City, the beautiful capital city of East Java
  5. Bandung City, which known for its humble and friendly people

Those are the 15 best places in Indonesia for backpackers, really fit them in many ways. With those choices, you can pick ether one or maybe all of them in one of your holiday tour in Indonesia. Remember, for backpacker, you must not spend all the budget on something unimportant. You can save some for the next day, or the day after that.

With the proper budgeting technique, you can save so much money to be spent on the next holiday. All of those places are pretty cheap actually, only the coast of boat renting is a little bit expensive. But other than that, the places we’ve told you are the best places in Indonesia for backpackers, like you. So, enjoy your backpacking in Indonesia!

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