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4 Wonderful White Sand Beaches in Indonesia You Should Visit

by Widiya
White Sand Beach

At the point when you take a look at the statistics online, it will not be surprising to discover that Indonesia is home to diversity. There are charming rural landscapes, the magnificent craters in Indonesia, and mysterious dense jungles that can excite the imagination of any inquisitive explorer.

However, one of the most charming tourist attractions is the hidden beaches in Indonesia that enhances the archipelago of the islands. On the off chance that you want to gain some new experiences, think about a portion of the accompanying white sand beaches in Indonesia down below for your next tropical experience. 

  1. Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok 
Tanjung Aan Beach

Obscure to a few, the enchanting island of Lombok has some of the most stunning white sand beaches in Indonesia. Furthermore, Tanjung Aan, arranged on the South Coast, is without a doubt the most beautiful of all. 

Immaculate white sand, completely clear water, and thriving palm trees enhance the two separate bays that make up this beach. Lombok is famous for its epic surfing opportunities, and Tanjung Aan is a popular spot for first-timers, definitely one of the best surfing spots in Indonesia.

Despite the fact that you might just want to observe the game, it would still be fun observing a portion of the first-timers taking to the waves. There is additionally a marvelous viewpoint that is well worth looking at when you visit. 

The most effective method to arrive there is from Kuta which is around 20 to 30 minutes of drive to Tanjung Aan. Well-known vehicle choices are to lease a bike or contract a driver from town. 

A famous spot to stay in Kuta is Pipes Hostel. They offer mixed dormitory-style accommodation and all visitors grant access to a pool and skate bowl. 

  1. Karimunjawa Islands, Central Java 
Karimunjawa Beach

The Karimunjawa Islands are an archipelago of islands situated in the Java ocean, and there you will discover probably the whitest sand and most clear waters all through the entirety of Indonesia. 

This perceived national marine park is a famous spot among vacationers for underwater activities, with the waters encompassing the world-class swimming and diving sites. You can discover a plenitude of tropical marine life and thriving coral reefs just meters underneath the surface. 

The main drawback to the islands, which is not really a negative as you would like to think, is that they are not effectively accessible from mainland Java. However, no good thing comes easy and these islands are a prime case of that. 

You can reach the island by catching flights that are accessible from Surabaya or taking the ships from Jepara. You can stay at the hostel in the center of Surabaya city, a great refueling break on the off chance that you intend to get a chartered flight to the Karimunjawa Islands from Surabaya. 

  1. Koka Beach, Flores 
Koka Beach

Hosting a setting of palm trees, flawless white sand, and perfectly clear water, Koka Beach is a shrouded bit of heaven on the island of Flores. Being to some degree outside of what might be expected, you can share the beach to just a bunch of local people, permitting you to completely drench yourself in the lovely surroundings. 

Huge cliffs and a sandbar separate the beach into two separate bays; each offering somewhat extraordinary, yet similarly amazing views. You can also take a short climb to the viewpoint, where you will be remunerated with a tremendous 360-degree viewpoint over everything. 

The beach is arranged around 1.5 hours drive from the neighboring towns of Moni or Maumere. It is effectively accessible by means of bike and parking is accessible for 3,000 rupiahs.

  1. Balangan Beach, Kuta 
Balangan Beach

The beaches at Kuta are each surfer’s fantasy, and Balangan Beach is on that rundown. With the white sand spread across in excess of 200 meters overlooking the Indian Ocean, the best time to visit Balangan is somewhere in the range of 2:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. when you can appreciate the sun and stay somewhat longer to appreciate the nightfall.

Non-surf devotees can swim around the sea and appreciate the dazzling dusk view. There are a few cafés for you to get a light snack after a dip and to appreciate the nightfall.

On the off chance that you are as of now in Kuta, go south from Kuta Beach Badung for about 60 minutes. Then, head uphill to Pecatu where you will meet a crossing point bearing directions to the Balangan beach.

So, that is a list of white sand beaches in Indonesia. While you are at it, make sure you also check some wonderful beaches to explore in Banten and stupendous beaches in Banyuwangi.

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