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Follow These 8 Etiquettes while Visiting Temples in Bali

by Widiya
Temple in Bali

Before Bali got popular for the beautiful beaches in Kuta, affordable spas, and boutique shopping opportunities, visitors would rush to this charming island for its deep-rooted traditions, captivating culture, and obviously, its holy Hindu temples along with all the fun things to do in Balinese temples.

A Hindu temple is an emblematic house, seat, and collection of godlikeness. It is a structure intended to bring people and divine beings together, utilizing imagery to communicate the thoughts and convictions of Hinduism. 

In case you are going to visit the island’s temples and meet the locals, you will have to keep up your best possible behavior to remain on great standing with them. Follow these etiquettes while visiting temples in Bali to keep up smooth relational connections in Bali.

  1. Wear a Sarong 
Wearing Sarong

Just like any other spot of worship, dressing unobtrusively is a simple method to show regard. That is the reason people are required to wear sarongs that cover their legs beneath the knee when visiting Hindu temples.

The uplifting news is in the event that you do not have a sarong or would prefer not to get one, a sarong is ordinarily included in the ticket price of the temples – particularly at those popular among visitors.

In case you are intending to visit temples that are off the beaten path, you can get a modest sarong at the neighborhood markets to convey in your day pack. 

Perhaps you will be more intrigued by cultural temples in Central Java.

  1. Try Not to Utilize Your Left Hand to Touch or Give
Left Hand

This precautionary measure has to do with the left hand being utilized principally for cleaning purposes. Balinese customarily do not utilize toilet paper.

They use water to clean up instead and the left hand “does the business” of cleaning up the under areas. In this manner, the left hand is to some degree dirtied, and ought to never be utilized to touch others or to hand something over.

The special case is the point at which you utilize two hands to hand something over to somebody; this is viewed as a high compliment. 

  1. Abstain from Pointing Your Feet at the Altar

Feet are for the most part is seen as unclean in Balinese culture, which means pointing your messy hooves at the altar is viewed as poor etiquette. Men will ordinarily sit with their legs crossed while ladies will stoop in prayer.

Watching where you point your feet while situated is a certain something, yet it is likewise viewed as impolite to raise your feet excessively high. So, fight the temptation to perfect your preferred yoga poses while at temples.

  1. Try Not to Enter Any Temples While Menstruating

This might be rankling to any lady, but you have an entire island’s way of life against you on this one. Any lady on her period, or anybody (paying little mind to sex) with a running sore or draining injury, is viewed as impure and not to be permitted into any Balinese temples. 

  1. Be Positive
Be Positive

A huge part of Hindu faith bases on positive energies, that the great musings and activities you put out on the planet will in the long run come back to you (regularly alluded to as ‘karma’). When visiting a temple, attempt to keep your musings and language positive.

  1. Try Not to Utilize Your Index Finger to Point or to Beckon 
Index Finger

On the off chance that you have to point out somebody, try to entice them to stop by expanding your hand and, with your palm looking down, making a descending wave. If you have to point at something, freely grip or cup your fingers and point utilizing your thumb rather than your forefinger. 

  1. Pay Due Respect

One great dependable guideline is on the off chance that you would not do it at a typical spot of worship at home, then you should not do it when traveling abroad as well. A few examples: remember not sitting or climbing on spiritual landmarks like walls or statues, not impeding religious parades, and being affable when taking photographs.

Public display of affection, for example, kissing your accomplice, while in the temple is likewise disapproved of.

  1. Try Not to Step on Offerings (Canang Sari)
Canang Sari

Canang sari is offered to the Creator by local people before anything else. When venturing out, you will spot these little bundles of woven palm leaf, blossoms, and herbs all over the place, even on walkways and stairs. 

Stepping on one can be considered hostile to any Balinese who witnesses your slip up. So watch where you step around the temple, particularly in the earlier part of the day, so you can abstain from stepping on canang sari.

So, that is a list of etiquettes while visiting temples in Bali. While you are at Bali, you might want to consider the best party hostels in Kuta, Bali and things to do in Bali with a four-year-old child.

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