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Tanjung Pasir Beach in Tangerang – Price – Itinerary – Accommodation

by Vaniahyn

Tanjung Pasir BeachTanjung Pasir Beach is one of the beach in Tangerang that quite popular in Indonesia, especially for Tangerang society. This beach is a beach, which often visited and one of the most crowded beach on weekend or holiday.

The attractions of this beach is the price of the entrance ticket that easy to get and the completeness of the facilities. For any further explanation, below the following word.

The Beauty of Tanjung Pasir Beach

Tangerang Tanjung Pasir Beach is located in Teluk Naga district, Tangerang regency, Banten, West Java. This led to a lot of people also call it as Tanjung Pasir Teluk Naga beach. Why? It’s because if seen from above, this attractions will looks like a cape that is land that juts out into the sea. While, at the end of tha cape there is a gulf or the sea that juts out into the land. This makes Tanjung Pasir Teluk Naga beach so unique than the other beach in Indonesia.

The beauty of this beach can bee seen from a broad view to the beach which has fine white sand. Not like the other beach that is only visible to its horizon from a far, even the white sand around the beach can be seen from land away from the coast line. With the extent of the beach, the tourist can freely play and spending time on the edge of the beach.

By the beach there is also a flourishing green tree that create a tranquil atmosphere and cool for the beach. This is also a lot of interest to tourist because they can take shelter from the midday sun while there. These conditions may be quite different from the other beaches in Tangerang, things to do in Banten.

The Access and The Price of Interence Ticket

From Center Tangerang, this beach is approximately 25 kilometers and can be access with a motorcycle or a car. For easiest access to the beach is through the back door of the airport (M1). Just follow the route to the north, i.e to Kampung Melayu. From Kampung Melayu, turn to the right and find the signposted to Tanjung Pasir. Just follow the route that told by the signposted. the path that should be skipped is village road that quite narrow. However, that is only the road that can be skipped to go to the beach.

If visitors come from Kalideres, you can go from the airport to Rawa Bokor, follow the route from Kampung Melayu like the instruction below. To get into the beach, the tourist no need an expensive cost, it is quite different from the other beaches with an expensive cost.  This beach can visited by tourists, just only for 5.000 per peson.

If you bring your own transportation, so you will charged Rp. 10.000 for motorcycle. And for a car will charged RP.20.000. Because of the cost is quite cheap, lot of tourist come with their family, and this beach really fit for family time on holiday. 

The Facility of Tanjung Pasir Beach

banana boat in tanjung pasir beachAlthough the enterance ticket is pretty cheap, no need to worry about their facility. Tanjung Pasir beach will not dissapointing the tourist who come. Facility in this beach is quite complete dan deserved for tourists, even they who come from the other city. Below some facilities of this beach:

  1. Parking area – the parking area in this place is quite broad and comfort for tourist who come with their own transportaion. There are parking lot for motorcycles and cars that can load vehicles in large quantities.
  2. Toilet – This beach is already has adequate toilets. The tourist can use the toilet for pee and bowel, even for showering after play with the water throughout the day.
  3. Small mosque – the existence of this small mosque will make it easier for tourists to worship. Although while touring, don’t forget to worship.
  4. Umbrella rental –  for tourists that don’t want to heat while enjoy the view of the beach, there is also an umbrella rental for you to used.
  5. Watersport – one of the attractions for Tanjung Pasir beach is a banana boat. If you are visiting, it’s good for you to try the water game. The tourist will bring in swirling – above the banana boat to the middle of the beach. However, don’t be afraid of drowning, because surely the clerk has a buoy for safety.
  6. The ship for crossing – maybe many asked that where the ship will crossing to? The answer is crossing the Untung Jawa Island. The tourist who want to go to Untung Jawa Island can take that ship owned by local people. Just use the ship or boat services.
  7. Restaurant – This beach is also famous for its variety of food, which can be obtained by tourists easily. There are lots of food in this beach, start from cheapest food til the most expensive food like in five-star restaurat. Most of the menu are seafood. There some food can be chosen and the seafood that made from fresh ingredients and taken directly from the sea. Not only the food, there are lot of drinks, from soft drinks to delicious cold drinks. 

The Activities That You Dan Do

tanjung pasir boatTourist who come to Tangerang Tanjung Pasir beach can do some fun activites and intereseting during holiday. What’s  it? below the explanations.

  1. Enjoy the beach – Tourists who come to the beach for sure whose sole purpose is to enjoy the beach. For enjoying this beach, tourists can do it with a shade under a tree, while enjoying the beautiful scenery with a beautiful sea accompanied by breezy wind that makes the heart becomes quiet.
  2. Play with the sand – Tourists also can play with the sand in this beach. There are lots of people that play with the sand, make it to different shapes or write a name in the sand. Do anything that interesting to do with the sand.
  3. Playing around – Lot of tourists who play a beach volleyball or beach ball, also playing a kate in beach. This things to do in Cilegon Banten in tune with the size of the vast beach so it can be used with many ways.
  4. Do some watersport – like the explanations before, there is a watersport facility that can be try by visitors, that is banana boat. Of course, tourists can enjoy this facility.
  5. Swimming – Although not much of people who are swimming, and just playing with the water and the sand. Basicly, this beach is safe for swim because the waves were not so great.
  6. Fishing – In this beach, it’s no Rod tool rental facilities, but there are lot of fishing community or people with ther fishing hobby come to this beach for fishing. And they must bring their own tools.
  7. Culinary Tour – Tourists can do a culinary tour along the coast, and go to the food place, from the cheapest and the most expensive.
  8. Sunbathing – if you like sunbathing, this beach is a good choice that fit for you.

Thus some explanation of Tanjung Pasir beach in Tangerang, Banten. If you want to come, prepare your second clothes and tourist tools, so your activities can be amazing with no wooried. Happy holiday.

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