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A List of The Best Beaches in Tangerang

by Yoga Adi

The holiday is just a month from now. Do you have a list of the destinations that you wanted to visit? If not, here we want to help you with a list of the wonderful beaches in Tangerang, Banten. As you may know already, it’s not easy to find the beach attractions in locations such as Jakarta for example. In there, you can find the things to do in Cengkareng instead.

However, if you still not very familiar with an area named Tangerang, here’s some information about it. Tangerang is one of the districts that exist in the Banten province that located just right on the west side of Jakarta. Aside from known for having the things to do in South Tangerang, this area actually has some notable beaches that look so good. All of them are included inside the wonderful beaches that also have totally free entrance ticket in Tangerang below :

1. Cangkir Island

As one of the best things to do in Karawaci Tangerang, the first one on our list of beaches in Tangerang, Banten called Cangkir Island. On this island, you can also find a beach that is also becoming one of the best beaches in Tangerang. However, the location of this Cangkir island is in the area of Kronjo Village, Tangerang. The place is not only famous for its beach attraction.

The tourists who come in here are usually going for the historical attraction too. In this 2,5 hectares wide of an island, you can find a tomb of Pangeran Jaga Lautan, who was the person responsible for Islam religion spreading back in the old days. Because there are many tourists who want to visit the island, the locals built a bridge to connect the island.

Location: Krono, Tangerang
Tips: You can also pay some donation for the locals

2. Tanjung Burung

The next one is Tanjung Burung. This one is considered to be a wonderful spot for the people who would love to spend their day on the beach in a very calm location. Even though the attraction itself is considered to be very quiet, the people’s lives around it are actually pretty busy. However, the location of the Tanjung Burung is just on the North side of Java island.

The place is known as a dock for ships that made from fiberglass. You can even see the making process of them directly after visiting the beach. Some tourists also use these ships to explore the Tanjung Burung beach. Also, besides the beach and fiberglass ships production, you can also visit the cows’ farm in there. The farm is actually the biggest one in the Tangerang area.

Location: Teluk Naga, Tangerang.
Tips: You should visit Tanjung Burung since the morning because you’ll spend much time in there

3. Karang Bolong Serang Beach

Aside from the things to do in Serpong, you can find a special place that located in Cinangka, Serang called Karang Bolong Beach. The Karang Bolong Beach is rather special because it’s actually a beach that completed with cliffs around it. There’s a hole right in the middle of it. That’s why many people call the beach as Karang Bolong Beach (Karang Bolong means Holed Cliff).

The beach just like fantastic as the beaches you can find in some areas like Bali or Lombok. It’s a wonderful thing to find a place like this in the area of Tangerang. However, from this location, you can directly see the view of Carita beach right from this beach. Seeing sunset and the sunrise from this beach would be remarkable things to do.

Location: Cinangka, Serang
Tips: If you want to see the sunset, come by evening to avoid the crowd

4. Tanjung Kait Beach

The next one is Tanjung Kait Beach. In the area of Tangerang, you can find so many Tanjung or Bays. In this article alone, you can find three or even more bays. For example, is this Tanjung Kait beach located in Mauk, Ketapang of Tangerang Banten.

It’s actually located about 29 km from the city center. You can find some things besides the beach attraction here. It’s the culinary. Many people would love to spend their time in Tanjung Kait to explore foods of Tangerang which mostly seafoods. That’s why you can find some huts in here.

Location: Mauk, Tangerang, Banten.
Tips: Bring more money to get all the affordable foods in Tanjung Kait

5. Tanjung Pasir Beach

Besides the wonderful things to do in Tangerang that already mentioned in the article before, the next Tanjung on the list of Tanjung Pasir Beach. This one is actually a popular beach that located around the area of Tangerang, Banten. You can come to Tanjung Pasir beach with your family and friends to make your holiday merrier.

The beach has very long beach lips. You can do basically anything in there, mainly the beach sports like volley, soccer, building sand castles, or just natural tanning. The water in here is also very clear and safe for children to swim. 

Location: Tangerang, Banten
Tips: Make sure that you bring your own swimming equipment if you want to swim here

6. Anyer Beach

The next one is Anyer beach. As you may know already, we always include the Anyer Beach as the top beach in Banten. The Anyer beach complex actually consists of many different beaches such as Karang Bolong, Jambu Anyer, Sambolo island, and many more.

It’s more like Tanjung Benoa of Bali, but having fewer attractions. But, it’s good enough as the alternative for the people who want to enjoy the experience of beach attractions in such a busy area like Tangerang.

Location: Banten
Tips: You should come by morning if you want to visit all the beaches

As you may know already, we always provide you with the other list containing the other sub information about the topic. This time, we want to include the other best beaches in Tangerang that you can visit in the weekend or holiday.

  1. Carita Beach
  2. Tanjung Lesung Beach
  3. Tanjung Layar Sawarna
  4. Cilegon
  5. Manuk Sawarna Beach
  6. Umang Island
  7. Karang Songsong Beach
  8. Ciantir Sawarna Beach
  9. Karang Taraje Beach

So that’s the topic about the beaches in Tangerang. Tangerang is indeed a very suitable place for the people who want to see the beach attractions that located near Jakarta city. It’s also located near the famous locations of that particular city like Ancol and Muara Angke, providing more attractions to the wandering tourists.

The Tanjung Pasir Beach

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