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13 Best Things to Do in Tangerang Banten, Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Tangerang is another busy city in Indonesia, located in Banten province to be exact. Just like Jakarta, this city also crowded with people. But in the other side, there are many attractions available in here. Some of them might interesting for you to see. Indeed, the town is nearby Jakarta Indonesia.

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So, what are the attractions you can find in here Tangerang City? Check the top things to do in Tangerang Banten Indonesia below :

1. Situ Gintung Waterpark

When the weekend arrives, it’s time to fill the holiday with some fun activity. To get them, just head to Situ Gintung Waterpark that offers a different atmosphere. In general, the arrangement of Situ Gintung Park is very well organized. Cleanliness was mainatined. The main part is a large swimming pool that is very clear. When your child swims in a clear swimming pool, you can sit back while watching in the gazebos located at the pool side. Managers allow visitors to bring food and drink from the outside.

Not only swimming and enjoying the food, Situ Gintung Waterpark also provides facilities to play indoor futsal and basketball. To use these facilities, you must reserve in advance. Its a perfect place to you and your family.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp35.000,- on weekday, Rp 45.000,- on weekend, Rp50.000,- on holiday
  • Opening Hours :  Everyday from 10.00-18.00

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 2. Taman Potret (Portrait Park)

If in Bandung there is a Photo Park, well if in Tangerang there’s a park called Portrait Park. Its one of the favorite locations for the people of Tangerang. This Cikokol Portrait Park has an area of ​​5000 m. Initially this tour was named Selfie Park. But after the construction done, its name was changed to Portrait Park. In early August 2015, the Park was inaugurated by the Mayor of Tangerang, Mr. H. Arief R Wismansyah. Once inaugurated, this park became one of the favorite tourist attraction in Tangerang.

Location of Portrait Park is right beside West Tang City Mall. If you carry a motorcycle, on the right side of the park there is a parking re for it. However, if you bring a car, its a bit difficult to park because there is no parking space for four-wheeled vehicles. Its a perfect place for you, teenagers.

  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket, its free!
  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours everyday

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3. Citra Raya World of Wonders

Citra Raya World of Wonders is a modern tourist place located in Citra Raya, Tangerang, Banten. This tourist place is equipped with various educational rides as well as recreation, such as traffic park, animal park, Cinema 4D, and Tekno Mania. There are also various miniature rides of various wonders of the world such as: Stonehenge, Colosseum, Great Sphinx, Great Wall of China, Borobodur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Egyptian Pyramids, and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

This recreation park was established in 2013 and is part of East Java Park Group, an amusement park company headquartered in Batu City, Malang, East Java. In addition to Citra Raya World of Wonders, this group also has several other theme parks like, Batu Secret Zoo, Animal Museum, Museum of Transportation, Predator Fun Park, Lamongan Tour, Suroboyo Carnival and Tree Inn. What great place.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp90.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday, from 08.00-18.00

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4. Froggy Floating Castle

Not just local people, floating castle in BSD City, Tangerang, also able to draw the world’s attention. One of the proofs, this building won an award from World Records of Records Holders Republic, United Kingdom, as “Floating Castle with The Highest Suspended Glass in The World”.

For people living in the area of ​​BSD City and surrounding areas, certainly no stranger to the existence of this floating palace. Called a floating palace because of the appearance of a building that resembles a palace that does not reach the earth. The building towered with a clean white color. As night came, the glass-shaped stands seemed to disappear so that this “castle” seemed to float. Its magnificent spot to look at.

  • Entry Ticket :No entry ticket
  • Opening Hours : No opening hours

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5. Kandang Jurank Doank Education Attraction

In the beginning Kandank Jurank Doank (KJD) which was pioneered since 1993 by Indonesian local artist named Dik Doank is a natural school for children around the village. Dik Doank’s dream at the time was that he wanted poor children to learn in real school, that is: NATURE. Because through nature children are able to recognize themselves and their potential, to be developed. They associate with the natural surroundings; Trees waving, wind sighing, and mud. At the same time providing understanding that the beauty of nature created by God that must be maintained and preserved.

Over time, this time Kandank Jurank Doank developed into a very pleasant place for children from everywhere. Poor, rich, old, young, neighbors and visiting children are all very pleasantly received in this place. Wonderful place for children.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp50.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 09.00-17.00

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6. Tanah Tingal Forest

Tanah Tingal Forest is located at Jl. Merpati Raya No. 32, Sawah Baru, Ciputat District. To reach the location of Tanah Tingal is not difficult, you can use various means of transportation like cars, motorcycles and public transportation. You can just go to Sudimara Station, from the station is less than 1 km. Once entering the location you will soon be greeted by wooden plank inscribed Tanah Tingal so you will not have difficulty to find its location.

Interesting activities can be done here like ranging from jungle walks, bird watching activities, kayaking on the lake, swimming, outbound, wall climbing, outdoor landscapes, watching photographs in photo galleries and various Javanese ornaments. Unfortunately due to limited operational funds, some interesting activities such as planting rice in rice fields, gardening, orchid menananm, have been eliminated. But this does not diminish the interest of traveling here, you and your family can enjoy all the great things to do in Tangerang Banten Indonesia.

  • Entry Ticket :Rp20.000 on weekdays, Rp25.000- on weekend
  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 08.00-16.00

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7. Ocean Park BSD City

Ocean Park BSD City is one of several water adventure rides in Tangerang. Being located in BSD city, Water recreation rides ocean park is standing on an area of ​​8.5 hectares that is presented for the excitement and comfort of water adventure for families with complete facilities in it.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp75.000,-
  • Opening Hours : 11.00-18.00 (Weekday), 08.00-18.00 (weekend)

Ocean park water adventure BSD city can be an alternative place for residents of Tangerang and surrounding areas in filling vacation with family. Not just playing water or swimming while visiting this place, but the visitors can also enjoy some facilities and rides that available in ocean park water adventure. So what are you waiting for then?

8. Kampung Dongeng (Village of Tales)

Kampung Dongeng Indonesia is a place where we can listen to fairy tales and learn about wise advice and positive learning from fairy tales in Indonesia. In this village of Dongeng Indonesia they provide educational tours that appeal to our children where they can learn the values ​​and moral messages  pinned in the fairy tale presented in Kampung Dongeng Indonesia.

Of course our children will feel very happy when we take a tour to visit this Dongeng Indonesia Village. An educational tour is certainly needed by children so they can develop well through the help of moral messages presented in the fairy tale shown in this place. Your children must like it.

  • Entry Ticket : Free !
  • Opening Hours : Starting from 09.00-16.00

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9. PUSPIPTEK (Technology and Science Center)

Learning Tour of PUSPIPTEK in South Tangerang is a Training Center for Science and Technology or abbreviated PUSPIPTEK which opened to the public as a place to study as well as science and technology tours. In this PUSPIPTEK we can find various equipments related to science and technology and can also find new experiences in learning as well as practice using various equipment available here.

A valuable experience that can not be found elsewhere. PUSPIPTEK is indeed a place of educational tourism that is different than others.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp21.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Monday to Friday, from 07.30-16.00

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10. The Blue Lake of Cigaru

The blue lake of Cisoka which is also known by the blue lake Cigaru and Cigaru Blue Lake is not a natural lake,  its a former sand excavation that has been no longer operating for two years. Excavation holes with a depth of a dozen meters and then filled with rain water to become a lake. The locals then named this lake with the name Blue Lake Cigaru because the water color of this lake is bluish. However, the water color of this lake is not only blue, sometimes the color of the water will become yellowish or white clear.

This beautiful lake is located in Cigaru, Cisoka Village, Cisoka District, Tangerang Regency. The color of this lake water that attracted the attention of many tourists who want to hunt photo hits in this one tourist destination. What a good place, right?

  • Entry Ticket : Free admission (only paying for parking ticket)
  • Opening Hours : Opens every time

11. Cangkir (Cup) Island

If we go to Tangerang District, then we observe the northern part of the coast, we can find a city that is very unique because its shape resembles a cup. The island has an area of ​​4.5 hectares is named in accordance with its shape, namely Pulau Cangkir.

Perhaps many of you are asking what kind of tours there are on such a small island, although many people say tours but in fact things are more akin to pilgrimage, because in it is the grave of one of the great scholars in Banten. Pulau Cangkir becomes a pilgrimage attraction because it contains the tomb of Prince Jaga Lautan, which is the direct descendant of the first sultan of Banten named Prince Hasanudin. So if you looking for a holiday and little bit of pilgrimage tour, this is a good start.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp6.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Opens every time

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12. Tanjung Pasir Beach

Tanjung Pasir Beach is located in Tangerang Regency, Banten. More precisely located  in Tanjung Pasir, Teluknaga, Tj. Sand, Teluknaga, Tangerang, Banten 15510. Or go to Teluknaga District, 50 Km from Tigaraksa. It is not difficult to find the address of Tanjung Beach of Teluk Naga. For the distance from downtown Tangerang to this beach is about 25 KM.

Once you enter this beach, with a cheap entrance ticket you will be greeted with the waves come smoothly. If you like swimming, this beach is perfect for swimming, can do it without fear of waves or drowning. If you do not like to swim, you can try culinary tour on this beach. Lots of food stalls selling the menus of Seafood Cuisines. So if you come here and forget to bring enough supplies, do not have to worry anymore, because this place provides a food stall with a menu of seafood dishes. Sounds good, right?.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp5.000,- admission, Rp10.000,- parking ticket
  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday, 24 hours

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 13. Situ Cipondoh

Situ Cipondoh is a lake located in the middle of Tangerang City with the nickname of 1000 factory city, the lake is used by the people originally just for fishing only. Being a cheap tourist attraction in the midst of busy Tangerang.

In addition to providing a place to eat a variety of snacks, as well as children’s games such as ducks and small boats. Even every weekend, the lake side also provides game facilities such as motor boats. Situ Cipondoh is now managed by Forum For Preservation and Development of Situ Cipondoh (FORMASI). With complete facilities, Situ Cipondoh can indeed be a cheap holiday recommendation for residents of Tangerang and surrounding areas.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp2.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday, 24 hours

That’s it, several attractions in Tangerang Banten Indonesia. Actually, there’s more you can explore and do all the things to do in Tangerang Banten Indonesia, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday in Indonesia, have a great day and enjoy all the things to do in Tangerang Banten Indonesia!

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