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Finding The Wonderful Beaches Near Bekasi

by Yoga Adi

In the previous article, we already told you about the beach attractions in various locations such as Raja Ampat, Sulawesi, and also Tangerang. Now, we want to tell you about an area that located around the last location, Tangerang, named Bekasi. Even though many people would consider Bekasi as one busy city that located around Jakarta, it’s also known for having abundant attractions as mentioned on the things to do in Bekasi.

The area of Bekasi is very famous for its wonderful locations that people always use for refreshing on the weekend or maybe long holiday. The people can visit some locations such as restaurants, cafes, or even malls that exist in the city. Besides those, you can also pick the beach attractions. And if we’re talking about them, Bekasi has large collections of the best beach that also famous just like best beaches in Indonesia near Jakarta. So here’s the list of the beaches near Bekasi.

1. Muara Gembong

For the first one on the article of the beaches near Bekasi is Muara Gembong. In this article, we’ll tell you about many different Muaras in here. And this one is just an example from them. Muara Gembong is located just in the area named Gembong. It’s actually a district that consists of six different villages such as Pantai Bakti village, Pantai Harapan Jaya village, and the others.

Many people consider this location a copy of Taman Mangrove         Pantai Indah Kapuk or PIK that can be found in Jakarta. That’s why many people are really happy about this and very excited about visiting it in their next holiday. However, the good thing about Muara Gembong is you can explore the 17 square kilometers wide. You can explore it fully till your heart’s content. The entrance ticket is Rp2.000,- for the parking ticket.

Location: Gembong district, Bekasi
Tips: If you are planning to explore Muara Gembong, you should bring the meals or drinks with you.

2. Muara Bendera

The next Muara that looks as fabulous as things to do in Karawang is Muara Bendera. This location is just near the next attraction, which is the Muara Beting. Administratively, the Muara Bendera still included inside the area of Pantai Bahagia village. The Muara Bendera is a wonderful attraction for the tourists and also a home for so many animals that love inside the mangrove forest.

Aside from having a very nice view of the sea, people can also see the migration of the birds from the South China Sea to the Pacific Ocean, if they are lucky enough. Many people would take some pictures of them because the event is very exclusive and not commonly happens. Aside from the birds, the visitors can also see the black monkeys and also crocodiles. The entrance ticket is Rp5.000,-.

Location: Muara Gembong, Bekasi
Tips: Even though there are animals, you can’t hunt them because they’re protected

3. Muara Beting

The other one called Muara Beting. The Muara Beting is located in a village named Desa Pantai Bahagia, which means the village of a happy beach. The beach is indeed capable for giving you all the happiness that you can get even in a very busy area like Bekasi that mostly known for its crowded, busy, and so many production factories.

But sadly, the beach doesn’t receive any further improvement. So things like bathroom, huts, and the other facilities still not available. But, you can still enjoy all the natural nuances that exist in this very place, You can even swim to its water that is clear enough and safe even for kids. After doing those activities, you can order some seafood on the food stalls that located around the beach. You just need to pay for a parking ticket only.

Location: Muara Gembong, Bekasi
Tips: You should come to the beach in the morning to feel the cooler atmosphere.

4. Marunda Beach

Bekasi is indeed full of many wonderful things such as things to do in Majalengka. One example from them is the beach called Marunda Beach. This beach is located right in the border of North Jakarta and Bekasi. Many people who live in Jakarta or Bekasi are really familiar with this beach.

Even though it doesn’t a very clean beach, but surely there’s something that you can enjoy on the beach. But, if you move further from the local houses, you can come to a thing called The Bridge of Love. The environment is very clean and comfy, really perfect for two. If you’re looking for a romantic place in Bekasi, this one should be great. Rp5.000,- of entrance ticket would be very affordable.

Location: Cilincing, North Jakarta
Tips: Make sure that you park your car somewhere safe because there’s no sufficient parking lot for it.

5. Mekar Beach

Moving from there, we’re going to a beach named Mekar Beach. The beach is still located in the area of Muara Gembong, Bekasi. Actually, the main attraction of the beach is the mangrove forest that located near the beach.

Aside from having the forest, tourists can also enjoy the gazebos. They can do anything they want to like eating their meals, resting, relaxing, or even doing some Yoga. There’s a gazebo that was built in the middle of the sea for fishing. The entrance ticket for this attraction is also very affordable. 

Location: Muara Gembong, Bekasi
Tips: If you want to fish, make sure that you bring your own fishing equipment

6. Ujung Genteng Beach

Aside from things to do in Cikarang, there’s a beach attraction that located near Bekasi, called Ujung Genteng Beach. Ujung Genteng is one of many famous beaches that located in Sukabumi, West Java. The beach has a very soft white sand that is pretty safe for basically everyone.

Your kids can enjoy the sand and building sand castles, while you and your partner can having some sport like volley or soccer maybe. Aside from those activities, you can also witness the sea creatures such as fish, small crabs, and even their habitat under the sea. You should pay for about Rp5.000,- to enter.

Location: Sukabumi
Tips: Because there’s no rental for diving equipment, you should bring your own equipment.

Of course, the six beaches near Bekasi above are not the only ones that you can find in the area. There’s a lot of them out there that waiting to be explored. That’s why we also want to give you with another list of beaches near Bekasi right below :

  1. Santolo Beach
  2. Karang Tawulan Beach
  3. Apra Beach
  4. Batu Hiu Pangandaran Beach
  5. Cibangban Beach
  6. Batu Karas Beach
  7. Cijeruk Beach
  8. Cijayana Beach
  9. Citepus Beach

That’s the list of the best beaches near Bekasi. As you can see on the information that mentioned above, Bekasi is also suitable for family vacation, even though it’s also known as a very busy city. The number of beaches is actually more than the ones in Jakarta. So people who live in Jakarta can also come in Bekasi to hunt the beach attractions that are abundant.

A view of Muara Beting


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