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16 Best Beaches in Indonesia Near Jakarta

by Yoga Adi

The capital city of Indonesia, the Jakarta, is of course having more advanced venues than the other areas in Indonesia. There are several locations like things to do in Mangga Dua Jakarta that may spoil the visitors by buying some things that they need.

But, beside the activity of shopping, you can actually having your own good times by visiting all the natural sources, the natural attractions near your city of Jakarta. For example, the things to do in pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta and also the people’s favorite, the beach. Talking about the beach, in Jakarta, there are maybe just a few ones that also worth to visit. But, there are also some near Jakarta city that included in our best beaches in Indonesia near Jakarta. Let’s check all of them on the article below :

1. Ancol Beach

First one on the list of our best beaches in Jakarta is this Ancol beach. Of course, the Ancol is very familiar for the people of Jakarta. Because, the Ancol can give the people of Jakarta the experience of taking a holiday in a place that is similiar to the situation in the island like Bali.

Why this one is included as one of the beaches in Jakarta? Because Ancol can give the complete services in a very simple place, with the small entrance ticket that consists of Rp25.000,-, but also added with the parking ticket starting from Rp15.000,-. All is worth the cost.

  • Location : Pademangan, North Jakarta
  • Tips : Come here during the weekdays to avoid the crowd

2. Tidung Island Beach

The next location, the next beach that located near Jakarta in an island called Tidung Island. This Tidung island is located inside the Pulau Seribu, or the thousand islands venue. This island is really perfect for the people who want to relax after the long weekends of working.

This one big island actually consists of two Tidung islands, the Tidung Besar or Big Tidung, and also the Tidung Kecil or Small Tidung. Those two islands, connected with the one bridge called bridge of love, or Jembatan Cinta. For anyone wants to enter, you only need to pay for about  Rp20.000,- to enter the island only

  • Location : Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta
  • Tips : You can go bring more money to enjoy all the things in here

3. Pramuka Island Beach

Next beach that we’re gonna talk about is located in one island that included inside the area of Pulau Seribu Jakarta, a small island called Pramuka Island. Actually the island is pretty crowded with people, who work as fishermen.

Beside the fishermen, the island is also crowded with the people who really love to do some fishing, snorkeling, and also swimming. All of them you can get only within one place. This one is absolutely one of the places to visit in Jakarta, With only Rp5.000,-, you can have a paradise.

  • Location : Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta
  • Tips : You can rent a fisherman’s boat for a cheaper price

4. Pari Island Beach

The next location inside the Pulau Seribu, which is the next location is the Pari Island. Going into this island is maybe just looks like the other island, where you need to rent a boar first at the nearest port at Jakarta city.

For entering the island itself, you only need to pay for about Rp2.000,-, but once entering the places, you should pay for the other attractions for you to be able to enjoying them. The people can do the activities like football, or just running around the beach

  • Location : Pari island, Jakarta
  • Tips : Better bring your own swimming equipments

5. Bidadari Island Beach

Bidadari island is also one island that included as one wonderful island inside the Kepulau Seribu venue. Well, the word Bidadari means angel. Because of that, this island feels so heavenly, truly heavenly for the people who want to seek relaxation.

There are so many things, the many many outdoor activities in Jakarta that you can do in Bidadari island beach. The most relaxing one is resting, sleeping inside the floating cottage. Yes, you can book one now, in the available tourism website. That’s why, to enter the place, you need to pay for abit higher money.  Rp335.000,- in total. If you want to enjoy a night inside the Bidadari island, you need to spend at least Rp650.000,-. 

  • Location : Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta
  • Tips : Better bring some money, because the reasons mentioned above.

6. Untung Java Island

This beach is located near Jakarta, precisely in the Banten, in the Tangerang. To go here, you’ll need some time from the Tanjung Pasir port, for about 30 until 45 minutes, and then you can succefully landed on this island.

The island itself looks pretty simple, especially for its beach. But, even though it’s pretty simple , the  beach has something good to offer to you, like the clean blue sea, and also the amazing view, because the beach itself is considered a virgin. To enter, you need to pay for about Rp200.000,-

  • Location : Banten
  • Tips : Better bring your own snorkeling suit

Other Best Beaches in Indonesia in Jakarta

The next best beaches in Indonesia near Jakarta are of course will be mentioned also. But, they are included in our small list as usual to be choices for you if you can not visit our recommendations above. These are other beautiful beaches that you can visit :

  1. Jakarta Bay
  2. Carita Beach
  3. Sawarna Beach
  4. Srau Beach
  5. Menganti Beach
  6. Perak Island Beach
  7. Karya Island
  8. Wedi Ombo Beach
  9. Nampu Beach
  10. Anyer Beach

That’s is our total number of the best beaches in Indonesia near Jakarta. Like you can see, there are actually many numbers of them, but located near Jakarta, not inside the Jakarta itself. But it doesn’t matter, as long as Jakarta people will need them for refreshing, they will come there immediately.

People of Jakarta actually need some time for refreshment, beside the usual relaxation inside the places like spa or massage center. Maybe it’s time to join the nature once again, in the next holiday maybe. So, just don’t spend your holiday at home as usual. It’s time to go out!

Ancol Beach

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