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63 Lovely Things to Do in Karawang Indonesia

by niawidya

Who do not know Karawang? Karawang is one of regency in things to do in West Java. This area borders with many district. In the west, Karawang borders with Bogor and Bekasi. In the south, Karawang borders with Cianjur, Purwakarta in the Southeast, Subang in the east and Java sea in the north. In this regency, you will find many interesting attractions. Let’s check this article below.

  1. Curug Bandung

There are many things to do in Karawang West Java, Indonesia. Curug in Sudanese is waterfall. Curug Bandung is the most famous waterfall in Karawang.

Because it has very beautiful scenery and there are 7 waterfalls in this area, such as Curug Peuteuy, Curug Picung and Curug Bandung. Curug Bandung is in Mekarbuana, Tegalwaru.

It is around 42 kilometers from Karawang. To reach this area, you have to walk for three kilometers from Jayanti, Mekarbuana.

Jayanti is in 40 kilometers from Karawang and you should through the market of Loji.

  1. Tanjung Baru Beach

Tanjung Baru Beach is suitable for family attraction. This beach has brown sand. This beach was from deforestation of mangrove along the beach. Because of that, this seawater is turbid and there are many silt settles in any parts.

This beach is in the peninsula between Subang and Karawang. For exactly, it is in Pasir Jaya, Cilamaya, it is around 45 kilometers from Krawang.

If you went there by motorcycle, you will be charged the entrance ticket Rp. 10,000 per motorcycle.

  1. Cipule Lake

After the beach and waterfall, next we go to the lake. It is Cipule Lake. It was a sand quarry. But after it is growth by the government, today this lake is an attraction in Karawang. Cipule Lake is in Walahar, Ciampel and it is around 11 kilometers from Karawang.

This lake is very unique. In the middle of lake, there is a scenery of mountain. This mountain becomes the beautiful background of Cipule lake. Another uniqueness is the way of boat there. The boat is run by controller  who pulled steel cable from the lakeside to Love Island. In Love Island, you can walk around and enjoy the view.

The green forest will make you happy in this island. There are some facilities in this lake, such as rent a fishing equipment, boat with monitor, powerboat for crossing and water pedicab. You may also read things to do in Dieng Plateu

  1. The Monastery of Shian Jin Ku Po

The Monastery Shian Jin Ku Po is in Tanjung Pura, Karang. It is around 4 kilometers from Karawang. In the past, this monastery is a place of Chinese group who land in the bay of Ujung Karawang. Next, this group go to the estuary of Cabangbungin, Bekasi and dawn Citarum river.

This monastery was built in 1770 by that group. They brought their anchestor ash, Sian Djin Ku Poh. The Monastery of Shian Jin Ku Po is in the supervision of Shian Jin Ku Po foundation. This manager always hold big events such as the birthday of monastery, the ceremony of New Year, the ceremony of potumugana and barongs attraction.

If you want to go to historical and culture attractions in Karawang, you can visit the Monastery of Shian Jin Ku Po. This monastery is very popular in another area. They love the architecture of this monastery. In there, you only pay for parking and money cleanliness. You may also read things to do in Banjar Bali.

  1. Jiwa Temple

Want ti know more things to do in Karawang? Jiwa Temple is in the complex enshrinement of Batujaya. For exactly, it is in Segaran, Batujaya and Tegaljaya, Pakisjaya. This temple is not far away from north shoreline West Java.

The name of Jiwa is from a mound where the temple was built and it was considered that it had a soul. The people have taken a goat above that temple but that goat die. The word “Jiwa” is similar to the Hindu god Shiva. In Sudanese accent, “Syiwa” becomes “jiwa”.

This temple is in the middle of rice field, you will feel cool and quiet around the temple. Try to go there in the afternoon. The entrance ticket is Rp. 10,000 per person. You may also read things to do in Prambanan Temple.

  1. Green Canyon

Green Canyon is not only in America but it is in Karawang, too. It is in Tonjong Roke, Medalsari, Pangkalan. You can reach Green Canyon with walking around one kilometer from Cipaga.

Green Canyon is a canyon of soil erosion. This erosion come from river stream that flow for hundreds of years in the cave. The entrance ticket is only a few rupiah as non-governmental.

There is no special gate to enter the Green Canyon. On the road side from Green Canyon, there are only two stores that sell many tourists needs.

  1. The Water boom of Curug Cigentis

This water boom has a concept about back to nature. So, you can play water and enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountain. This tourism village is very suitable for family attraction.

The entrance ticket is cheap. In the weekday, you only pay Rp. 15,000 per person. In the weekend, the entrance ticket is Rp. 20,000 per person. Some games in this Water boom are :

  • ATV
  • Outbound
  • Water boat
  • Fishing
  • Java Inn
  • Typical of Baduy home
  • Futsal field
  • Family gathering
  • Wedding party
  • Company gathering
  • Birthday party
  • Seminar

See also things to do in Cikarang Indonesia.

  1. Determination Rengasdengklok Monument

Do you know a moment of Rengasdengklok? When some youmen “kidnap” Soekarno to push old group to claim the Independence. This place is so wide. The outside of this monument is rounded by the iron fence. Its shape is a monument with text of proclamation in front of its wall.

On the top of monument, there is a ball with writing “17 Agustus 1945”. There are star monument and red white monument in The symbol of determination. This monument is in Jl. Rengasdengklok, Karawang. You may also read things to do in Jakarta.

  1. Taruma Leisure Water Park

Taruma Leisure Park is in Jl. Tarumanegara, the resident of Grand Taruma, Karawang. It is in the middle of city, so it present cool and fresh atmosphere in the bustle of city. There are some places in Taruma Leisure Water Park, they are water slide, kiddy pool, wave pool, lazy river and leisure pool.

This water park also provides some facilities, such as Cabana and Gazebo, Stage, Private locker, Shower to bathroom, Mosque, Toilet, Beach chairs, Life vest and Life guard. The entrance ticket of this water park is Rp. 50,000 per person on Monday – Friday, On Saturday, Sunday and holiday, the entrance ticket is Rp. 65,000 per person. 

More Attractions in Karawang West Java 

Besides attractions above, Karawang still has many attractions, such as things to do in Karawang West Java, Indonesia:

  1. Tanjung Pakis Beach
  2. New Ocean Beach
  3. Curug Cikarapyak
  4. Curug Cipanudaan
  5. Curug Cigentis
  6. Curug Cikoleangkak
  7. Kalimati Lake
  8. Situ Kamojing
  9. Rawagede Monument
  10. Soto Gempol
  11. Gabus Pucung Warung Mandiri
  12. Tahu Bumbu Sari Rasa
  13. Soto Tangkar Mang Nean
  14. Gonjing Cake
  15. Wonderlan Adventure Water Park
  16. Dolls Crafts Center of Cikampek
  17. Sempur Hill
  18. Mount Loji
  19. Cibayat Lake
  20. Tirta Mulya Family Fishing
  21. Blandongan Temple
  22. Curug Tonjong
  23. Culture Village
  24. Place of exile Soekarno
  25. Rainbow beach
  26. Resinda Lake
  27. Dayeuh Cave
  28. Rawa Gede Monument
  29. Situs Batujaya Museum
  30. Reastaurant Alam Sari Water Park
  31. Mall Festive Walk
  32. The new market Karawang
  33. Reastaurant and Fishing Mang Ajo
  34. Karawang Town Square
  35. Tourist Village
  36. The attraction of top Sempur
  37. The grave of Syekh Quro
  38. San Diego Hills
  39. Green Sorabi
  40. Tahu Bumbu Sari Rasa
  41. Steak 21
  42. Curug Ciomas
  43. The culture village of Karawang
  44. The grave of Singaperbangsa
  45. Mitra Agrotourism
  46. Sanggabuana Hills
  47. Rafi Mandiri Fishing
  48. Neng Une Fishing
  49. Abim Fishing
  50. Persada Nature Attraction
  51. Mount Sulah
  52. Kopi Tian
  53. Johar Market
  54. Karawang Central Plaza

Those are some things to do in Karawang. Hope this article help you to determine your next tourism destinations.

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