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13 Delightful Things to Do In Banjar Bali

by galuhvita

Bali is already known with it’s endless beauty and lots of attractions that makes both local and foreign tourists keep coming all through the year. One of the destination is Banjar District in Buleleng Regency. If you have done with things to do in Buleleng, then you should do some things in Banjar as well. Banjar District has lots of both nature and man made attractions. Before you visiting Banjar, here are delightful things to do in Banjar Bali that will complete your holiday. Check them out!

1. Krisna Water Sports

This place is the first water sports venue in Banjar. It has lot’s of water attractions to try, from the calm one like canoe until the challenging one like fly boards. They have prepare the best water attractions for their guests. They also offer ATV tracks for the land lovers who seeks for adventure. After a tiring day, you can rest yourself at the restaurant available there. They will definitely serves you with their best meals and drinks.

To enjoy the water activities, you need to prepare some cash started from Rp 200.000 until Rp 500.000 for each. It’s a definitely great place to spend your holidays, so I hope you can get your tickets and have reservations in this awesome site soon! Check another water sports parks in things to do in Riau Islands.

2. Krisna Funtastic Land

To get to this site, it’s not really far from the previous site since it’s under the same management. But Krisna Funtastic Land offers you and your family lots of attractions with a cheap prize. You can enjoy this place started from 04.00 PM until 10.00 PM. And the entrance ticket is Rp 10.000 each for weekdays, Rp 15.000 each for weekends.

You can enjoy some games like carousel, ferris wheel, boom boom cars, and more attractive games. To play these games, you only need to pay for Rp 12.000 until Rp 22.000 for each game. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the holiday season with your family, so hope you can visit this place.

3. Banjar Hot Spring

Banjar Hot Spring is one of the best place to relax your body and soul. Located near to Lovina Beach, this springs in one of the crowd place as soon as it’s opened. With only pay for Rp 3.000 each, you can enjoy this spring’s facilities. They have three public pools and one private pool. With unique dragon-shaped spouts, it gives you a refreshing sensations.

And you must be hungry after a nice warm bath, so they also prepare a cozy restaurant with affordable price. Before enjoying the meals, surely you have to wash your body clean in the shower room. It’s gonna be an amazing holiday for you and your family!

4. Munduk Waterfall

Munduk Waterfall is located around 2.5 hour drive from Denpasar. Don’t worry for the directions since there are already lots of directions heading to this site. It’s a bit challenging to reach into this place, since the road to this place is still unmanaged. After park you car, you have to walk around 250 meters up before finally you can find this hidden paradise.

This 15 meters tall waterfall will gives you an immediate refreshment as soon as you get here. With the crystal clear water and mild breeze, bet you won’t leave this place soon. Not before you dip your feet into the water or splashing some water with your family! Check another beautiful waterfalls in things to do in Bojonegoro.

5. Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is a very famous spot to watch the jumping dolphins right at the natural habitat. To watch the dolphins, you might want to sleep earlier night before since you have to wake up early next morning.

To watch this amazing show, you have to be on spot between 06.00 AM until 08.00. And to get to the spot, you have to get to the locals boat by paying for Rp 150.000 each person.

Once you get into the spot, you’ll be mesmerized by the groups of dolphins jumping out of the water. It’s gonna be the best view you’ve ever seen in your life, so I hope you won’t missed the chance to visit the dolphins!

6. Brahma Vihara Arama

This monastery is a very famous one, since it’s the only Buddhist Temple that exist in Bali. This temple also has a very unique structure, since there are so many Hindu influences around. So the structure of the monastery mostly looks like the Hindu temples.

But the main attraction is the site has the replica of the biggest monastery in Indonesia, Borobudur Monastery. Everyone are welcomed to visit this beautiful place, since this place is a place for meditation purpose.

So if you want to go to this place, you better prepare yourself to be relaxed and find your inner peace!

7. Sing Sing Waterfall

This waterfall is not too far with Lovina Beach. It’s not hard to find this site since there are so many directions heading to this site. There are two waterfalls in the site, the first one is quite easy to reach since many people had visited it already. But to visit the second one, you might have to walk through a more steep road.

Once you get here, you’ll be welcomed by the fresh breeze and fresh water that coming down from the waterfall. If you’re a traveler that seeks for beauty, the first one is good spot for you since you don’t have you walk far. But if you’re a backpacker that seeks for adventure, then the second one is better for you. Hope you can visit it soon!

8. Tamblingan Lake

This relatively small lake is located at the base of Mount Lesung. Beside this lake there are another lakes nearby the site, they are Buyan Lake and Beratan Lake. As soon as you reached the site, you’ll feel immediately the freshness at the area, since it’s still very natural with rain forest around the lake. Make the air around the area is very refreshing.

This lake holds an important role for the locals, even back then in 10 A.D. People believe that the water from this lake is meant as medicine for the sick. And if you want to learn more about the lake, you can visit the temples around the lake as well. It will be an amazing journey if you’re able to get here! Check another awesome lake in things to do in Bima.

9. Tamblingan Jungle Track

Still around the Tamblingan Lake, if you’re an adventure seeker then you should try the Tamblingan Jungle Track. It’s a really geat things to do in Banjar Bali. You’ll be guided to walk through the rain forest near Tamblingan Lake, exploring its inner beauty. You’ll find ancient temples, beautiful birds and other animals living in the forest.

When you finally see the lake, you’ll get into the canoe and make a round at the sacred lake as the dessert of the tour. And to get to this tour, you only have to pay for $ 19 for each, and even cheaper when you can make a group of more than three. It’s gonna be an exciting experience, so I hope you won’t missed this place to visit!

10. Munduk Moding Plantation

This plantation is one of the organic coffee plantation in Bali. Here you’ll observe around five hectares of coffee plantation with various kind of coffee. Back then, this plantation was introduced by the Dutch in 19th century. Coffee was shipped from Sulawesi back then, so the Dutch started to plant the coffee in this area. It’s proved that this area is the great site for the coffee, since it produces a great amount of it.

Now, you can explore the site and even take a sip of the coffee they produced here. You can buy some for souvenir as well, since they sell it in various size and various price. You surely don’t want to miss this beautiful plantation!

11. Bunut Bolong

If you’re able to visit Banjar, you need to visit this sacred tree. It’s called Bunut Bolong. It’s actually a giant banyan tree that has a hole in it, so big that you can even pass through with a car. Back then, this tree was the main problem when it came to build the road. Since it’s impossible to build the road at either left or right side of the tree, and the spirits in the tree are refusing to be moved out from the tree.

And finally, it comes with a solution to make a hole through the base of the tree that fit for two cars side to side. And now, you can enjoy visiting this tree and pass through it. One thing you have to remember, you need to be polite around this area, since it’s sacred for the locals. Hope you’ll able to visit this place soon!

12. Melanting Waterfall

Not too far from Munduk Waterfall, you’ll find another hidden beauty called Melanting Waterfall. Don’t worry for the trip since there are already lots of directions heading to this site. To get into this site, you need to pay for Rp 5.000 each for adults and Rp 2.000 each for children.

Once you get to this site, you’ll be welcomed by the waterfall that exist between coffee plantation and clove plantation. This 20 meters tall waterfall will give you a very refreshing sensation with its breeze and its water.

It won’t be enough for only resting you feet into the water, you have to get your whole body recharged with freshness of the water here!

13. Golden Valley Waterfall

If you’re not enough with the previous waterfall, then Banjar still has another beautiful spot for you. It’s Golden Valley Waterfall, and it’s not too far from the Munduk Waterfall. It has 15 meters tall with beautiful clove plantations around it. There’s a history behind its name.

Its called Golden Valley because when the clove flowers are blooming, it has yellowish color as if it looks like a gold. That’s why it’s called Golden Valley. You can enjoy the view of the waterfall while sipping some great coffee drinks that locals made from the plantations around. It’s gonna be an epic holiday if you’re able to visit this place!

So that’s delightful things to do in Banjar Bali that will complete your holiday, hope this list will gives you a great vibes all along the holidays! Lastly, don’t forget to share the happiness!

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