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15 Aesthetic Things to Do in Gresik East Java

by Yoga Adi

Hello again, now meeting you guys in this beautiful night to talk some more about the attractions in East Java. Like usual, we want to focus on some areas in East Java, like things to do in Batu for example. But we want to go further from there, to the city of Gresik.

This city of Gresik really famous with its tombs, especially the tombs of the reat Sunans who were spreading the Islam religion accross Java island. You can also see some mosquesthat have the same architecture like the mosques in things to do in Solo. But other than that, Gresik also has some of the good spots for you to visit. Like these spots we gathered to the list of things to do in Gresik :

1. Sendang Biru

In things to do in Pasuruan, we have many lakes that make us remember the greatness of the nature. While in Gresik, we can see another lake that has the sama pramatere as those lakes in Pasuruan, called Sendang Biru. The name of it already famous in the ears of Javanese people.

In here, you can witness for yourself the bluish lake of Sendang Biru that has that very colour which is really different from the other lakes around. Some say that the lake has some benefits of curing diseases, but who knows.

  • Location : Lowayu Dukun
  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours

2. Tanjung Gaang

Another watery area in Gresik that worth looking for is the Tanjung Gaang, located around the Kumalasa village. In the area, you will standing on the high ground right besid the sea, with the deep level of water, really dangerous for swimming, except for the expert swimmers.

The scenery around is really wonderful, which is basically the sea view. The green hills are so awesome, plus the addition of the holey ground right above the sea around here. You can find onewhen exploring a bit in this area.

  • Location : Kumalasa Village
  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours

3. Bukit Jamur (The Hill of Mushroom)

Looking for some unique spots, in Gresik you can also find something unique for the attraction called Bukit Jamur, or the Mushroom Hill. This is actually not purposely made to be an attraction for the people, because this area was a business spot.

Not for retaileres, this area was used to be a mining area, and then abandoned by the staff. Then, those stones left after the mining were facing much erosion from the rain and wind, making them have the shape of a mushroom.

  • Location : Bunga, Gresik
  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours

4. Ngipik Lake

Like the lakes youc an find inside things to do in Ngawi and also Sendang Boru above, Gresik has another option of lake in here called Ngipik Lake. A few kilometer from the Alun-alun or plaza, youc an find this location beside the houses. Even though it looks so beautiful, every one was surprissed by the fact that this lake is located in the industrial area.

Located just in the center of an industrial area, this Ngipik Lake became an osasis for the workers there or the people around to release stress. They can do fishing in here, even though the fishes are not too big to catch.

  • Location : 1,5 km from City Plaza
  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours

5. Kota Lama (The Old City of Gresik)

While in Jakarta there’s the Old Town of Jakarta, in the East Java you can also find the other Old Town in the city of Gresik. If Jakarta has some museums in its Old Town, the Old Town in Gresik has soe old buildings which such a unique form.

Many of them have this kind of Chinese architecture that colored mainly in red. The doors, the windows really make us remember the building in China Town, USA. But not only from the Chinese buildings, you can find another houses that have the traditional Indonesian architecture. You should bring a camera to capture those moments in your visit in this Old Town of Gresik. Sure, it would be fun.

  • Location : Kota Tua Gresik
  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours 

6. Bukit Awan Waterpark

After having some fun with families exploring some of the attractions in Gresik, especially the natural ones, you and your kdis can have some refreshment in this Bukit Awan Waterpak. The kids will surely love this because of the clean and comfortable environment it has.

But beside that, the parents can chill out by eating some meals thatsold around the spot. The whole family can also start to enjoy the waterpark with full of joy. The place is not only suitable for the kids, but for all people in every age in the family.

  • Location : Randu Agung Village
  • Opening Hours : Opens every day from 9 am to 5 pm

The six locations above surely is not the end of your journey in Gresik. There are a lot of places still for you to visit that included in things to do in Gresik. And here are the spots you can go to on your next trip :

  1. The Tombs of The Great Sunans :
  • The Tomb of Sunan Giri
  • The Tomb of Sunan Kalijaga
  • The Tomb of Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim
  1. The Deer Conservation in Bawean Island
  2. Dynasty Waterpark, the biggest one in Gresik
  3. Mombhul Beach, famous with its water house
  4. Kapur Suci Hill, having some feels like the hill in Pandawa beach
  5. Gili Island, perfect spot for family vacation
  6. Bukit Bintang Gresik, the hill of starts

And that ends our meeting here to discuss about the things to do in Gresik East Java. Like you knew already, East Java has a lot of potential of great natural attractions. Even though some big cities that has some good areas like Surabaya attractions , the cities left on the list can give you the new experiences on your journey. Because of that, you should make sure you can explore the areas in East Java for more complete experience.

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