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3 Picturesque Mountains to Hike in Kediri

by Ivonne Puspakencana
mountains to hike in kediri

East Java is full of tourist attractions that are interesting to explore, such as Getting to Know these 4 Most Famous Temples in East Java. One of the cities to explore in East Java is Kediri.

Kediri is located around 130 km from the southwest of Surabaya, the capital city of East Java. While you visit Kediri, you can also consider these 14 Things to Do in Kediri Indonesia #Top Natural Spots.

One of the most interesting spots to explore is the mountain. Kediri has some beautiful mountains to explore. Just mention Mount Kelud, one of the most famous mountains to hike in Kediri.

If you love to have outdoor activities, then you can consider hiking on mountains as it will be able to eradicate your stress and boost up your adrenaline at the same time. Besides Mount Kelud, there are more mountains to explore in Kediri too. Let’s see the 3 picturesque mountains to hike in Kediri.

  • Mount Wilis
Mountains to Hike in Kediri
Mount Wilis

Mount Wilis might be the most famous mountain in Kediri city. This mountain does not only belong to Kediri, but also to some regencies, such as Madiun, Ponorogo, Tulungaggung and others. Mount Wilis is an inactive volcano with majestic appearance and amusing atmosphere.

Besides famous for having the majestic view, Mount Wilis also has an interesting history behind it. You can hire a local guide so that you can learn more about it while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Don’t forget to spare extra time to explore the famous mountain in East Java, Mount Bromo! Spend time reading These Are What to Prepare to Hike Mount Bromo for The First Time! before going there.

Mount Wilis is 2,169 meters above the sea level. Besides, it also consists of different landscapes and forests. You will find many big trees and plants growing on it.

Mount Wilis is a very pleasant mountain to hike. That’s why trekking is the best thing to do here. This mountain provides you a very nice trekking route so even a beginner can enjoy trekking without hassles.

Along the trekking route you will be pleased with the amazing panorama. That’s why people enjoy sightseeing and take photos at the peak too! If you love hiking, then put these Top 20 Mountains in Indonesia for Hiking (#1 World’s Best Trekking) on your list!

  • Mount Klotok
Mountains to Hike in Kediri
Mount Klotok

Mount Klotok belongs to Wilis Mountains and it resides in Pojok Village of Mojoroto Sub-District. Regarding to its name, it comes from two words: Kolo and Tok, which means the dangerous mountains. However, you don’t have to be worried. Despite its scary name, the mountain is still safe to hike and it will give you the beautiful panorama for an adventure instead.

Mount Klotok is about 536 meters above the sea level. You will get peaceful and comfortable at the same time once you visit this mountain. It features tall trees and bushy plants and most of the tourists enjoy trekking here due to the picturesque view!

You can also try the motocross track in this area. The motocross track is located on the foot of the mountain. On some occasions, there is even an official race. You can also enjoy other outdoor activities here, such as outbound and mountain bike.

To explore this mountain, you might need a local guide who can show you the right route. During the trek, you can find some interesting caves and other natural attractions. The caves include the Padedean, Selobale and Selomangleng Cave.

Remember to find a local guide to take you there. Make sure to have a good stamina too and prepare bottled water and some snacks as well. If you wish to explore more caves in East Java, you can consider these 7 Beautiful Caves in East Java.

After visiting Mount Klotok, you can also explore another famous place namedly Sumber Lo Fountain. It will be very comforting for relaxation too.

  • Mount Maskumambang
Mountains to Hike in Kediri
Mount Maskumambang

Another mount to explore in Kediri, East Java is Mount Maskumambang. This mountain is surrounded by hills. The hill is the continuation of Mount Wilis. Mount Maskumambang will serve you a cool atmosphere because of the natural and green trees surrounded the hill.

Many tourists spending their time here to do climbing and trekking up to the mountain. Mount Maskumambang is not too high with the average elevation of 195 meter above the sea level.

You can climb up the mountain by walking on the stairs and you will be able to get more interesting atmosphere as you can enjoy the view of Kediri city from the top. On the top hill, you will also find the tomb of Mbah Boncolono, the local hero during the Dutch colonial.

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