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5 Best Tourist Destinations in Semarapura, Bali

by Ivonne Puspakencana
tourist attractions in semarapura

Bali is always full of surprises, as it has lots of interesting spots to explore. No wonder, Bali is always chosen to be the best spot for having all kinds of trip, including honeymoon, a family trip or trip with friends. You can check the example of What Should Be My Itinerary for 10 Days Honeymoon Trip to Bali Around January.

Bali is famous for having Sanur or Kuta Beach, or Denpasar city, but in fact, it is beyond that. There is a small place in Bali, called Semarapura. This place is the capital of Klungkung Regency. Klungkung regency is the smallest district in Bali, but don’t ask how many amazing things you can do there.

The places to visit Semarapura Bali include the Ubud Art Market, Ubud Monkey Forest Road, Pura Taman Saraswati Temple, Tegenungan Waterfall and Blanco Renaissance Museum. Make sure to consider visiting Semarapura while you’re in Bali. Let’s take a closer look at these 5 best tourist destinations in Semarapura in Bali.

  • Ubud Art Market
Tourist Destinations in Semarapura
A tourist choosing the best souvenir in Ubud Art Market

If you love something cultural or artsy, you can consider visiting Ubud Art Market. Ubud Art Market has some handcrafted products by the local people and the people of the neighboring villages. You can find all the things from the unique souvenir items, handbags to lightweight clothing items.

Don’t be triggered by the price tags. You still can apply your bargaining skills here during shopping. This market is locally called as Pasar Seni Ubud and it is located in the center of the tourism area of Ubud, Bali. It’s also considered as one of the best shopping spots in Ubud. While you’re in Ubud, make sure

  • Pura Taman Saraswati
Tourist Destinations in Semarapura

Bali is full of amazing temples, one of which is located in Semarapura, Bali. Pura Taman Saraswati is a must visit in Bali as it is built in traditional Balinese architecture. This water temple is located in the center of Ubud.

Pura Taman Saraswati is a kind of water temple. The best time to visit this temple is post sunset so that you will be able to see the famous Kecak Dance performance that takes place inside the temple premise. You can also visit the other places Where to Watch Kecak Dance in Bali Indonesia.

This temple is a bit different with the common temples in Bali. This temple has a big pool where you can find a lot of red lotus flowers. This pool of lotus flowers is one of the attraction of this temple. If you visit this temple, don’t forget to take lots of photos as the view is breathtaking and include yourself in the selfie too!

There are some rules you need to pay attention to before entering the temple, such as the ladies who get period are not allowed to enter the temple, never say something rude and throw any trash carelessly. Make sure you follow the rules if you visit this temple.

  • Ubud Monkey Forest Road
Tourist Destinations in Semarapura
Ubud Monkey Forest Road

While you’re in Ubud, consider visiting this market too! There’re a lot of markets in Ubud, so make sure you prepare a lot of money when you come here!

The place is located near the sanctuary and comprises a long trail of shops selling various products. If you’re looking for some genuine leather handbags, or some local snacks, then you should visit this market.

Besides shopping, also do these 16 Impressive Things to Do in Downtown Ubud.

  • Blanco Renaissance Museum
Tourist Destinations in Semarapura
Blanco Renaissance Museum

This place will be suitable for history and art lovers. This museum used to be the residence and studio of an artist from Filipino, called Don Antonio Blanco. He lived and painted the beautiful Bali islands after moving here in 1952. You can enjoy the gorgeous sights of Bali through the eye of this artist.

Not only serving you the beautiful paintings, but this place also has the gift shop, a lush garden space and great café. So, you can spend a relaxing day here. This place is very close to Ubud as it only needs around 5 minutes to drive here.

There are some other museums in Bali you can visit. One of which is Puri Lukisan Museum. If you plan to visit it, please read these 15 Things To Do in Museum Puri Lukisan – Ubud Bali.

  • Tegenungan Waterfall

If you want to spend your day in nature, then Tegenungan Waterfall is the right choice for you. It is just 10 minutes to the South of Ubud, so it is close enough to visit this place.

The waterfall is surrounded by green trees so it will give you a cool atmosphere. The volume of the water in the waterfall is also quite impressive throughout the year, so you will be able to spend your time swimming or just showering under the waterfall.

Take a closer look at everything you need to know about Tegenungan Waterfall Ubud Bali – Tourism – Locations – Entrance.

There are also some souvenir and art shops managed by the locals selling some traditional jewelry. The place also has some restaurants that will enable you to enjoy the mouth-watering Balinese dishes.

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