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15 Things To Do in West Lombok (Insanely Captivating)

by louisagabe

After talking about Things To Do in West Bali), now is the time talking about the opposite of East area. Yup, we gonna talk about things to do in West Lombok. Furthermore, Christmas will coming very soon. It means long holiday will always come. Have you arrange what you will do in that long holiday? If you planned to go to Bali, especially Lombok, make sure you’ll visit the Western Lombok. Here is the list about what you can do, take a look.

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1. Narmada Park

Right on the West area in Lombok, there is Narmada Park. Its located in Village Lembuah, Narmada district, West Lombok. The place is about 10 km from Mataram, perhaps need around 30 minutes on the way to be here. Narmada Park covers about 2 hectares built in 1727 by King of Mataram Lombok. The King named Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem.

From October till November, Narmada Park used as a place to held full moon of Caka. Not only that, the park also used as resting place for royal family during dry season. The park basically owned by Hinduism and confessed as sacred place. Inside the park, there’s a holy water screamingly from Mount Rinjani. The water believed beneficial to keep us young. Believe it or not, must attempt to!

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2. Gili Kedis

Gili Kedis located in Sekotong, West Lombok. Comparing to another island (like Gili Meno) in Lombok, Gili Kedis is the smallest one. But the beautifulness can’t beat. Visiting Gili Kedis will never make you regretful cause the island is amazing. The coral reef, fish, turquoise water, what can beat them all? You can find all of them easily. Do not need to dive beneath because you can see it from above.

The water on Gili Kedis insanely clean and clear will make you rapidly wanna take off the cloth and go swimming. Come over and enjoy holiday by relaxing nearby the beach. Anyway, water activities, such snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing, can enjoy freely. Yup, doesn’t need to spend penny.

3. Batu Bolong Temple

Apart from Uluwatu Temple, Batu Bolong located adjuscent with Senggigi Beach. Literally its located above the black rock on Senggigi Beach. By the top of the temple, you can enjoy beautiful atmosphere. You also can enjoy the whole Senggigi Beach looks and the areas around.

Batu Bolong Temple well-known as a sacred temple for Hinduism. This temple absolutely will remind you to Tanah Lot Temple in Bali Island. For those praying and worshiping around the temple, get warranty for peaceful and serenity in life. Stepping foot on the temple obviously will give you such a magic. Well, not because the sacred ritual (praying and worshiping), but moreover to the wave and wind sounds while moving. Batu Bolong Temple also a nice place to enjoy sunset. Make sure bring the camera and filming the whole moment.

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4. Klui Beach Resort

There are lot of places we can visit here, in West of Lombok. Staying a day totally not enough to explore each side. At least, we need to stay 3 days 2 night to be in some beautiful places. Then, Klui Beach Resort as an answer. Built around seven years ago, exactly in 2010, made Klui Resort is one of the best places to stay in Lombok.

The location is accessable, make travelers can go to the nature easily. Taking a trip around Gilis might be easy. There are 21 hotel rooms over here with diff suits. 18 suits overlooking to the beach, 2 suits directly to the sea, and 1 to the swimming pool.

The price tag one to another suits will be diff of course. Make sure you pick the greatest and beautifulest one overlooking the beach. Waking up in the morning with sunrise views, what an amazing feeling to start a new day!

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5. Pandanan Beach

The next things to do in West Lombok is visiting Pandanan Beach. This beach isn’t hype up at all, is more calm and quiet. However, still beautiful and exotic make people wanna come over and over again. Most of visitors in this beach is locals. Tourist still exist but find rarely on the beach. The main reason perhaps because the beach unpublish yet.

It will takes 15 minutes by car or scooter to get here from Senggigi. Make sure you’ll include Pandanan Beach in your list. You’ll never regret enjoying time over here. Watch the beautiful sunset from the shore and eat your fave fish at the same time. Unlike the other beach, the price tag on Pandanan Beach isn’t ruin penny.

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6. Kerandangan Beach

There’s lot of destination you can try in Lombok. One of the most is Kerandangan Beach, which  hard to beat. The location isn’t far from Senggigi Beach. You can reach two beaches at the same day after visiting one of them. Pamper yourself relaxing, swimming, build sand castle, and playing. The beach also suitable for those who keen to get tan.

There are three entrance gates on Kerandangan Beach. Most of visitors, especially tourist prefer to pass by the gate three. Why? Because the exotism will be more visible. Tryna water sports, such surfing also recommended. Hit the reef and conquer the waves must be more attractive for surfers.

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7. Mawun Beach

Mawun beach simply diff with the other in majority. The difference is on the pople who visiting the beach. Yup, it less of visitors. You can conclude Mawun beach as a private beach because its quite quiet. Locals and vendors are the visitors in majority. Even though it feels like hush, the beach highly recommended for those need to pamper themselves.

Whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening, the beach still serves a great view. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset by coming earlier. Well, no necessary to come early because still get the spot for taking pictures.

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8. Selong Belanak Beach

No matter what, beach could find easily in Lombok. Most of them also beautiful, but Selong Belanak Beach is the most most and most beautiful and exotic beach. It’s such a real hidden gem that offers pristine water and softest white sand.

Selong Belanak Beach located on the best hills in West Lombok, with an incredible view. Sitting down at the shore, grab your coconut, and relax enjoying the sun bright. From the shore, you also can enjoy the chain of tropical hills from one to another beach. The chain looks like a natural fortress on the beach.

Since Selong Belanak Beach offers a remarkable views, all road being paved to make it accessible. However, it doesn’t make the beach super crowd at all. Most people still consider to catch into this beach because its a bit hard to reach.

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9. Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Benoa well-known has a great view. However, I’ll drive you right now into Tanjung Aan Beach. The beach well-known has a pristine turquoise water and fine white sand. What a beautiful combo! From the shore, you can see what beneath the sea and fantastically Tanjung Aan almost the Carribean-like. Surrounded by beautiful long bay, yet you can decide to swim in the other side of the beach.

Among the bay, there is a hill to divide each bay.. I mean left and right bay sides. Standing on the top of the hill, you can see the real Tanjung Aan and the other views for real! Be here once will not enough cause you need time to go over and over again.

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10. Lombok Rafting

Try somethin’ new? Why not! Rafting is one of several activities adrenaline testing. Its located on the edge of Mataram, certainly on Desa Lingkar, Kecamatan Narmada, West Lombok. Unlike the other rafting, Lombok rafting more challenging automatically make your heart beat so fast. It offers the highest challenge that ever exist!

To attempt Lombok rafting, you need to register yourself and your time (each time consist with 4 / 5 people). The price tag is affordable with the experience. It cost Rp 500.000 / each. Well, the penny you spent isn’t only for rafting. Because it serves you rafting and transportation in return.

11. Senggigi Beach

There will no day without going to the beach. It makes sense because West Lombok served you ton of beaches. You got many option, but don’t forget to go to Senggigi Beach. This beach is so so popular for either locals and tourists.

Senggigi beach serves exotism view with white sandy beaches. Beside relaxing, all visitors allowed to go for swimming safely (also check this things to do in Senggigi Beach Lombok). The pristine water make you can see the marine life just by standing in. If you unsatisfy, go snorkel and explore the variety of coral reefs beneath. Dry season is the perfect time to come over, because there lot of boats to drive you to Bangsal, the port to catch Gili Island.

12. Ampenan Old Town

Ampenan is known as sub-district in Lombok. Nowadays, its well-known as old town or Kota Tua in Indonesian. Along the road, you can find variant villages called Kampung. There are Kampung Bugis, Kampung Melayu, Kampung Banjar, etc. The whole villages life in peaceful and harmonious. They respect one to another and offer helps easily. They keep and maintain tolerance for life. Beside the villages life, Ampenan Old Town also offers bunch of shops belonged to Arab community. Go walking the street and enjoy the old architecture and attraction.

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There are many things to do in West Lombok has mentioned. Make your time to visit the whole places and share your experience over here, by drop your comment. If you find this beneficial, kindly share it! Thank you.

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