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30 Magical Things to Do in Nias Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Hello again everyone, with your friendly neighborhood author here here in AllIndonesiaTourism.com will give you another satisfying holiday spot list! Now, you know the Nias Tribe. The tribe is very well know, throughout all the medias in Indonesia. You can see them in commercials, you can see them in television programs, and you can even find them in our currency. The tribe lives in this little island on Sumatra called Nias.

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The Nias island is way smaller that the actual Sumatra Island. The island looks very simple on the map, but the attractions there will blow you out. Starting from natural attractions to the historical spot like museum and ancient site. You can see the complete informations about the 15 things to do in Nias North Sumatra below :

1. Pusaka Nias Museum

The first one you should visit is the Museum of Nias itself. Before going everywhere on the island, better know what island you are into first. Here, you can learn them all starting from ancient myth scroll, and also informations about the Nias Tribe.

If you interested, you can visit the museum at Yos Sudarso, Gunungsitoli for more. Even though its complete with many many informations about Nias, the museum ain’t boring at all. So, it’s a wise choice if you come here fist before visiting some other places.

  • Opening Hours : Monday – Saturday from 7 am – 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp10.000,-

2. Bawomataluo Village

The next is one is the village of Nias tribe, the Bawomataluo village. I know, it’s hard to pronounce it. Here is the place where the Nias Tribe lives together in harmony. To find it, you can check the map at the area of Fanayama in South Nias.

In here you can learn about them and their daily life. Also, their own unique culture which is very great to look at. With no entry ticket and little effort, you can witness the beauty of the Nias Tribe yourself. Happy trails!

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

3. Indah Turtle Beach

This is the turtle conservation you’ll love. Like the usual conservation, you can see the activities in there including the breeding and also the releasing event. So, it’s a good thing to take your girlfriend (if you have any) to this cute little beach to watch all those cute turtles. She’ll definitely love it.

Then, it also a good place to visit with family, especially if you have children with you. So by that, they can learn, study, and enjoying their good times with the turtles here. Then, to come here you can check the East side of Nias Island in the google map. You can find it easily there.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp25.000,-

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4. The Pink Beach

Well this is the special one. Girls, isn’t this beautiful? Your favorite colour is now becoming more real with the existence of the Pink Beach in Arafuru, Nias. The special thing in this beach is of course, the pink colour of the beach that very natural and not added with some kind of chemical aspects.

The colour is very natural and not made by any human in Nias. The beach made it by itself. So, here’s the one jewel of Nias that you can’t find anywhere else except in here. You must be very lucky to witness the pink colour that comes not so often.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

5. Fodo Beach

Nest is Fodo Beach. Not Frodo, it’s Fodo. The Fodo Beach can be found in the east side of Nias Island, on Gunungsitoli regency. The Fodo beach has this good balance of composition between the sea, the land, and the coconut trees. Plus the boats if they passed by.

So the scenery is really good, especially on the morning or during the sunset. It’s really nice place to visit, either for just hang out or having family trip somewhere.  It may looks not much, but very special in Gunungsitoli people’s hearts.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Free admission ticket

6. Toyolawa Beach

The next spot is the Toyolawan Beach located in Hui Gawolo, Lahew. Just like the beaches in Nias, you an do your things in here like swimming or barbecuing a little bit in the sea shore. In the beach you can see two large rocks, that almost look like the turtle shells.

You can hop on them and taking a picture or two. But beside that, the thing to enjoy in the beach is the panorama which is looks very cool. There’s nothing between you and the horizon, just you and the sea. The vie here is “unlimited for everyone”

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Free admission ticket

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7. Malaga Beach

In The seventh place there’s Malaga beach located in Gunungsitoli area. This beach is unbelievably beautiful. Even in pictures, you can witness the green panoramic view of it. Glad they keep it as natural as possible to maintain all the beautiful things in one great place. Of course they only added some children plays and other facilities for the people.

He waves aren’t too big, the tress neatly “preserved”make this beach is very comfortable to visit. You can enjoy the sea whatever you want, while the children can enjoy some of the children plays in the park. So, the place is good for any person in the family including mom, dad, and the children. And also not forget, the couples.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Free admission ticket

8. Howu Howu

This one cafe is really famous in South Nias. Many people come here that you can see almost all of their pictures in google. Like people said, the place’s good for karaoke, that’s why people came here mainly for karaoke, not the view or dishes.

Even the dishes are quite simple and traditional, all the things you want to seek it is this family and homey feelling that you can feel while in here. That’s why people want to hang for little more time in the cafe, because they already love one another as a family. By then, they can sing together the song of Howu Howu.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 7 am – 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket ( for parking only)

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9. Baloho Beach

The ninth beach on the things to do in Nias North Sumatra is located in Teluk dalam regency. This place is mainly focused on having couple tourists for the mean time. So for you singles, there’s hope. Hope to be alone in one single evening. Anyway they built several “things” that you can see here, resembling mostly about love. The love sign, the tables only for two, and some other else.

The view hereis great though, perfect for candle light dinner for the night. The place is famous for all its elements of love. Here is the place for wedding proposal or starting a relationship. That’s why whe said in the first paragraph, there’s hope for singles

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Free admission ticket

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10. Baua Lake, Bawa Island

The last place in here with brief explanation in the things to do in Nias North Sumatra. To come here, you need to cross the island to go to the Bawa Island, located not far from Nias. In this small island, there are some attractions that can may be interesting for you to visit. One of them is the lake, the Baua Lake.

The lake is located in far north west side of the island. You can find it easily. Panorama in here is like the one in Toba Lake, the form of the lake is also the same like it. There’s no big different between this two except their location. But, in here you can see another attractions that located not far from Baua lake, just a few steps from it. It’s great.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Free admission ticket

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Other Attractions in Nias North Sumatra

There are dozens of good places you should go to. The 5 places left to explore in Nias are:

  1. Togindrawa Cave, explore the deep and mysterious cave in Nias !
  2. Baho Ndra Waterfall, beautiful waterfall of the island
  3. Ya’ahowu Park, enjoying and chilling in the park
  4. Laowomaru, an outstanding cave that you should visit
  5. Megalithic Site, the heritage of the old time

That’s it guys the things to do in Nias North Sumatra. Well what do you think about Nias now? Where is the first place you want to go? We totally recommend the first one though, all is going well when you know where to and what the place you’re into. So it’s best to learn some history first in the beginning, and then finally realize it with enjoying some of the attractions.

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