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20 Heavenly Things to Do in Umalas Bali Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Hello everyone. Meeting you again in this beautiful morning to tell you about another wonderful lists of attractions in Indonesia. Perhaps it’s late, but here we go. After discussing and reviewing many spots located in Indonesia, we finally back again to this magnificent island of Bali. But hey, here’s an area you may not know yet.

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The area called Umalas, located on the South side of Bali near Seminyak regency. This south side og Bali is actually a business and pleasure spots area. Pleasure with luxury stuff. In here you can find many places to hanging out and do whatever needed to be done in nightlife. It’s a glittering part of Bali and will always live especially during the night. Well, these are the spots that you can find in things to do in Umalas Bali, Indonesia :

1. Petitenget Beach

It’s a good thing that you can still find some natural attractions in here like this one for example, named Petitenget beach which is located in the border between Seminyak and Umalas. The beach of Petitenget have been refurbished before to make it more comfortable to foreign tourist. So they added this kind of Bar with some wooden sofas lying there.

The place is very great to hanging out in the evening, and continuing until the night’s come. In this venue you can see some events that held sometimes in here to make the beach more live and crowded. So, this spectacular spot is the first you must go to.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp15.000,-

2. Superhero Factory Bali

Ah, the Superhero Factory. No, this is the factory who produces superheroes, but in this factory you can be a superhero. At least in physical terms. This place is full of exercising “plays”. You can do wall climbing, do the zig zag jumping, or jumping from high platform.

Yes, this is actually the gym-like venue in Umalas Bali which anyone can try it for a while. This place is also good for children, so they can train their muscle and motoric in one time. So parents shouldn’t be worried about safety because the place guarantee 100% safety to every children in the venue. Time for for work out!

  • Opening Hours : Everyday except Monday from 11 am – 7 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp100.000,-

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3. Totem Room Escape Challenge

After do some exercises in Superhero Factory, let’s train our brains in the venue of Totem Room Escape Challenge Seminyak Bali. Here we have to escape the room with puzzles provided. The books, the lasers and some other mysterious elements are used in this place to make us think about possibilities and chances.

Well, if you want to challenge it, just come by Kayu Aya Street to check the place yourself. You can bring a friend or two to accompany you through out your journey there. Solve the puzzle together and escape the room with full satisfaction.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 10 am  – 10 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp200.000,-

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4. Kayu Putih Beach

After the Petingetet Beach, we’re gonna go to the next natural attractions in Umalas called Kayu Putih Beach. Kayu Putih beach which means White wood is indeed a beautiful one. There’s a gate made of wood that has white color on it. Maybe that’s why people called it the Kayu Putih Beach.

In the beach you can taking a picture in the gate, alone or with group. Then you can do the usual things in beach. Call it, swimming, surfing, barbecuing all the good stuff can be done in the beach without worry. But, don’t leave any mess behind.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket

5. Batu Bolong Beach

What’s more things to do in Umalas Bali? Well, next is Batu Bolong beach. You know already talked about this in several articles in here, then we’re gonna talk a little bit about it to remind you. You remember this Batu Bolong right? Beach completed with an island with a hole in it.

The beach can be found in the west side of regency, between Umalas and other regency. The beach deserves a great shot in the evening. Picture this, the view of sunsets through a hole in the middle of the land. Isn’t it great?

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket

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6. Batubelig Beach, West side of Umalas

Well, we forgot to tell you this but these three beaches, Batu Bolong, Batubelig and Perancak are located on this line of shore. So, after visiting one, you can go to another. After visiting Batu Bolong, you can go to the next destination, the Batubelig beach.

While the Batubolong has spectacular view, the Batubelig is a great spot to calm and do massaging. Yes, there are several people who can serve you with their specialty in massaging. Then, a massaging completed with the sounds of seagulls, and the waves will make you don’t ever want to leave the spot.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp10.000,- ( Plus the massaging cost, if you want any)

7. Perancak Beach, West side of Umalas

The last beach on the “three musketeers” is Perancak Beach, located not far from both beaches. The beach may looks less beautiful than other two, but here is the thing. In the beach you can find many coconut tress. If you’ve given permission to get them, you can harvest them freely! Yep, you and your friend can climb up the tress to get the coconuts.

After that, you can enjoy the coconuts by eating them raw ( which is nearly impossible to eat without knife) or just burn them by the fire and enjoy the hot coconut flesh. You can enjoy them whatever you like, plus seeing the orange sky of the sunset.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket

8. La Laguna Gipsy Village Cafe

This place in Kayu Putih street, Berawa is actually looks so magical either in picture or in the real life. The cafe took the gipsy village theme, which is looks very cute and also colorful. So many people will take a selfie first with that as the background and then finally enjoying the cafe. Nothing we can do about it, it’s so cute.

The best thing about the venue is the way they made this empty green park into something colourful and more alive cafe. They also added some lamps which really look comforting for some reason. Then, the magical place is indeed a must visit venue in Umalas.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday from 10 am – 10 pm
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket ( only for parking)

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9. Nook Bali Cafe

Have you ever been in a cafe located in the middle of rice fields? Well this is the spot you must go to. The Nook Bali cafe in Umalas 1 street successfully combined those elements of cozy cafe with the peaceful rice fields. The combination looks pretty good.

The sensation of sipping tea in the middle of this roofless and wall less cafe is somewhat spectacular. Plus the wind that sometimes comes by to greet you, adding this feeling of Indonesian calmness in this modern time. Well, this is very good and there are many more things to do in Umalas Bali Indonesia.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday from 8 am – 11 pm
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket ( only for parking)

10. La Favela, Kayu Aya Street

The last one is La Favela in Kayu Aya Street. This one is a great wonderful friendly bar that you can find in Umalas. The design looks somewhat piraty, you know with the font that they used as the name La Favela and also some wood decorations inside it.

The combine this elements of bar in the old times and modern times. They used the architecture of a simple and efficient building, not too big but satisfying. The place is also a spot for teenagers to hangout, because the prices in here are affordable.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday from 12 pm – 3 am
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket ( only for parking)

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Other Attractions in Umalas Bali

The 10th is not the last, there are still many places to go. Starting from 11th, these are the 5 places left in things to do in Umalas Bali :

  1. Santo Mikael Church, a wonderful church in Umalas
  2. W Tret and Spa, relax with luxury and harmony
  3. Nirvana Burger Bar, burger shop never been this comfy before
  4. Umalas Hotel and Residence, great place for relax and also an icon of Umalas
  5. Vin + Bar, enjoy the long night with some drinks!

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Then our list finish here. So if you happen to be in Umalas, here’s the helpful guide for you to find its wonderful venues. Even though this spot is a business area, Umalas has some other great stuff to discover. Then, it’s your job to do it as a tourist. Enjoy your vacation in Umalas!

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