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The 4 Stunning Beaches to Explore in North Sumatera

by Ivonne Puspakencana
beaches in north sumatera

North Sumatera is one of the most populated provinces in Indonesia after West Java, East Java and Central Java. Besides its amazing culture, North Sumatera is also worth to visit as it has some natural sightseeing spots, such as lakes, mountains, beaches and also these 6 Must-Visit Magnificent Waterfalls in North Sumatra.

You might know Lake Toba, Samosir Island and Mount Sinabung as the natural spots to be explored. However, North Sumatera will give you more than those places.

There are some stunning beaches you can explore in North Sumatera and each of them is worth visiting. They serve you stunning and beautiful view that you will never regret!

  • Bali Lestari Beach
Beaches to Explore in North Sumatera
Bali Lestari Beach

Bali Lestari Beach is the most popular beach in North Sumatera. As its name, Bali Lestari Beach has similar nuance to that of Bali. No wonder, most tourists feel like they spend their holiday in Bali when they come here.

The locals don’t have to visit the real Bali as they can get the similar atmosphere at that beach. Even when the tourists enter the gate, they will notice a Balinese gate, which is often found in Balinese temples.

There’s also a ceremonial umbrella at both sides of the gate. If you visit Bali, then have a try visiting these 5 Beaches in Tabanan, Bali, Amazing Spots to Relax.

The main reason why this beach is popular among tourists is because of the Bali nuance. The beach offers a vast area along with the beautiful soft-textured sandy shoreline. The beach is really popular as it is really crowded during weekends as the locals also enjoy relaxing at this beach with their family.

If you visit this place, you can do some activities, such as having a family picnic, beach walking and taking some breathtaking pictures.

Not only the nuance of the beach that is similar to Bali, Bali Lestari beach also offers some interesting facilities, such as flying fish, banana boat and canoeing. Snorkeling can also be one of the activities you can put on your list!

  • Lumban Bulbul Beach
Beaches to Explore in North Sumatera
Lumban Bulbul Beach, Balige

Another stunning beach in North Sumatra is Lumban Bulbul Beach in Balige. Balige is a small town near Toba Lake. Many people visit this beach for a vacation. This beach is also famous for having white and soft sand along the shoreline. Most of the people visiting this place are families, and they spend most of the time playing water sport here.

Not only beautiful, but Lumban Bulbul Beach is also suitable for kids. Your kids will be able to enjoy playing with the water or even snorkeling. It is safe as the water is clean and shallow.

Local people often compare this beach with Ancol in Jakarta. Shady trees also surround this beach so you can enjoy relaxing under the shady trees. Many people said that Lumban Bulbul Beach is a perfect place to relieve stress.

If you plan to visit this beach, you can access it from Parapat. The local people are very friendly so you will be able to ask them for accommodation and other information as well.

  • Bebas Sukkean Beach
Beaches to Explore in North Sumatera
Bebas Sukkean Beach, Onan Runggu District

If you have ever visited Samosir Island, then you should also visit Bebas Sukkean Beach. This beach is located in the same district as Hariara Na Bolon in Onan Runggu District. Tourists usually visit these two places at the same time. This beach is famous for its dock, so that the locals called this place as Sukkean Dock.

In the Onan Runggu District itself, the locals like to celebrate some big events, especially Indonesian Independence Day. If you are lucky and coming at the right time, then you will be able to enjoy some music and dancing shows.

If you come from Medan, you can visit this place through Tomok, then head to Onan Runggu District. You can also ask the locals once you arrived at the district and they are friendly enough to help you show the way.

  • Tureloto Beach
Beaches to Explore in North Sumatera
Tureloto Beach, Nias

If you have ever wished to visit Dead Sea in Yordania, then you don’t have go that far. North Sumatra also has it. The name is Tureloto Beach! This beach is located in North Nias District. It is quite far if you come from Binaka Nias airport as there isn’t any transportation accessing the route there yet.

Nias is famous for the stone jumping. Explore What You Should Know about Stone-Jumping in Nias, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Many tourists and local people visit this place. This beach is really popular among them, as there are around 300 locals come here to eat, drink, relax and swim. In front of Tureloto, you will notice a lagoon that is large enough and protected by a house reef. This is a safe place for swimming with smooth sandy bottom.

The most interesting fact about Tureloto is it was formed because of 2005 earthquake. During the earthquake, the western coast of Nias Island was uplifted up to three meters. The northwest coastline of the island was totally changed and as a result, the old land of the beach now lays 300 meters inland.

If you plan to visit this beach, you will be able to enjoy some activities, such as snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of the corals and enjoying the local food (Nias food). The corals and sea biota are very stunning. While you’re floating on the water, you can even play with the small fish and the beautiful corals here.

You can also enjoy the local food, Nias food, such as the grilled fish with the special seasoning which is sour and savory at the beach. The price is affordable too! Explore these 8 North Sumatran Foods You Have To Try, too!

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