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4 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in North Nias

by Ivonne Puspakencana
tourist attractions in nias

Nias Island is famous for its beautiful natural tourist attractions. It is divided into two parts: North Nias and South Nias. North Nias is surely located in the northern part of Nias Island.

As it is located just north of the equator, Nias Island is considered as the largest in a string of islands  west of Sumatra marking the western limit of the Indonesian archipelago. While you’re in Nias, you should consider doing these things to do in Nias, Indonesia.

Most people visit this island for surfing. At the moment the northern part of the island will probably see less foreign travelers than other parts of Nias.

It is because the tourism in North Nias is still progressing in the pioneering stages. However, it does not mean that North Nias doesn’t have tourist attractions. You can still visit these 4 most popular tourist attractions in North Nias.

  • Luaha N’droi Waterfall
Tourist Attractions in North Nias
Luaha N’droi Waterfall, one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Nias

The first popular tourist attraction in North Nias is Luaha N’droi Waterfall. This waterfall is considered as one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Nias Island. This waterfall is good to be visited at any season as there is always good water all year around.

You can see the beauty of the waterfall from below. The river flow is also good for swimming. The area is divided into three separate levels which are 25 meters high in total. The levels look like stairs.

The atmosphere is really soothing here! At this site, you can enjoy bathing, relaxation and taking some pictures. Waterfalls in North Sumatra will give you more idea about the best waterfalls in North Sumatra.

Visiting Luaha N’droi Waterfall is definitely challenging. From Fulolo Village, you can choose to walk to the site and it takes around 15 minutes walking there. Don’t worry as there is a footpath you can use for trekking.

If you wish to come by vehicle, you can park your vehicle on the side of the road near the village. During trekking, you can see many natural attractions, such as the dense trees and bushes. It’s worth seeing!

  • Wunga Island
Tourist Attractions in North Nias
Wunga Island with the magnificent lighthouse

Wunga Island is a small island belonging to North Nias Regency. This island is included in Tello Archipelago in Nias Regency. Just like the most islands located in Tello Archipelago, there are some natural attractions and a local settlement you can find in this island.

Once you visit this island, you will see several houses of the locals, guard post and a lighthouse. The lighthouse is the prime charm of the island as it has interesting design and strategic location. It is also open for public too!

As the lighthouse is the prime charm, let’s talk about this lighthouse a bit. This lighthouse is the best spot to explore the whole parts of the island. For instance, you can head to the east part to see where the lagoon resides. You can also witness the coral reefs.

The lighthouse is located near the village so you can access it easily. Everyone is allowed to enter the lighthouse. You will be amazed by the sea scenery and the surrounding environment. Don’t forget to use the camera and take some pictures of them. After finish taking some pictures, you can head to the village and enjoy some local food too!

After seeing the great panorama, you can head to the local settlement. There are only around 8 to 9 households live on the island, so you won’t find a lot of people there. That’s why the nuance of the island is a bit quiet and peaceful.

  • Tureloto Beach
Tourist Attractions in North Nias
Tureloto Beach with Batu Otak

The next recommended tourist attraction in North Nias is Tureloto Beach. The beach is located in Balefadorotuho Village and it belongs to Lahewa Sub-district.

The site becomes famous because of its unspoiled nature and pristine seawater. If you wish to enjoy sightseeing, relaxation, boat riding and photography, then you should visit this beach! Spend time reading beaches in Sumatra!

Unlike regular beaches, Tureloto Beach does not have much sandy area. There are lots of corals scattering all over the shoreline. The beach is quite sloping, so the seawater is more beautiful and safer for swimming.

You will see the creamy light blue color as the sea water combines with the sand. The waves are small too, so it is safe! If you just want to enjoy sightseeing and resting, you can stay in a small hut facing the sea.

The sea scenery is amazing as this beach faces the Indian Ocean. If you want to enjoy sightseeing, you can visit this beach at noon.

The ray of the sun gleams beautifully and it is reflected on the surface of the seawater and the white sand. You can even see the coral reefs clearly at this time. One famous coral reef here is called Batu Otak or the stone of brain because it has the shape that is similar to human’s brain.

  • Tumori Village
Tourist Attractions in North Nias
The local custom house in Tumori Village

If you wish to witness the local heritage of Nias people, then you should visit Tumori Village. In this village, you will be able to see the unique home of local custom houses. This village belongs to Gunungsitoli Sub-district and it is near Binaka Airport.

Tumori Village gets its name from a giant tree found by the founders of the settlement. Most people living there belong to Zebua clan and they live a traditional life. They also might conduct some custom feasts at any given time and those become the attraction for tourists.

The houses are made of wood and have oval shape. They also feature the roof that is made of sago palm. There’s an interesting fact: the houses have been there for more than 100 years!

Still in Sumatra, get to know these things to do in Sumatra, Indonesia. Moreover, Nias is also famous for having the stone-jumping, make sure you read everything in stone-jumping in Nias, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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