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Want Some Fun? Here are 5 Things to Do Near Kuta Beach

by Widiya

It always feels like summer anywhere in Bali, especially in Kuta, and for some people, that means hitting up the local beach or visiting a beach town while on vacation. On the off chance that you believe that having fun at the beach is restricted to simply swimming, there is much more than you are missing out on. 

Relatively few things beat a day by the shoreline. There is nothing like the vibe of the sun on your back and waves breaking over your feet. You might also be interested in beaches in Kendari.

There are likewise bunches of nature and wildlife to find from graceful seaside birds, hastening crabs, magnificent shells, and slimy kelp. However, if you prefer to explore something other than the beach itself, we have plenty of suggestions.

Here are probably the best thing to do near Kuta Beach. Go check out the list down below.

A List of Things to Do Near Kuta Beach

  1. Visiting Bali’s Waterparks 
Things to Do Near Kuta Beach

Bali has not one, but rather two waterparks. The more famous of the two is Waterbom Bali which has 17 slides and has been built for those who wish to go through a day engaging themselves on the slides. You can have more information about this by checking out waterparks in Bali.

Cafés, pools, and tropical parks make it a spot for all ages. Carnival Waterpark is the second waterpark in Bali and firmly situated in Waterbom Bali. 

The draw here is that it is more kid-friendly with a dedicated kids area and the cost is less expensive. There is likewise a languid stream, slides for grown-ups, cafés, and a spa inside the park. 

  1. Shopping at Beachwalk Mall 
Things to Do Near Kuta Beach

On the off chance that you want to go to the shopping center in Kuta, look no farther than Beachwalk which runs along the primary strip adjoining the beach. The shopping center is one of the freshest nearby and has all that you could need with a blend of global shops, eateries, and bistros. 

Anybody searching for riding stuff will find countless choices in this shopping mall. There is an exhibition on the upper floor where you can discover more about Indonesian textiles.

You can likewise discover some workmanship shops selling keepsakes and there is a roof bar complete with a local  DJ. Speaking of bars, here are rooftop bars in Jakarta with stunning views and cheap drinks.

  1. Playing with Sea Turtles 
Things to Do Near Kuta Beach

Probably the best activity in Kuta that really rewards the island is visiting the Bali Sea Turtle Society. It offers you the chance to help some neighborhood natural life in the area. 

With a donation you can freely give, you can claim a turtle and help it back into the water. The turtle incubator secures turtle eggs prior to delivering them into nature. 

The turtle incubating season happens from April to October and you can assist after 4:00 P.M. 

  1. Exploring Museum Kain 
Things to Do Near Kuta Beach

Museum Kain is situated at the highest point of the Beachwalk shopping center in Kuta and is certainly worth a visit on the off chance that you are nearby. There are not many social attractions of this sort in Kuta and you can become familiar with how local textiles are made in Indonesia by scrutinizing the different displays on show. 

A considerable lot of the pieces include colorful batik, a method where wax is trickled on texture to make a design before colors are added, and you can likewise even make your own pieces with the assistance of one of the available specialists. There is likewise the chance to get a portion of the pieces on show as a gift for your excursion to Indonesia. 

  1. Eating at Azul Beach Club 
Things to Do Near Kuta Beach

Catch the nightfall, go through the day chilling by the pool or get a dinner at Azul Beach Club which is a simple walk around the road from the beach. The most awesome aspect is the mixed drinks that are tiki-themed with a Balinese twist. 

You can enjoy luxurious glasses, classic top picks, and jumbo-sized money boxes loaded up with flavorful beverages for you and your companions to share.

Food and beverages can be enjoyed with views on the dusk and the beach from covered cabanas while the DJ plays or from the endless pool that is outlined perfectly by palm trees for an Instagram-worthy night.

So, that is a list of things to do near Kuta Beach. While you are at it, make sure to check our other articles about beaches in Kuta and the best party hostels in Kuta, Bali.

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